Getting Holiday Shopping Cash Back Thanks to Citi Price Rewind

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I think we have officially succeeded in not buying too many Christmas gifts this year, but some of the ones we did buy weren’t the cheapest items on the block. I did my best to time purchases with when sales were at the lowest, stacked coupon codes, Amex Offers, etc. but at a certain point of course you have to just pull the trigger and hope you got as good of a deal as you could.

The tree awaits Santa's sleigh

The tree awaits Santa’s sleigh

However, I have been using a “secret weapon” to serve as a savings back-up plan in case I didn’t really find the best deal out for some of my holiday purchases. This “secret weapon” isn’t really a secret as I have written about it before, but the Citi Price Rewind feature with some of my Citi issued credit cards is really helping me out this holiday season by tracking online prices for me and ultimately saving me money.

Citi Price Rewind Details.jpg

To use Citi Price Rewind on one of your Citi consumer credit cards (except Chairman Credit Cards) just pay for your purchase with your card then enter the purchase on the Citi Price Rewind website. The website conducts searches of “hundreds” of online stores, and if the same item is found at a lower price within 60 days of purchase you can get a reimbursement for the price difference without having to do the searching and submitting yourself! You can also submit your own claim for reimbursement if you find a lower price that the site missed, and I will say upfront and often that the Price Rewind site does not find all of the lower prices out there.

However, unless the savings is massive and I just happen to stumble upon a better deal, getting some money back from the savings the Price Rewind site does catch is better than not getting any back at all because you just don’t have the time to mess with it. If you want to actually get paid out the price difference, you have to upload a receipt of your purchase to the Price Rewind website to submit the claim, but you don’t have to do that step just to start the price search. Submitting the receipt also isn’t that hard as I have simply taken a picture of my receipts with my iPhone and then uploaded them to the Price Rewind site for previous claims.

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My claims thus far have mostly for clothes, since that is an item that frequently goes on sale within 60 days of purchase. However, you can also track bigger ticket items like electronics and appliances. Many types of purchases are eligible, but some that are not eligible include: motorized vehicles, items that can be consumed like food or medicine, jewelry and gems (other than watches), tickets, services, collectibles, and plants/animals. There are a few other terms and conditions, too, but not so many to where the service becomes too cumbersome.

As a real holiday example of these savings, we Santa has a Paw Patrol themed play area loaded on the sleigh for Baby S and I thought I got a decent deal, but the Price Rewind site shows that they did better by about $30. This means after the 60 day tracking period I will be able to get that amount back in the form of a statement credit on my card.


I also just broke down and bought a ridiculous but cozy “Be Merry” sweatshirt that I know will go on sale as soon as Christmas is over because who will pay full price for that on December 26th? I have my fingers crossed that the Citi Price Rewind site can snag that eventual sale price in the coming weeks, and I will hopefully get an easy statement credit for that price difference and still get to celebrate Christmas morning in some leggings and cozy Be Merry sweatshirt.

I want to emphasize that if you are already super organized and awesome and regularly submit your own price protection claims with the various credit cards then you may not do better with the Citi Price Rewind site since it is far from perfect and won’t catch everything. However, it is infinitely better than nothing, and pretty darn easy to use. I’ve saved a decent amount this year thanks to the purchases I have had it track and I hope to rack up a little more savings before the year is done.

Have you used any credit card price protection benefit such as Citi Price Rewind? I’d love to hear your experiences using this or another service!

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  1. I started using Citi Price Rewind after reading about it on your site a while back. I purchased most of the kids Christmas toys and electronics using one of my Citi cards, since you know they will generally be reduce in price sometime within the next 60 days. One of the big benefits for me was the ability to save time. Instead of driving to 3 different stores to get 3 different items at the price I wanted, I just picked it up where I was shopping, paid with my Citi card, and knew I would get the difference credited back to my card. I also didn’t have to meet a minimum spend for free shipping if I had ordered online. (Yes, I still had to pay tax on the higher price, but the time and gas saved was generally worth it to me).

    So far I’ve gotten back refunds of about $150 total, ranging from $1.05-$22.71, directly credited to my credit card.

    Just out of curiosity, I recently submitted rewinds for diapers and pre-packaged baby food, which tend to fluctuate greatly. They are currently tracking lower prices, but I’m waiting to see if they will actually pay out. I’ve also read that you can still get a rewind if part of the bill was paid with a giftcard and part with the Citicard, up to the portion paid for on the Citicard; I am also testing this out.

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