The Last Great Mattress Run: Hyatt Globalist Status Until 2019

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Twenty-five hotels stays in two months. That is how many you need in January and February 2017 in order to earn Hyatt Diamond status for not only that year…but that status will map to the just announced top tier Hyatt Globalist status on March 1, 2017. That top tier status will then be all the way valid until February 2019. This is 100% confirmed by Hyatt and, is what I like to call “the last great mattress run”.

Because of its killer perks for traveling families like free breakfast, lounge access, confirmed suite upgrades, and more, Hyatt Diamond was one of the very few status levels that was sometimes worth “mattress running” to attain. For those who think a “mattress run” must be something like an Iron Man competition while carrying a mattress, it is slightly different. It is comprised of hotel stays completed primarily for the purposes of earning hotel elite status and occasionally bonus points promos. You have to check-in to the hotel, but you may or may not actually spend the night.

With the bar for top tier Hyatt status being raised to 60 annual nights instead of the current 25 annual stays, top tier status will soon be out of reach for most who aren’t true road warriors. However, with the top tier perks improving and the window closing, let’s do the math to see if it makes sense to go all out in early 2017 to earn Hyatt Globalist status until February 2019 via what could indeed be the “last great mattress run”.

The Cost for Two Years of Hyatt Globalist Status 

Of course it will all come down to how much does it cost you to hit 25 nights, how much of a PITA is it for you to have 25 check-ins in a two month window, and how much value do you place on the perks you will earn as a result of having roughly two years of Hyatt Globalist status. I’m going to make up my own values for these things, but you should adjust accordingly for your situation.

You could probably find stays in the range of $60 – $70 per night all-in (especially in Las Vegas at MLife properties), but I’m going to assume an all-in price per night/stay of $100 since that is more realistic for most areas. I’m also going to assume that you are already a Hyatt Diamond member and thus earning a 30% bonus on base points and 500 bonus points per check-in at a Hyatt House or Hyatt Place property.

You would earn a 1,000 point bonus if you are at a full service Hyatt property and another 2,500 if you are at a property with a closed Regency Club, so adjust accordingly. I’ll also be assuming you are earning 3x points by paying for the stays with the co-branded Hyatt credit card, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or similar.

A final assumption in this part of the math is that you won’t be able to put $40,000 on the co-branded Hyatt credit card in January – February 2017 in order to trigger the 4 stay credits/10 night credits towards status that will be going away after March 1, 2017.

$100 per stay x 25 stays x 5 base points per dollar earned + 30% Diamond bonus = 16,250 Hyatt points earned

500 Hyatt check-in Diamond bonuses = 12,500 points earned

$2,500 put on Hyatt card = 7,500 points earned

Assuming no other bonuses or promos, you would earn around 36,250 Hyatt points for the mattress runs. If you value Hyatt points at 1.4 cents each, those points are worth $507. Adjust accordingly based on how you value Hyatt points and if you will be earned a different number of Hyatt points for your efforts.

How Much is Hyatt Globalist Status Worth?

That’s the easy part of the math, next comes how you value the perks you will unlock for the next two years as a Globalist top tier elite. Some perks with fixed monetary value include free parking on award stays and waived resort fees not just on award stays, as everyone can access, but also on paid stays.

At a property like the Andaz Maui or Park Hyatt Beaver Creek those two amounts combined can run you close to $75 – $100 in total per day. This is a made up number that will vary tremendously based on travel patterns, but let’s say you can save $200 each year over the two year period thanks to these fee waivers for a total of $400 in fees avoided.

Avoid up to $100 in fees daily at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Avoid up to $100 in fees daily at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Next comes the free breakfast for two adults and two children + lounge access. If you travel with a family this has very real value. I’m going to conservative peg it at $20/night for my family, but it is really worth more than that to me in many cases. Now let’s assume you use it for 10 nights in 2017 and 10 nights in 2018 for a total of $400 in value.

Much harder to value are the suite upgrades, but this is the part of the equation that might have the most value to me as a mom with small kids. I’m going to leave out any value for the space available complimentary suite upgrades, and instead focus on the four confirmed suite upgrades that you can now use on award or paid stays…which is huge.

I’ll place value on the confirmed suite upgrades of $100 each or $400 total, but they literally can take you from a standard room into a big suite that sells for hundreds of dollars more per night than the standard room. This extra space for me isn’t just a “nice to have”, but with two young kids it is a make or break part of the travel equation. Now that you will be able to use them for award stays they are worth even more than before to my family.

With two kids, suites make all the difference

With two kids, suites make all the difference

Those who are Hyatt Globalist on 3/1/2017 will be given a Category 1 – 7 certificate that you can use within the next 12 months. If you plan to use the certificate a Category 7 property as I probably would that is almost the same as 30,000 Hyatt points. If you value Hyatt points at 1.4 cents each that is the same as $420 in value, but I’ll conservatively give it a $300 value in the interest of being on the conservative side.

I'd eye Park Hyatt St. Kitts with a Cat 1-7 award night!

I’d eye Park Hyatt St. Kitts with a Cat 1-7 award night!

I’ll bundle together some other perks like two United Club passes, 4PM late check-out, Hyatt Concierge access, and 30% bonus on base points earned, and give them a combined total of $50, but again adjust accordingly based on your values.

If you jive with all of those numbers you are at a total of $2057 in value from mattress running for Hyatt Globalist status in early 2017. If you spend $2500 to earn that status, you can see that you don’t come out ahead.

Park Hyatt Maldives

Park Hyatt Maldives

Is it Worth Mattress Running for Hyatt Globalist Status?

However, I was purposefully a little conservative with some of my valuations when in reality I would likely get more value than that out of many of the perks. I already have planned or mentally penciled in stays over the next two years to properties like Hyatt Regency Maui, Andaz Maui, Hyatt Centric Park City, Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, Hyatt Hill Country, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Park Hyatt Vienna, Park Hyatt St. Kitts, and more where things like resort fees, parking fees, suites, lounge access and more have very real value.

There are also many cases where I would end up spending more than $20 per day for my family to eat/drink if we didn’t have breakfast included or access to lounges, especially at some of these more isolated resorts, so that benefit is worth more to me than I valued it at.

Regency Club access is very valuable to my family

Regency Club access is very valuable to my family

I don’t know that mattress running for Hyatt Diamond in early 2017 is worth it if you don’t already have a fair number of needed or desired stays during that time period. However, it is worth running the numbers for your situation. There will absolutely be some situations where it will make sense, especially for those that already have multiple planned stays in that early 2017 timeframe, have access to low cost Hyatt stays, can manage to check-in without going to far out the way, and will maximize the Hyatt Globalist perks for the two years it is granted.

It’s been quite a while since I did any hotel check-ins with elite status as the primary driver, but I have to admit I’m considering it. My main obstacle will be not having the time and energy to muck with so many check-ins in such a short timeframe. I’d love to hear how the math shakes down in your situation!

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  1. Question,
    What if you earn diamond with 25 stays this year. I have six more stays to do by December to hit 25. What would happen 3/2017 in that scenario?

      • Ahhh really!?! That’s reassuring. I certainly hope so! I wish they would issue an official statement.

        Blaine/MP – These words are throwing me off “While the World of Hyatt program and these Terms & Conditions are effective March 1, 2017, the new program accounts for a member’s activities starting January 1, 2017. ” The accounting for a member’s activities starting Jan 1, 2017 is the part that worries me…

  2. I currently have status until Feb. 2017. I currently have 16 stays and I am requalify for Diamond/Globalist til march 2018.

    What you said about 25stays in 2 months jan +feb will get you globalist until 2019.

    does that mean if i wait until jan or feb to compete the 25stays I will have status until 2019?

      • hmm… interesting.

        Im contenplating doing this run, due to the fact that Im currently planning a RTW trip for myself Q2 or Q3 of 2018, all on points,( estimate to have about 1.5-2mil pts by that time) For a 30-60days.

        Globalist will be super helpful as I plan to stay at hyatts majority of the time.

        Should I do the jan/feb run for globalist til march 2019? or switch to SPG in 2017 and obtain status for 2018,(god knows when spg will get completely integrated with Rewards and is stays will count towards status there)?

        Any Suggestions?matress running would cost me roughtly 3k.


  3. Just to confirm what you have written in your blog. If a person is able to spend $40,000 on their Hyatt Credit Card between January 1st and February 28th 2017 and it posts to their Hyatt account before March 1st 2017, then they would get 5 stays and 10 nights credit.

  4. I mentioned this to you yesterday about doing it… the new format of earning starts on 1/1/17 so this won’t work. 🙁 i am so bummed

    • She said she confirmed this with Hyatt today.

      One more thing to add to the math. After the 25 stays, you’ll be 5 nights shy of a category 1-4 for hitting 30 come March and if you manage to hit 5 brands you’re at another 1-4 cert. Maybe this is worth doing after all….. Unfortunately, I’ve got travel planned that will make this tough as there aren’t many Hyatts where I’ll be in Jan/Feb. Hmm……

    • No, there’s a special window until 3/1/17 where this is absolutely possible. You just have to hit the target before 3/1. 😉

  5. I believe one can book points+cash to reduce out of pocket …also forget 3 points with CC..go for gift cards to pay for the stay which can reduce at least 20% further on cash portion

  6. Mommy points is there any benefit for me hitting 60nights this year (am already at 55)? I will be globalist regardless correct?

    I sure hope your stay strategy works as I plan on an ultimate mattress run.

    The first paragraph of the terms seem to say they won’t count out 25stays in Jan and fen 2017 for globalist through 2019…I hope you are right!!!

    Members of the Hyatt Gold Passport program in good standing as of the March 1, 2017, launch of World of Hyatt will be placed into a World of Hyatt tier based on review of the member’s current Hyatt Gold Passport tier expiration. We will also review the member’s 2016 calendar year and January and February 2017 activity under World of Hyatt tier earning criteria of Tier-Qualifying nights and Base Points. Members will be placed into a World of Hyatt tier based on the calculation that is most beneficial to the member.

  7. If one is currently qualified or by year end the old fashion way then you get Globalist for the coming year 3/1/17 to 3/1/2018.

    Then we have to begin 1/1/2017 qualification for the new tiered plan. So, what one has to decided is how much is Globalist worth to them and how do you get those 60 nights. I prequalified two months ago for Diamond next year having said that I am not sure personally what I am going to do. One can look to Marriott who’s PLT is 75 nights. making this on par or close enough for hand grenades.

    It will be interesting to see how all this plays out between now and 3/1/2017. I would wager tweaking could happen.

  8. I have no doubt you will do whatever it takes to get the number of nights needed to attain this status. I love Hyatt also, wish I could make it work…

  9. Might be a worthwhile opportunity to Airbnb the hotel rooms. Instead of $2500, listing them for half off could help cut down the mattress run bill if you’re really not planning on staying there .

  10. Omg please tell me this is true! I was seriously contemplating this yesterday, but have not seen any datapoints regarding this until now.

  11. I definitely took Hyatt out of my targeted hotel properties. Their very small footprint does not make it appealing to me to make an extra effort to achieve a decent elite status with them. Most of my vacation with family (where having a elite status would really come handy) are mainly in Europe and South America so good luck finding many Hyatt properties there. Yes, there are a few Park Hyatt properties but not enough to really make it worth it. I could aim for 25 stays in Hyatt Places and Hyatt House when traveling for work in the US but even that was a big effort. Unless Hyatt acquires another hotel company it will be for me a “boutique hotel” which it is hard to work for my needs.

  12. $20 for family breakfast at Hyatt is very very low. At some of these hotel restaurants, Diamonds are allowed up to $50 per person. Hyatt Centric Time Square (NYC) allows $38 per person for up to 4 people. Hyatt Regency Orange County (Disneyland area) allows $24 per person for breakfast. Park Hyatt Aviara (San Diego) $28 X 4. Even with properties that have lounges, such as HR Huntington Beach, HR San Francisco, GH Manchester (San Diego), or the GH Erawan Bangkok, the value is increased because you are getting breakfast, teatime, happy hour, and beverages throughout the day. And, thus, it’s more like $20X4.

  13. For those of you doubting this would work as MP explained and confirmed it through Hyatt, here is more assurance from the new program terms:

    If my new World of Hyatt status doesn’t take effect until March 1, 2017, what happens January 1 through February 28, 2017?

    Hyatt Gold Passport will continue to operate exactly the same until the March 1, 2017, launch of World of Hyatt. In January and February 2017, members will continue to earn Platinum or Diamond tier status based on nights or stays. If a member achieves Platinum or Diamond tier status in January or February 2017, the member will be upgraded to that tier status and then transitioned into a new World of Hyatt tier status on the March 1, 2017, launch of World of Hyatt. At the same time, a member’s Tier-Qualifying Nights and Base Points earned during January and February 2017 will count toward earning tier status in the new World of Hyatt program.

  14. Not that I see many people in that camp, but any data points that the 5 night credits from the credit card will even count? Usually Chase milestones post after the statement closes, so I’m not clear if they would post too late to count.

  15. If I requalify for Plat in Jan or Feb 2017, then what does that get me in the new program?

    How many nights would I need to requalify for Plat?

    Final Q. – How much spend on Hyatt CC does it take to qualify for Plat?

  16. Do you get Diamond/Globalist until 2/2019 if you hit 25 stays between 1/1/17 to 2/28/17, if I’m not currently a Diamond member?

    I know for sure that you get it until 2/2018, and also know that if you’re a Diamond, and you hit 25 stays, you get it until 2/2019… What about for those that aren’t Diamonds and just looking to hit 25 stays before the program kicks in?

    • If you qualify for Diamond in Jan and Feb 2017 it is good until Feb 2019 regardless of what your status is right this second.

  17. If a stay is 2 or more nights, does Hyatt allow you to do a stay of 2 nights, check out and then check back in at the same hote later the same day, or would you the have to go to a different Hyatt.

  18. Summer,
    When will the Suite Upgrades be awarded? Am Diamond now and will re-qualify next month with 25 stays in 2016. So 4 suite awards should post on 3/1/17, right? If i do 25 night in Jan-Feb 2017, when will the second set a suite awards post? In March 2018 like the current system, or in Feb/Mar 2017 as the new system suggests?

    • Matt, I’m not 100% on all of that other than to say I am sure that when you hit Diamond in early 2017 (or within a few days) you will get the 4 suite upgrades. I’m not clear if anything on top of that would happen on 3/1.

      • Ok. The timing of those four add’l suite upgrades (if they are even awarded) make a huge difference in the value for me. Since I have four coming already for 2017, I’m not sure I can use four more during the year. But, if they were awarded on 3/1/18 like the current system, I would be able to use those and get great value.

      • Cat 1-7 free night award will not given to migrat people from gold pass port. It is in term and it has only 120 days expiration date not one year. Did you really talked to in person? Or just chat? I talked to hyatt with chat manytimes, and I’m assuming most of hyatt people don’t know or getting confusing with world of Hyatt rules. ‘They don’t know anything’

        • We talked to the heads of Gold Passport in person in Chicago, so I’m giving lots of weight to what they said. As for the Cat 1-7 night, I’m not talking about the one you get when you earn Globalist via 60 nights, though you do get one then, too. Instead, I’m talking about the one they are giving to everyone who is a Globalist elite as of 3/1/17 as a welcome/thank you to the new program.

          • That sounds great for welcome gift (1-7 award). I could believe if you talked in person. i have one last question, If a person doesn’t have any tier, but made 25 stays in between Jan -Feb 2017, is the globalist status will last till Feb 2019? Or just for people who currently have diamond status till Feb 2018?

          • If you qualify for Diamond in Jan and Feb 2017 it would last until Feb 2019 regardless of your status level right now.

  19. The confirmed suite upgrades on award bookings sound great in theory but it assumes one has sufficient UR/Hyatt points to book those rooms to begin with. 20 nights at category 6-7 hotels means having 500,000 to 600,000 redeemable points at some point in the next two years. For many of us that is unrealistic which means the value of those confirmed and unconfirmed suite upgrades is greatly exaggerated. In the San Francisco Bay Area, one would have to spend at least $3,500 to do a 25-day mattress run of roughly $140/night tax included. The opportunity cost of that $3,500 should not be disregarded.

    In 2017, I will be downgraded to the Explorist tier. And I am fine with that. I get four lounge/club passes in 2017 and that should work just fine. I don’t have a lot of points to stay 10-20 nights/year at the category 5-6 hotels so for the four or five nights I do stay I will just use 6,000 Hyatt Points each night to upgrade to a suite, if having a suite is essential. In 2018, I lose lounge access but that is okay because I am pretty sure the $3,500 I don’t spend on the mattress run will cover whatever miscellaneous expense (parking, breakfast, resort fees, etc) I will end up paying not being a Globalist traveler.

  20. Great post that really has me thinking. Have you been able to confirm that if nights were earned on card spend before March 1st would they count toward the 60 (or 55 requalification) status of Globalist being earned in 2017 for 2018 status. That would bring Globalist status nights to 45 for the one year of 2017 – which for some of us may be doable.

    Again, Thanks for the great post with very orginal content. Jimmy

  21. Even if you secure a Hyatt @ ~ $100.00/night, you are not including hotel taxes of at least 10% or more depending on the jurisdiction — that will add at the very least, another $250.00 to your OOP cost calculations.

    Gary at VFTW has stated that even though the Gold Passport scheme will be operative in January – February 2017, earning stays/night from the Hyatt credit card will not — adjust your expectations accordingly.

    I have run my own rough numbers for someone contemplating a P & C stay at a Category 1 property. With a 13% hotel tax, you will have roughly a $1,412.50 hotel bill when all is said an done, and roughly in the hole for 41,875 Hyatt points, taking into the account the initial outlay for the points and cash rate, less the 500 point stay bonus for being a Diamond member.

    I live near a Hyatt house Cat 1 so I would have no other major OOP expenses.

    So, for 2 people, I am not sure it is worth it to spend about $1,500 and 41,875 points to earn Globalist, even with the Category 1 – 7 cert that would inure to you on 3/1/17.

    I guess it would depend on whether you have a huge number of trips planned where you could use points on award stays in the coming 2 years and obtain your suite upgrades. Scale up the “savings” for a family, but I think it is a bit too speculative for yours truly that I will be able to take those major trips in the next 2 years, while at the same time seeking to maintain my status in other programs.

    However, I don’t travel frequently for business, and those travelers should have an easier time of doing this Globalist maneuver as suggested by MP.

    Good luck to you whatever you decide!

    • Gary has updated that credit card nights do count in Jan/Feb 2017 after talking with Hyatt. I was assuming an all-in average of $100, though that won’t be possible in all areas. You can do better in some cases, but not that well in others, but either way yes be sure to factor in taxes.

  22. Correction to the above —

    Approximate OOP cost of roughly $1,500.00 and an outlay of 43,750 Hyatt points.

    How you value your return from an $1,500 in outlay on your credit card in terms of points (and what type) is up to you, but even if you had an earning structure of 3 points on hotel stays, and you recycled that back into Hyatt points, you would still have roughly an $1,500.00 outlay in money spent, as well as being in the whole for about 40,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points to earn that 2 year Globablist badge.

  23. It would help everyone if Hyatt itself could confirm that 25 stays in Jan-Feb 2017 qualifies for Globalist thru Feb 2019. You and others say so, and I believe you, but various others are doubting and nay saying. The issue will persist and grow in intensity unless Hyatt directly says something. Woe to Hyatt if lots of people rack up 25 stays in Jan/Feb for nothing.

  24. Two sets of 25 single night stays have netted me Diamond since August 2014, including 16 DSUs (Including the final four that will be deposited in March ’17). Now more than twice the nights will net half as much. As Diamond, had plenty of comped upgrades- proactive hotel, request from self, dont think the new unlimited suite upgrade perk is that special- especially if they still mean lowest tier (ex: 5 garden suites at GH Kauai- will they consider that unavailable, or upgrade globalists to Ocean Suite?)

    • There are a lot of questions not yet answered about how the non-confirmed suite upgrades will work. We were told by Hyatt you theoretically should be able to be upgraded at check-in to all but the named/presidential/ambassador type suites, but we weren’t able to get total clarity on how that process will work and much sounds like it is at hotel discretion to some degree.

  25. I like the free night after staying in 5 different types of Hyatt hotels. If someone does the MR while staying at 5 types, will they get the certificate? Also, what about if the fifth type is after 3/01? Lastly, do free stays and points & cash count? Thanks so much!

  26. What do they mean by BASE POINTS?
    Optional Base Point Qualification 0 25,000 50,000 100,000

    Does that mean if I have 50,000 points in my account, I qualify for Explorist?


  27. I am also trying to figure out how much mattress running would be worth it. Last spring, I used 3 suite upgrades in Hong Kong and China. My husband and I estimated we got $3500 in value between those and the free breakfast or lounge (GH Hong Kong we received breakfast and lounge access). Now we never would have paid for that ourselves. But as you said, with small kids having a suite becomes more important. In 2018, I am planning a five week trip to Japan and SE Asia. I was assuming I would still have diamond status, now I have to rethink. We managed to have 50 nights this year and I have 30 planned and booked for next year already. I need to see where I can get the other 25! I sure would want to, at least for one more year beyond next. I will be interested to hear if you go for it.

  28. I worked out I could do the 25 stays in Jan-Feb for ~$1,450. I’m just concerned about this language in the FAQ:

    “If a member achieves Platinum or Diamond tier status in January or February 2017, the member will be upgraded to that tier status and then transitioned into a new World of Hyatt tier status on the March 1, 2017, launch of World of Hyatt. At the same time, a member’s Tier-Qualifying Nights and Base Points earned during January and February 2017 will count toward earning tier status in the new World of Hyatt program.”

    Why would they include that last sentence… if you have Globalist through Feb 2019, then what does it matter if the Nights and Base Points in Jan-Feb 2017 count towars tier status, since you already would have theoretically gotten it for 2018 year already.

    • Short answer is yes. Longer answer is there are potentially another couple options such as Vegas stays through MLife and a couple others, but most third-party sites like Travelocity, Expedia, etc. won’t count.

  29. I am Diamond now. If I have 25 stays in Jan/Feb (already booked since I live near several Cat 1s), will I get a free night each from already being diamond in 2017 and earning it for 2017, or just one free night? Thanks!

  30. On the phone with hyatt now. They seem to be reneging on this great mattress run. They say it will not allow 2019 globalist. I’ve stayed my 25 stays between Jan and feb. after all that hard work, cash, points, I’m beside myself. Do you have a contact that can help me?

    • Many people are already showing Globalist through 2019 from this. What does your account show? Try tweeting Hyatt if phone reps aren’t helping.

    • I had to call after my 25th stay as well on Feb 28th because it wasn’t showing my 25th stay yet even though it had been a few days. There was confusion because they said that I would be a Discoverist based on the status of being a Platinum member due to 24 stays. After 30 minutes and speaking to 3 people, they were able to call the hotel and credit my stay and only then did they say I would be a Globalist until 2018. I had asked about it being until 2019 and she said that due to new terms, it would be 2018. I didn’t pursue it any further because I knew it was 2019. I logged into my account and it shows that it’s good until 2019, so I’d recommend you check your account as well.

      • Yup, perfect. Barring any strange glitch (that I am sure is fixable), if you had 25 eligible stays by 2/28/17 you will be Globalist until Feb 2019. I was told that would happen and tons of reports that is what has happened. So, if you are sure you had 25 eligible stays from 1/1/17 – 2/28/17, don’t stress. Figure out where the problem lies and as soon as that is resolved it’ll work.

  31. Having the same problem. Tried phone and tweeting – keep saying I need 60 nights. Did 25 nights. – last night was 2/27. I am beside myself. Any help would be appreciated.

  32. Yes had 25 stays – finally got hyatt concierge via twitter to fix my account to globalist but so far no dsu upgrades are showing nor 1-7 free night. Are those showing up for others?

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