Sharing Six Free First Class Upgrades on Alaska Airlines

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Giving is pretty much always better than receiving, but this time of the year I think that is especially true. The giving can not only mean more to those receiving, but it can actually be easier to pull off thanks to sales, deals, and expiring miles and points related travel goodies. Along those lines, for the last several years a few Mommy Points’ readers have been especially giving with their expiring airline upgrades and have offered them up for the taking to strangers that could put them to use before they expire.

Six Free First Class Upgrades on Alaska Airlines

Again this year one super generous member of the Mommy Points community has offered up his six Alaska Airlines guest upgrade codes that must be utilized by December 31, 2016.

I’ve never personally used this type of Alaska Airlines upgrades before (though I did enjoy our Alaska Airlines first class awards to Hawaii a few years ago), but my understanding is that there must be upgradable space (U space) available and you must be on an eligible paid fare and that excludes the following fare classes: G, R, or T – this means flights booked with miles will not work.

Alaska Airlines First Class Meal

Alaska Airlines First Class Meal

If you are shopping for a new Alaska Airlines operated flight you can select MVP Gold Guest Upgrade Code on the left-hand side and it will display options eligible for upgrade, and it will give you a message if upgrade space is not available on your selected flight. Assuming you purchased an eligible fare class, I suppose this would also work as a way to see if your existing Alaska flights have upgrade space.


If you or a friend/family member have an eligible Alaska flight that operates by December 31, 2016 let me know in the comments section and I’ll select some lucky folks to receive the six available free first class upgrades. Please don’t post your travel confirmation codes in the comments section, but please do check to see if your flights qualify for upgrades before asking for an upgrade code so they don’t go to waste.

Thanks to all of you who help make travel a little more enjoyable for others and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I would love one of those codes. I am purchasing a flight for the end of december today on Alaska Air from Chicago to Seattle and there is Upgrade Space Available.

  2. I would love a code as well and am about to book a flight for end of december Christmas travel on Alaska. There is upgrade eligibility on the several flight options I am looking at.

  3. My wife’s sister and her husband and son are flying back from their mother’s funeral on Tuesday. I’m sure they would appreciate and be thankful of an upgrade on the way home.

  4. My parents are flying from the East Coast to visit my wife and our 1.5 year old in Seattle at the end of December! I just checked for upgrade space and there are three seats available. My parents are happy they both have aisle seats for this long flight but would be overjoyed in First. Thanks for the consideration! =)

  5. Happy holidays! We would totally appreciate them. We have two seats booked already for a holiday trip to Vancouver, BC. Just checked and upgrades are available on our flights 🙂

  6. My Dad is flying solo for his 61st birthday from SMF to OGG. He never flies due to being about 6’2″ and having back/knee issues. An upgrade certificate would be amazing!!

  7. I have a reservation for DCA-PDX on Alaska (6 hour flight). Would love to be able to stretch out in an first class before year-end

  8. So glad some of y’all can use them! I will pick some random folks tomorrow, but I really really really need your comments to reflect that the flights are by 12/31 and that you are on an upgradable fare with upgrade space. Time constraints won’t allow for me to spend too much time on this so I need to be sure to get the upgrades to the right folks on the first shot. Thanks so much!

      • I’ve given away 6/8 successfully so far. Still waiting to hear back on something to do the final two. You were able to use the code already given away in the comments though, right? Looks like the same IP, so hopefully you are all set.

  9. Two things. First, if these work like my MVP Gold Guest Upgrade certs, they do NOT need to be flown by 12/31 when they expire, just applied by then. I just used up my last two 2016-expiring certs two weeks ago for flights in May 2017.

    Secondly, if these are MVP GGU Certs, I’d love two of them, for my brother and sister-in-law flying back from San Antonio to Seattle in March. They have eligible fares and there is U space.

    If these are actually something other than GGUs that does need to be flown by 2016 end, then I humbly retract both comments.

  10. I would love two upgrades. My parents retired and moved up to Seattle and we will be surprising them for their first Christmas up there. There is in fact upgrade space available on our already purchased flights which are December 24 to 26. Thank you very much for your consideration!

  11. I can definitely use 2 upgrades on our flights over Christmas weekend up to Washington. I have checked and upgrade spots are available. Thank you!

  12. This would be AWESOME to have on my upcoming Alaska trip. Ticket is gold guest upgradable and flight has upgrade space. Thanks for doing this!

  13. I could really appreciate this on my trip to Hawaii. It takes a while to get there from Houston! Just checked and upgrade is available

  14. Have flight scheduled Dec 23 SEA->JFK, home for the holidays.

    One-Way but 2 people

    Love to try AK First

    regardless of who gets these – thanks to the donor!

  15. My brother and sister are flying Alaska to LAX where we will meet up for Christmas. I live in Guatemala with my husband and our toddler, so this will be our first Christmas together. I’d love to give one or both of them a first class experience!

  16. Wife and I are flying transcontinental Seattle to Orlando for Christmas to meet my brothers new son and my sisters 5 month old. Never been somewhere tropical for Christmas so it should be an adventure! My parents are flying down from Pittsburgh as well. I am more excited for this than any of the globetrotting we have done in recent memory!

    There is currently upgrade space available, and we would be honored to be selected!

  17. Hi, we are traveling for the first time with my 4 mos old and we are heading out to Hawaii. Would appreciate the upgrades if they are still available. We are flying from JFK to Maui departing on the 16th. Thanks!!

  18. Would love one or two of these for our flight from SFO to Puerto Vallarta on 12/25. Checked and the fair is upgradable! Would really appreciate it 🙂

  19. My 82 year old mother, Margaret Kraft, is flying out of Seattle to spend the holidays with me. I would love for her to have a first class experience on Alaska Air for the first time. It would make her day!

  20. I purchased my mother a flight from EWR-SAN this December so that she could visit her niece’s baby son that she has not been able to see yet! Thankfully I decided to not transfer points to pay for it and therefore purchased it with some money I saved up. I just checked and there is upgrades available and her fate is also upgradable! I would love to be able to surprise her even more with an early Christmas / Birthday present! Thank you so much for making this offer available and even if I am not picked I truly appreciate it and enjoy them for whoever gets them!

  21. My family has an upcoming flight within the time frame and with upgrade space. Booked as a gold guest upgrade ticket. Thanks for doing this!

  22. I checked my flights and there are upgrades available, Hawaii is pretty far! So nice of you to give these upgrade codes away (and whoever provided them)!

  23. I have a friend with an upcoming flight and would really like to surprise her. There is currently upgrade space available, thanks!

  24. Have an upcoming flight with my son to Seattle from SFO for celebrating his 6th year old birthday!! He has been wanting to fly with Alaska for a long time!!

  25. Me and my girlfriend will be appreciated if we lucky enough to get 2 code to get our flight upgrade to first class to Lax in the end of the month. thank you for offer your code to anyone who needed!!

  26. My husband and I are traveling to Seattle to see his family in a few weeks and it would be super fun to upgrade! Fingers crossed. Thank you!

  27. We have purchased flights on Alaska next Friday, December 16 to fly from MSP-SEA-RDM and back on Monday, December 19 RDM-PDX-MSP for a family wedding in Bend, Oregon!! It is my husband and I and our 11 month old lap child, and with him along, the extra space would be so nice!

  28. Thank you all – I think all of the codes are spoken for now. We were able to upgrade 8 different people, many of who are being surprised with the upgrade or who have never flown first before. Thanks to everyone for reading and for those who donated the codes!

  29. My wife is pregnant and I want to surprise her on her last “vacation” trip before the baby is born. If you still have any upgrades left, I’d love to use it to spoil/surprise her!

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