Earn Hyatt Globalist Status for Two Years for Less Money

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Shortly after Hyatt announced the ‘World of Hyatt’ program changes that will kick in on March 1, 2017, I wrote a post outlining the “Last Great Mattress Run” and how completing 25 eligible stays between January 1 – February 28, 2017 would result in you earning Hyatt Diamond status, which matches to top tier Hyatt Globalist status on March 1, 2017, and will last you until February 2019.


There were/are some skeptics that the elite status dominos will fall in exactly that order, but after meeting with the heads of Hyatt Gold Passport in person I can assure you that they do. Completing 25 stays in two months for non-road warriors is crazy, and the math on whether or not it is worth it is fuzzy and highly variable. But, I know some will do it and find it a worthy endeavor to receive two years of top tier Hyatt status, especially given that many of us won’t ever again achieve that status again under the new rules that will require 60 eligible nights in a calendar year.

Before I get into another way to approach completing the ‘Last Great Mattress Run’ I wanted to share that I still haven’t decided if I personally will go for it or not. Aside from the fact that it is a big financial outlay, it is also a serious potential time suck and I do.not.have.any.time to be sucked. I’m sure many of you are in the same situation. While I have a Hyatt within a reasonable distance from my house, the ones that are the cheapest are a good 30 miles away, and in traffic it can be a slow 30 miles. Doing that once or twice is annoying but doable, but doing it 20+ times within two months is totally obnoxious.

I’ll admit that I have successfully checked in to some hotels in the past for similar purposes without actually physically being present at the check-in desk (it was done over the phone and no I won’t name which ones), but I have never done so that many times in a such short period of time. I can’t reasonably make bookings counting on that strategy to work. I have to be ready to actually log some car miles to get this done, and for me that is even harder right now than logging monetary expenses.

With that being said, here is a different way you could plan the ‘Last Great Mattress Run’.

Earn Hyatt Globalist Status for Two Years for Less Money

If you want to minimize your financial outlay and earn Hyatt Globalist status for less, you could target full service Category 1 Hyatt properties such as Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Regency Green Bay, Hyatt Regency Dulles, Hyatt Regency North Dallas, Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, or similar and book Points + Cash reservations to complete your 25 needed stays. This will cost you 2,500 Hyatt points + $50 per night assuming you can find the availability. With taxes and fees the cash portion will be a bit higher than an even $50, so let’s say it will be 2,500 points + $57 per night all-in.

Shots below are from one of my favorite Category 1 properties, the Hyatt Regency Wichita. 

For 25 Category 1 Points + Cash stays, from a very simple math perspective, that would come to $1,425 + 62,500 points to earn about two years of Diamond/Globalist status. However, if you have Hyatt Diamond status right now it actually works out much better than that.

Thanks to the Diamond points amenities you can get for each stay (that are going away effective 3/1/17), if you target full service Category 1 Hyatt properties then you can get 1,000 points per stay x 25 stays = 25,000 points just from the Diamond points amenities. That effectively knocks down your points outlay for this ‘last great mattress run’ down to 37,500 points. If you visit non-full service properties like Hyatt Place or Hyatt House properties that bonus is just 500 points per stay, so adjust the numbers accordingly.


If you assume you will pay for the stays with a Hyatt card or other credit card that earns 3x points on travel for Hyatt specific or general travel expenses, you can factor in that you will earn about 4,275 points from charging the cash portion of the stays. You will also earn points on the cash portion of the stays directly from Gold Passport. This amount comes to roughly $50 x 25 stays x 5 points per dollar = 6,250 points earned. If you have Diamond status now, you get a 30% bonus on those base points bringing that total to about 8,125 points earned from Gold Passport.

Adding the points earned from your credit card to the points naturally earned through Gold Passport, you are at about 12,400 points earned for Diamond members outside of the 1,000 point bonuses. Factor that into your total points outlay and you are now down to just 25,100 points spent along with the $1,425. If you can find a Category 1 Hyatt that has a closed Regency Club for some of your dates, you can actually earn points on this whole gig with the 2,500 bonus per stay that triggers, though I’m not sure such a property exists.

Now remember that those who have Globalist status on March 1 will get a Category 1-7 free night certificate, and since I would redeem it at a Category 6 or 7 property that costs 25,000 – 30,000 points per night, that alone just about makes up for the 25,100 points you will ultimately have to spend to earn the Globalist status by following the Category 1 cash + points plan outlined above.

Grand Hyatt Kauai or St. Regis Princeville

Suite at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

Outside of the points, you still have the $1,425 out of pocket costs to content with along with the time it takes to complete the 25 check-ins, but the math from this plan is certainly interesting. It gets even more interesting if you can get some value out of the free breakfasts, assuming you are a current Diamond member. Also remember that if you have the capacity to put $40,000 on your Hyatt credit card in early 2017 to trigger the 5 stay credits towards Diamond status then you could reduce your required out of pocket stays to 20. Note that card benefit will change effective March 1st.

I really want to be able to complete this ‘Last Great Mattress Run’ for top tier Hyatt status because my family gets huge value out of things like confirmed suite upgrades, complimentary full breakfast, lounge access, and more. We have some big Hyatt stays planned over the next two years where I know those perks will save us real money and increase our sleep and enjoyment at Hyatt properties, but I still haven’t committed fully to going for this. I’d love to hear your current plans and whether you plan to go for the Last Great Mattress run using a Points + Cash strategy or otherwise!


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  1. I have 5 nights in Chicago in Jan, 5 nights in Bangkok and 10 in Bali in July (thanks to those ex Cairo fares! Very excited to fly Qatar 5 on the a380). I can do 25 nights easily for when they bring the 75k promo back. So another 10 nights to reach 55 throughout the year won’t be too difficult. Every long weekend I take a trip somewhere in the US or Canada for 4 nights.

    • Correct, I was doubling the 20k, but that’s not accurate….it is
      Spend $20,000 and receive 2 stay credits and 5 night credits toward Diamond status.
      Spend $40,000 and receive an additional 3 stay credits and 5 night credits toward Diamond status.

  2. Still not clear . Hyatt says one thing -you and other bloggers say otherwise concerning upgrade instruments(DSU)or whatever they will be called in WOH. If you do the 20 nights and $40,000 Visa spend in the first 2 months of 2017 :
    1) will you receive 4 -2018 -2019 DSU’s and what will be the period of time you can use those instruments.?I’ve been told none will be awarded for 2018 Globalist qualification unless you stay 55/60 nights. So basically Globalist awarded without DSU certs or whatever they will be called in the WOH
    2) are you certain that your Hyatt Visa will give you 5 stay credits for 2018 Globalist qualification IF YOU SPEND $40,000 between Jan. 1st 2017 and Feb. 28th 2017 ? I’ve been told no by three HGP Diamond supervisors.
    I have 25 stays booked with C&P and it works for me if I receive the 2018 DSU certs that would work for March 1st 2018 thriugh Feb. 28 2019. Without those I’m not ready to rely on a desk clerk to upgrade me for a 7 night family vacation

    • I do have all my info in writing, but I also encourage you to take part in the Reddit AMA Jeff Zidell is hosting on 11/16/16 as maybe some of these questions will be answered. https://www.reddit.com/r/churning/comments/5b71qs/senior_vp_from_hyatt_will_be_holding_an_ama_on_16/#bottom-comments
      As for the suite upgrades, here is the answer straight from Jeff:

      A member who qualifies for Diamond with 25 stays or 50 nights (or a combination of nights + HyCard earning) between January 1 and February 28, 2017 will receive Globalist (on March 1, 2017) through February 2019.

      Scenario 1: If a member is already Diamond through 2018 at the start of the new year 2017, this member will receive their 4 Suite Upgrade Awards at renewal on March 1, 2017, as always. In order to receive additional Suite Upgrade Awards, the member will need to reach 60 nights (including those from January and February) or 100,000 Base Points after March 1, 2017.

      Scenario 2: If a member is not a Diamond member and qualifies for Diamond membership through February 2019 based on January & February 2017 activity, this member will receive 4 Diamond Suite Upgrade awards that will expire 2/28/17, as always and will receive 4 new Suite Upgrade Awards on March 1, 2017. In order to receive additional Suite Upgrade Awards, the member will need to reach 60 nights (including those from January and February) or 100,000 Base Points after March 1, 2017.

      Scenario 3: If a member has 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 Base Points prior to March 1st, 2017, they will receive 4 Suite Upgrade Awards on March 1, 2017 and will not have the opportunity to earn more until hitting tier qualifications in 2018.

      • So if I read that correctly, being a current Diamond who has qualified for 2017 Globalist already, and receiving 4 DSU for March 1st 2017-Feb. 28 2018, if I do the mattress run and do the 25 stays in Jan , feb. 2017 I will not receive DSUs for 2018-2019 unless I stay 60 nights, Correct ?

  3. Since I don’t plan to spend night at Hyatt properties due to their very limited footprint I may only stay at their hotels if it is convenient to redeem points during family vacation. Thus, I would not have an use for elite status outside that window. In that case I can easily spend the money suggested in this mattress run to pay for breakfast for my family during our vacation. Not worth the time and hassle in my case to get elite status with a brand that I won’t ve able to keep it.

    • Amen. Seems easier on actual vacation to simply pay and stay over running over all creation to manufacture status for breakfast and a larger room. The nearest Hyatt is over 120 miles away. Time(and headache) is money. 55 nights?

  4. Scenario 2: If a member is not a Diamond member and qualifies for Diamond membership through February 2019 based on January & February 2017 activity, this member will receive 4 Diamond Suite Upgrade awards that will expire 2/28/17, as always and will receive 4 new Suite Upgrade Awards on March 1, 2017

    if you qualify for Diamond on 2/2017 why is the upgrade expire 2/28/17, it expires before you can use it. is that a typo? maybe meant 2/28/18 or getting 8, 4 expires on 2/28/17 which you cant use and additional 4 to expire 3/1/2018.


    • Well, the program renews suite upgrades on March 1st (I believe). So, I’m guessing, you get 4 upgrades when you obtain Globalist, even if that’s in the last month before the March renewal. So you get those upgrades, they expire normally at the end of Feb 2017, then you get your 4 new upgrades on March 1st, 2017.

      My question is: if I do the Great Mattress Run Jan-Feb 2017, do I have to meet a stay requirement in 2017 to get my next four suite upgrades on March 1st, 2018 (that lasts all 2018 and expires March 1st. 2019)?

      • I’d like to clarify this same point as well. Here’s my understanding: If I qualify for Diamond status in February 2017 with 25 stays in Jan/Feb I’ll get Globalist status 3/1/17 and I’ll receive 4 suite upgrades. I’ll also qualify to keep Globalist status until 2/2019. However, will I only receive an additional 4 suite upgrades for 3/1/2018 to 2/28/2019 if I hit the 60 nights in 2017? Or would I receive the 4 suite upgrades in March 2018 due to the fact that I would still have Globalist status for that year? Essentially my question is if I qualify for Diamond in early 2017 will that entitle me to 4 or 8 suite upgrades over the 2 years of Globalist 3/1/17 to 2/28/19? Thanks.

  5. It scares me to say this… but, after crunching the numbers, this could very well work in my favor.

    My closest Hyatt Cat 1 is 83miles away. Using this Points+Cash strategy, plus adding in gas and mileage, plus converting the points to an estimated cash value spent/earned, it would cost me $2500’ish.

    I have two trips to Europe already booked in 2017 (and potentially a third). If I do the Last Great Mattress Run, get Globalist, then book a standard room in the Hyatt Regency at one of my trip locations, use my suite upgrade at that Hyatt Regency, the difference between the two rooms is $600/night x 4 nights. I’ve already made back $2,400 in value – and that’s early booking rates. Add in the free breakfast and other benefits and I’ll just about break even on the first trip.

    The real question is… do I want to drive 2-3hours/round trip, 25 times lol

    • I think you are fooling yourself. No one pays the rack rate for suites. If Hyatt lists a suite at $10,000 per night and you get it for free, are you really “saving” $10,000?

      Also, driving 83 miles each way * 25?! That’s 4,150 miles * 54 cents per mile (average cost of running a car) = $2,241 just to get there and back!

      And of course you need to value your lost time….

      • Interesting points. So, when you say people don’t pay the “rack rate” for suites – you mean, when I go to the website and it says advanced rate is $350 for a standard room and a suite is $950 – if I book a $350 standard room and use a DSU to the $950 suite, I can’t say I’ve gained $600/night in value?

        You’re right on the mileage cost. That’s a hurtle for sure, but I do have a good friend in the area, a car ready for some miles, and a hunch I can work out a deal with the hotel where I could maybe cut the trips in half. It’s a long shot, but we’ll see. Clearly, based on your point, I’ll have to do something to reduce the trip number.

        • getting “$2,400” in value does not offset spending $2,400 in hard cash. If you were already planning to spend $950/night for the suite but now you can instead spend $350 per night and use DSU to upgrade to a suite, then you have not really saved any money because the DSU cost you $2,400 for four nights. Obviously, the more suite upgraded nights you get, the better the math. But regardless of how many upgraded nights you get, your total cost will always be $2,400 more than however much you otherwise would have spent booking the hotel had you just booked the standard room.

          • And…$2,500 buys a lot of breakfast too at the hotel or outside the hotel if you can live without the suites. Alternatively, it is not too hard to manufacture spend at a loss to collect points to stay in suites if $2,500 is the dollar amount you are willing to lose on MS.

          • Hmm, again – an interesting perspective. It’s certainly something to think on. I believe I understand where you’re coming from but it all boils down to your end goals and your own perceived value. I might go dig around some more on other forums and continue to educate myself on all the options.

            Still… I really want to be a Globalist 😉

  6. I live near a few of the Category 1 Hyatts in the Dallas area, but I have no plans to do this mattress run. I’m happy with the 4 lounge passes my family can use next year.

  7. If I plan to do the mattress run in January & February 2017, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to do a mattress run through the end of 2017 to re-qualify for Diamond, correct?

  8. Hmmmmmm….I live on the west side of Houston near two Category 1 Hyatts. I’m tempted by this, but I don’t have enough points! Just blew most of them on 4 nights at Beaver Creek for Spring Break 🙂 I’m pretty sure this is the only chance I’ll ever have at Diamond status though.

  9. I am getting mixed answers from Hyatt (Twitter and Diamond GP Phone Line).

    My question was, if you qualified for 2017 Globalist, and in order to maintain the same tier in 2018, do you require 55 or 60QN?

    Hyatt Concierge through Twitter responded that since it is the first year, you will still need 60 QN in 2017 but Diamond GP Phone told me since you are already Globalist in 2017, to renew, you only need 55QN.

    Anyone knows who is right? Is it 55 or 60QN to maintain Globalist for 2018?

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