How to Save on Dog Food Purchased Online

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It’s been over a year since we said goodbye to my last 15 year canine companion. In that time we have fostered a few dogs for a local rescue group, but none of those fosters stayed more than a few weeks before they found their forever homes (though one helped me learn how to fly dogs as cargo in the process). I’m glad we took a bit of a doggy break before adding a permanent member to our pack since we were quite busy with a baby during that time frame. Just before Christmas last week it was time to add a new furry member to our family named Holly. Or Holly Jolly. Or Holly Jolly FetchaBall depending on the time of day and who is calling her.


Holly is a rescue puppy from a bad situation and is still learning the ropes of home life, but overall she is doing great, and we are happy to have her in our family. Of course having a new dog means getting used to all sorts of new routines, one of which is staying fully stocked up on quality dog food. Buying dog food in the grocery store is a lot like buying diapers in the grocery store. It usually does not result in the best deal, and in the case of dog food, it also means you won’t see most of the better brands.

We had a long standing system for getting dog food online with my last dog, but this time around I started fresh looking for the best way to save on dog food…and of course do as little work as possible in the process.

I did a bit of research and price comparison shopping and it is no surprise that the best course of action for us to save on dog food with as little effort as possible is to set yet another Amazon Subscribe and Save recurring order. We already have Subscribe and Save orders for everything from paper towels to bottled water to diapers and more set to arrive at certain intervals such as monthly, every other month, etc. If you have five or more Subscribe and Save orders in a given month you save an extra 15% on all of them on top of the other coupons and discounts you might find so we try to cluster as many as possible in to the same months to hit that 5+ extra discount. If you want to go this Amazon route as we have and save as much on dog food as possible without barely lifting a finger, here are a few tips…

How to Save on Dog Food Purchased Online

Look for Dog Food Coupons on Amazon

Amazon is great for coupons on almost everything if you take the time to find and “clip” them. It is not that uncommon to find at least a 20% coupon off on some brands of dog food. Do this coupon search and clip periodically and then restart a new subscribe and save order if it the coupon only valid on the first order. For that matter, I do this for all of my subscribe and save orders.


Set a Subscribe and Save Order for Dog Food

Once you find a brand of Dog Food you like, and maybe even a coupon to sweeten the deal, then set your subscribe and save order to arrive monthly, every other month, or at whatever interval you think will work best based on the size of the bag and how much your dog eats each day. You can always adjust the frequency or cancel the recurring order outright later on with a simple click. I started with a bag monthly and then will see how long that really lasts us.

Add the Coupon PETSSNS to Save an Extra 20% on Amazon First Pet Subscribe and Save Order

As if all of that wasn’t good enough, you can add the coupon code PETSSNS to save yet another 20% on your first Subscribe and Save order of pet supplies.


After all of that we are saving about 50% on our first bag of dog food ordered via Amazon, and I won’t have to do anything other than haul it from the front steps into the house. Of course you can increase the awesomeness of this deal by paying with an Amazon gift card that you purchased at 5x points with a rewards credit card at an office supply store or similar!

Save on Dog Food

Dog food is one of those expenses that is just unavoidable when you have a furry companion, but thanks to coupons, Amazon, Subscribe and Save etc. is is also one of those expenses that you can both maximize and limit if you put in a teeny tiny bit of effort on the front end. Do you do some similar strategizing for your recurring pet supply expenses? I’d love to hear your tips!

Also stay tuned for more traveling with dogs type posts as soon as she is spayed and done with her shots since she is a young active girl who will hopefully have many adventures with us!

Ready for doggy adventures!

Ready for doggy adventures!

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  1. Congrats on the pup! She’s pretty. Looks like a golden retriever mix?

    Thanks for the promo code for additional 20% off. I combined it with the $5 off $25 for installing the Assistant plug-in and of course I used a gift card bought at Walgreens with my Chase Freedom for 5x the points. 🙂

    Oh and go Chiefs!

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