Yes, You Can Really Fly to Europe for Just $69!

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You may have seen headlines this week about flying to Europe for just $69, and in the age of “too good to be true” headlines, you may have justifiably doubted if that was really possible. You may have thought that there must be a huge catch, or you have to use tens of thousands of points or miles along with the $69, or there is only one ticket available at that price, or something.

Yes, You Can Fly to Europe from $69

I don’t blame you at all for being skeptical, but the reality is that you really can fly from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Europe for just $69, with some other cities like Boston, New York, Miami, and Baltimore costing just a bit more at $99 – $129+ to Iceland and Europe via WOW Air.

WOW Air is currently offering one-way flights for just $69 from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Edinburgh, Bristol, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.

As long as you don’t need a seat assignment and can shove everything you need in a very small carry-on you really can fly all the way to Europe for just $69. I consider that to be truly amazing. Factor in some additional charges if you need seat assignments or a larger carry-on (larger than 42x32x25cm and 22 lbs) or a checked bag. Strollers and similar baby gear fly at no additional charge for children up to age 6.

Edinburgh for just $69?!

Edinburgh for just $69?!

On WOW Air you will stop in Reykjavik, Iceland for a plane change, but that is probably a good thing since it is can be a long haul from the West Coast to Europe! Some of the sample itineraries I found include an overnight in Reykjavik, and some offer just a connection of a few hours. You can also add an official longer stopover in Iceland to your journey via the WOW website on round trips.


The cheapest round trip I found to Europe was $147 from San Francisco – Stockholm – San Francisco and you had to book it as two one-way tickets to get that lowest price. In general the return tickets from Europe to the US were more than the outbound journeys, but as you can tell by the $147 round trip total, you can still get home for a very good price…though you may be booking the return flight on a European version of Expedia or similar.


Remember you can take advantage of crazy low fares like these while still using points and keeping cash in your wallet by using a fixed valued rewards credit card to pay for your airfare. You can then use points to offset the charge in your account. For a $147 round trip journey to Europe, it would cost you 14,700 points and you would get 5% of those back for a total cost of 13,965 points for round trip flights to Europe from the West Coast!

You can use the WOW Air website to make the bookings, though my favorite way to spot the cheapest travel days is on Google Flights.


Have you jumped on one of these $69 flights to Europe?

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  1. Do you have any experience in flying WOW Air? If their service is decent it is a great deal but want to make sure you won’t fly like cattle in a metal tube.

    • They have a huge hole in the middle of the country on their route map, so I haven’t yet flown them. I absolutely hope to when the time is right, but thus far I have no personal experience. I would keep my expectations quite low, but if the price is low enough…

      • It is very frustrating that we usually have this huge hole in the route map or great offers in the middle of the US. Being based at MSP I always read about amazing deals from the East or West coasts but the only option I have here is to pay an arm and a leg to fly Delta. I really hope one day other airlines will be able to enter this market and start offering some competition to Delta so prices can come down. When you pay $1200 to fly MSP to OMA which tales less than 40 minutes I have to scratch my head when I see you can fly from LAX to Europe for $69.

        • Same gripe here. MSP is my home base and we also get to miss out on all the Chase in-branch card offers too. The only way I could find a saver level business class award seat to Europe this summer was to start all my searches from ORD and then just pay for a ~$100 one-way MSP-ORD. We also basically get the shaft when it comes to flying one of the “good” airlines like Emirates, Etihad, or Singapore.

    • @Santastico You would likely not enjoy it. I have flown Allegiant, Spirit, and Ryanair b4 miles and points…. It’s an amazing opportunity that now exists though. #WOW

      • Tks. I am OK flying Ryanair and EasyJet in Europe but usually those are short flights so I don’t really care. Now, flying across the Atlantic is a different beast so the “you get what you paid for” may not be the best choice.

  2. It is cheap as long you travel only with carry on. The cost really add up when you check in bags. For 2 checked in bags from East coast to London it will set you back by $430. WOW uses complicated formula to calculate the carry on and checked in baggage fee.

  3. I will be flying WOW SFO-CPH on the $69 fare in 2 weeks. My pledge is to make the flight for $69 with no paid seat assignment or bag fees and spend 9 days in Scandinavia and Central Europe in mid- winter.

    Getting there may be rough, but at least I have flown WOW and know to expect nothing but a seat.

    I fly home on Norwegian Stockholm-Oakland on $111 fare. Again no seat or bag fees.

    I’ll report on the flights.

    Norwegian is an airline I like for their new planes and great movie selection.

    My primary destination is Prague.
    $85 to travel Copenhagen – Prague – Krakow – Stockholm.

    • Well done, Ric! That may be short-term pain, but hopefully well worth it once you are strolling in Europe! Look forward to reading about it!

  4. My family has flown WOW from Boston to London. We did pay for upgraded seats and some luggage. The flight was fine. WOW is very modern and efficient. We paid $99/ticket a few years ago and that seemed like a great deal. $69 is awesome!

    • Neal, it is possible they are now sold out. I haven’t looked today, but check google flights and if you don’t see them then my guess is they are gone for those dates. When I wrote the post I did see a handful of April dates, but that has been a few days now so may have changed.

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