The Priority Pass Select Membership That Includes Free Guests!

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One way to make travel easier, or at least more comfortable, is to have access to airport lounges where you can usually get complimentary snacks, drinks, places to sit, clean(er) restroom, decent internet, and if you are super lucky, even a family room. I’ve sat on the floor in a corner of a crowded gate area with my phone plugged into an outlet that looks like it was left over from the Walking Dead, and I’m sure I will find myself in that situation again, but I’d much rather wait for my flights in a decent lounge…especially when I am traveling with my family.

Lots of premium rewards credit cards provide for lounge access to some degree, sometimes via the Priority Pass network. Priority Pass isn’t a specific brand of lounge like a United Club or Amex Centurion Lounge, but instead, it is a network of lots of different types of lounges around the world that you can access when you have a Priority Pass membership.

There are different levels and types of Priority Pass memberships, but a common one that is available via the Amex Platinum Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is Priority Pass Select membership. You generally have to go online and activate your Priority Pass Select membership within your related credit card account, and then a Priority Pass Select card comes in the mail a couple weeks later. Via your Priority Pass Select card (not your credit card) and a same-day boarding pass, you can get into over 1,000 lounges around the world.

A few of the 1,000+ Priority Pass lounge locations include:

KLM Crown Lounge and Air France Lounge in Houston, The Club at MCO  in Orlando, Mera Business Lounge in Cancun, Club Mobay in Jamaica, Alaska Lounge located in Seattle and more, and the Plaza Premium Lounge in London’s Heathrow.

We have visited a few lounges in the Priority Pass Select network, and while they aren’t all amazing, we are always glad to have somewhere other than just the gate area to visit in the airport.

The Priority Pass Select Membership That Includes Free Guests

Of course family travelers will often want to bring in their partner, children, etc. into the lounge with them, and while many of the lounges do allow children and guests, how much that will cost you depends entirely on what type of Priority Pass membership you have.

It may be a surprise to some that the Priority Pass Select membership that comes with the Amex Platinum only provides complimentary entry to the membership holder and two guests. All additional guests cost $27 per person that is charged to the card tied to the Priority Pass Select membership, and that fact isn’t always very prominently shared in the lounge. Some lounges provide free entry to very young children up to two or three years old or so, but even that isn’t 100% guaranteed.

However, he Priority Pass Select Membership that is available via the Chase Sapphire Reserve does not charge for guests! We thought that was the case, but now that I have my very own Chase Sapphire Reserve, I was able to look at the information that came with my Priority Pass Select card first-hand. It indeed states that “You and your accompanying guests may visit participating lounges at no charge compliments of Chase Sapphire Reserve as often as you wish during your membership year”.

Free Guests Priority Pass Select

That is great news for traveling families and makes the Priority Pass Select membership that is available via the Chase Sapphire Reserve more valuable than the other versions by a wide margin!

Were you aware of the difference in guest policies for the different Priority Pass Select memberships?

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  1. Try Honolulu’s IASS Lounge that’s part of Priority Pass –
    It is hands down the worst lounge ever conceived in the history of mankind.

    Not only is there no food, there is no food allowed, and it’s strictly enforced by the lounge nazis.

    For drink, you have a choice of water, or sugary-flavored-water.

      • Too bad you didn’t visit the *other* HNL lounge called Plumeria. It was a much better experience. Hawaiian beer, white and red wine, soft drinks; teriyaki meatballs, sandwiches, cereal, candy bars and other snacks. This was hardly the lap of luxury, but great for the price (included w/ CSR). No one seemed to care that we stocked up for our 9-hour flight back to JFK. Next time I’ll bring a thermos. 😉

        • I too tried the Plumeria Lounge in early December. It was clean, and the food exactly as Gerry mentioned. I wanted to share that I was able to bring a total of six people with my CSR Priority Pass. All six of us were on a Hawaiian Airlines flight back to the mainland, however, two went to San Diego, four went to San Jose. No problem at all getting all in at no charge. So maybe accompanying guests does not mean all need to be on the same flight?

    • Great question – I don’t have that one, but I believe it is immediate family members or two guests…then $27 each. So, it is certainly better than the one via the Amex Plat, but not as good as the one via the CSR.

      • Not sure exactly how many guests on the Citi Prestige one but I always brought my wife and 2 kids and never paid anything.

  2. I brought my family of 4 to the avianca club in miami. Priority Pass through Chase Sapp Res did in fact get us all in and at no charge. Great lounge with free pour your own alcohol, self service beer, wine, softdrinks and (fairly) good hot food buffet. Under 10 minute walk from Delta terminal and don’t need to go through security again.

  3. Wow, good to know. I passed over some lounges on our last family trip, not wanting to pay the guest fees.

    Has anyone tried this in practice?

  4. I have Citi Prestige Priority Pass, I can take 2 adults and 6 kids under 15 years old without any surcharge to lounges (HNL, HKG, SGN, SIN, MNL, DEN).

  5. A huge advantage from the PP membership from Citi Prestige (while not a deal breaker for the Chase one) is that it allows you to have a digital version of your PP card. I can add to my wallet on my iPhone and it is way easier to use. For some reason the PP membership from Chase does not offer that option and you need the physical card with you to access the lounges.

  6. The Prestige allows immediate family (up to 2 kids I believe) and up to 2 additional guests. I have Amex Open, Prestige and Sapphire Reserve and foolishly activated the passes for all three. The best, as we know now, is the Reserve. However, I cannot, for the life of me, find out which card goes with which pass. Is there a way to get this information?

  7. Yes. The Citi Prestige Card allows “immediate family” or “2 guests traveling with you.” Careful — the Priority Pass Citi Prestige version card is identical to the Amex “1 free + $27 guests” PP card. To avoid the mistake I made (ONCE, at a cost of $27), the signature panel on my PP Amex version now reads “$27 guests, dummy.” If I ever get past 5/24 and qualify for the fancy Chase card, you’re all invited to be my guests!

  8. good post but it should be noted that the even finer print at the bottom of the “welcome, here’s your card” states that each club is privately owned and its lounge has the power to deny the cardholder and/or any guests at its discretion based on how many other folks might be there at the same time amongst other restrictions. This is why the $75 for a companion Sapphire Reserve card, which gets the companion their own PP card, may be cost effective. If anybody has more experience w/this than me, please share. thanks!

  9. Our recent experience was horrible also as many reported above. Got the Priority Pass Select with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card:

    – KAL Lounge LAX: Denied access stating PPS card is allowed entry up to 8:00 PM! Arrived at the airport slightly past 8:00 PM because our flight was at 12:30 AM. Ended going to the Star Alliance lounge with my boarding pass and enjoyed tremendously.
    – ICN: Granted access to both KAL and Asiana Lounges and both were horrible, food and atmosphere-wise.
    – PEK: Total disaster – Air China Business Class Lounge & BGS Premier Lounge both had inedible horrible food, overcrowded condition and no access to bathrooms!!! Denied access to First Class section at the BGS Premier Lounge even though I doubt if it was going to be any different than the others.

  10. Do you know how I can get this Chase Sapphire Reserve card? Do you have a link or should I do a Google search? It sounds great!

  11. How is it that this membership comes with the CSR, but if you buy an individual priority pass membership, it can range from $100-400 and none of the options allow for free guests and only the $400 option allows for free visits with the membership? This seems odd to me. Also the Priority Pass Select isn’t a membership option on their site.

  12. It has been over 3 weeks and I still have not received my Priority Pass Card via Chase Reserve. I was told at first when activating that you could bring your guests with you but today the rep mentioned that it’s up to the lounge to decide. I was also told that Priority pass will not be able to rush the card to me and that I would have to purchase a day pass (Price may vary) and Chase would reimburse up to 2 transaction per 12 months period. I am planning to travel to vancouver from NYC in a couple of days with my family of 4 and my mother via Cathay. Has anybody experienced a similar situation?

    • Same situation (wife got her PP card in two weeks and mine had not arrived after 4 weeks so I called 866-263-4292. They were helpful ordering a replacement. They looked up my account by name and address to verify. I have my pp account number and believe I can print a temp card at the PP website.

  13. Can anyone confirm that they have used their Priority Pass Select through CSR and not been charged to visit a lounge? I called Chase because I just received my credit card and am traveling in a few days and obviously haven’t yet received the PPS card — I was wondering how I can go about using a lounge in SeaTac without having my PPS card present (he said Chase will refund up to 2 lounge visits per year that you charge to you CSR, in the event that you forget your PPS card, FYI). However, he also said that the PPS doesn’t offer free access to lounges — he said it offers you a discount on lounge access. I’ve been researching and I really don’t think he can be correct because I feel like this is a major catch that would be written about somewhere online. But if is true I’m really going to regret getting this card because the free lounge access was a big selling point for me. Is it simply the case that the person I spoke with at Chase was incorrect?

  14. Thanks very much; I had thrown away my letter attached to card before reading your letter and sure enough the Black Card includes guests too! Many thanks for heads up on that 🙂

  15. Just want to ask if I can use my mom’s Priority Pass Select card tied to her AMEX Platinum Card when I travel alone? I was thinking since there were 2 free guests per Cardholder, I could use the pass for my own as my mom’s guest. I’m not sure if as the principal cardholder she needs to be with me with a valid boarding pass, or if i can use it on her behalf. 🙂 Thank you!

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