The Best Reason to Mattress Run for Hyatt Globalist Status!

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Right after Hyatt Gold Passport announced their big changes for the program that kick in on March 1, 2017 with the introduction of the new “World of Hyatt” program, I outlined a way to earn top tier Hyatt Globalist status until February 2019 if you complete 25 eligible stays in January and February 2017 before the new rules take effect.

Enjoy suite upgrades with Globalist status

Enjoy suite upgrades with Globalist status

Depending on how inexpensively you can get the stays you need, and how much value you will get out of the perks you earn for the next two years, the math on this “last great mattress run” can actually work in your favor. Of course getting 25 individual Hyatt stays in two months is a stretch for many, but for those select few who can make it work, the new Hyatt Globalist perks will be quite nice to enjoy.


As a refresher, some Hyatt Globalist perks will be:

  • Upgrade to best available room at check-in up to standard suites, space available
  • 4pm late check-out guaranteed except at resorts or casinos
  • Room Guaranteed if booked at least 48 hours in advance
  • Unlimited club lounge access on paid or award stays for the room the member is booked in
  • If the property is a full service property with no lounge then breakfast is complimentary for up to two adults and two children in the room of the Globalist Guest. There will no longer be a 2,500 point bonus for closed regency clubs.
  • No resort fees on any stay, paid or award stays
  • Complimentary parking on free night awards – not points + cash stays
  • Priority access to available rooms if checking in early
  • Two United Club passes awarded on March 1st each year
  • Four Diamond Confirmed Suite upgrades awarded when you hit status that can be used on award or paid stays! These confirmed upgrades are valid for one year from when you earn them…so in some cases you may want to delay earning them if you need to time that with a vacation where you want a suite.
  • More benefits at 70, 80, 90, and 100 nights annually – choice between 10k bonus points or an additional confirmed suite upgrade award
  • 30% bonus on points earned


Hyatt Diamond free breakfast at Park Hyatt Vendome

Hyatt Diamond/Globalist free breakfast at Park Hyatt Vendome

Additionally, all Globalist members on March 1, 2017 will receive a Category 1-7 night certificate you can use at any Hyatt property. If all of that sounds great, then it’s not too late to embark on your own voyage to get 25 eligible stays completed by March 1st to get two years of Globalist status.

That said, I’m probably going to pass on executing the plan myself. In taking a hard look at how many Hyatt stays I will have in 2017 and 2018, I just can’t guarantee I will get as much out of the perks as I would need to be sure this is worth it. Having two kids to take care of, being tied to a school schedule, and trying to keep our travel within the realm of “normal-ish” for the greater good of the family means I will probably only have 2-3 guaranteed real full-service Hyatt stays a year. I think you probably need more than that to be sure you are coming out ahead by mattress running to earn status.

Additionally, finding the time, money, and energy to amass 25 stays right now, when all I could realistically make use of are about four or five stays, just doesn’t work very well with an 18 month old in the house and no nearby super inexpensive Hyatt properties easily available. I could do it with drives into Houston, but the impact on daily life would probably be too great to say it is worth it.

The Best Reason to Mattress Run for Hyatt Globalist Status

However, I absolutely love that Jeanne at Le Chic Geek has decided to go for it! She loves Hyatt as much as I do, and outlined these three reasons on why she has decided to go for the last great mattress run for Hyatt status…

  1. I’d like to experience this status in practice (and unless work travel goes up again, it’s probably my only chance).
  2. Planning it out and going for it seems like a fun game.
  3. I think it’ll put the wind back in my sails.

She seems like the perfect candidate to mattress run for Hyatt Globalist status, and her reason #3 is the absolute best reason to go for it. Ultimately you do it because you just want to do it. Travel, and even doing sort of crazy things in the name of miles and points, can indeed recharge the sails and soul. For me, doing 25 stays I didn’t need would suck the remaining wind out of my sails trying to balance it with everything else, but if I was at a different point in life, I could see how it would be a really fun game and goal.

That is the beauty of this hobby…there is a time and place for almost everything. With that being said, who all is mattress running for Hyatt Globalist status, and how is it going with 1.5 months remaining?

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  1. I was going to do this . I had all my reservations around Houston , but the 4 Globalist suite awards are only awarded on 60 nights ( maybe 55 nights for existing diamonds), not 25 stays. I was all in for about $1680.00 and 50,000 points for the 2018-2019 Globalist Level.
    I too decided to shop in another grocery store, as Hyatt now seems to be managed by aliens, who decided my 45-50 stays a year are not the ones they want to qualify for top tier status.Sad really.

      • So the four Hyatt Diamond suite upgrades earned before March 01 would still be valid for a year, but there would be no such upgrades afterward without staying 60 nights?

  2. I’m doing it for about $760 AI after finding a DFW regency mistake rate. It’s also nice to have one of the rare cat 1 regency’s close by.

  3. Done with Hyatt. If they had a huge footprint it would probably make sense but I don’t plan my trips based on where Hyatt is but I plan on where I want to go and then if there is a Hyatt I will consider staying on it. Problem is Hyatt is rarely an option. I will stuck with SPG.

  4. What a tremendous waste of time and money. Breakfast? Suite? It is food and a bed? Travel should be about seeing something, learning something from the experience. Get out of the hotel room, for heaven’s sake!

    For the amount of money required to mattress run for 25 stays – let’s say minimum possible is 1500$, not including travel and inconvenience cost, you can get at least 15 nights in decent hotels world-wide. Not to mention using airbnb or similar can make your money go much further.

    Or maybe mattress runners are passionate about hotels? In that case, I would seriously re-evaluate life’s priorities.

    • I think travel is different things to different people, and for some the hotel is a big part of the overall experience. That doesn’t mean they don’t get out of the hotel. Heck, I enjoy the hotel part of the travel process, too. As long as you are doing something that you enjoy and aren’t harming anyone else in the process, then I say who cares and keep on doing what makes you happy! Happy travel to you!

  5. I’m all booked out on this one. $1550 and 34k points (net after credits back for stays). Probably the last time I’ll qualify. With my young one off to college in the fall and not being tied to school schedules as well as my 25th anniversary next year, I should be able to get the value out of it. DSU’s at Park Hyatts usually make it worth it!

  6. I’m currently on this run right now. I should have about 11 stays at the end on Jan. And finish the 14 in February. I have quite a bit planned for 2017 and a very long 2 month rtw first/biz trip mostly on points in 2018. globalist will help me with suite upgrades, lounge access free breakfast.

  7. Yep. 9 down and 5 more this week alone. My kid and I travel constantly. A special treat for her is being able to stay at the same home two nights in a row. (Not happening until at least March!)

  8. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that Hyatt didn’t run any promo for stays at the beginning this year? Last year’s was wonderful.

  9. Adios to Hyatt. After spending 9 nights so far this year at a few Hyatts, I am ending my Diamond status at the end of this year and can live quite happily with that choice. Stayed at a Hyatt near ORD—-mediocre at best. Just finished a long stay at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo. The suite upgrade there was hardly anything compared to suite upgrades at competitive chains. No diamond breakfast option, just the club which after the first day became quite dull. And forget the evening snacks—-as one American stated rather loudly before she left: “This is a disappointment.” It’s just not worth my time or money to pursue this when there are so many better options.

    Good luck with the mattress run.

  10. Concur with Summer about costs v. Benefits. Could not do this for <$3000 in SF area – no cheapo properties here as economy is booming. And that buys a lot of upgrades, breakfasts and resort fees.

  11. Had it all planned out on staynights and then decided there is an easier and cheaper way for me to achieve status, if I really want it.
    Planned nights, so far, are around 25 for the year. Needing >35 and with a better handle on further nights, my intent is to book these remaining nights, at a property with October rates, on 7+ nights stays, below $50. One check in, unless there are later stays, and done.

  12. The free 1-7 sounds great until you consider it expires 120 days after earning. Got an extensive trip planned in Oct which includes PHNY, but wont be able to utilize it to a decent potential.

  13. Got 8 more to go after getting 5 stays by spending $40K on Hyatt Card. Status for 2 years and upgrades on awards, no resort fees and parking is worth it.

    I will ride the award stays for 2 years! Try to hit 60 nights in 2017 and see if we earn another 4 DSU’s.

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