A Tale of #HumanKindness Thanks to a Southwest Employee

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I love (or LUV) stories of people helping each other in the world of travel (and beyond), and this is one of those stories that was originally shared on the Southwest Facebook page that I think is worth passing on.

A mom was recently at the gate getting ready to fly with her one year old on a Southwest flight when her little one suddenly vomited all over himself and his stroller. Ugh, the worst. 

Flying with your kids can certainly be fun in its own way, but it goes without saying it is hard when something goes wrong and you don’t have anyone else to tag team a problem with. Luckily for this mom, a Southwest gate agent saw what was happening and jumped right in not only to help the mom clean up the little one and the stroller, but she also went to a nearby airport kiosk and bought a new outfit for the one year old when she found out the mom had checked all the baby’s clothes.

Jumping right in to not only help the mom with that messy clean-up job, but also go buy the baby a new comfortable and clean outfit, is enough of a heart warming moment for me without there being any more to the story, but in this case there is a bit more.

As it seems is often the case, there was indeed more to this story than just a mom traveling with her kids. The gate agent didn’t know this at the time, but the mom was traveling with her little ones to attend her husband’s memorial.

This act of #humankindness, as the mom wrote on Facebook, I imagine won’t make everything better for that family as they adjust to their new life, but you never know how a small act of human kindness can make a big difference.

As you know, people don’t only fly to enjoy margaritas with their family in Mexico. They fly to funerals. They fly to be with sick or dying family members. They fly for treatment. They fly for second opinions. They fly because they no longer have their home. They fly because their parents live apart from each other. They fly to be there for people in their time of need. They fly because they have to for their job. They fly to try to find a job. They fly for a million reasons, and they certainly aren’t all for fun.

In my limited experience, those most in need are often the ones that have the most going on right under the surface. It would have been easy to just let the mom deal with the problem on her own, or to even be judgmental (silently or otherwise) that she didn’t have a carry-on loaded with an extra outfit for everyone at the ready (as well as 18 different forms of entertainment and GMO free snacks), but instead this Southwest employee simply made it her business to help.

May we all take advantage of the opportunity to help other travelers when we are lucky enough to have the chance. You never know how much of an impact you might make. Thanks both to this Southwest employee and the mom who took the time to share the story.


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  1. Loved the story of human kindness. I hpe SW airlines knows of it too. But have to say I love SW for just this sort of treatment by their people. Thanks SW. David

  2. With respect to all your great travel tips and deals, this story and the one after this year’s election, are what make your blog such a pleasure to read. Thank you Summer!

    • Henry, thank you. I guess for me travel doesn’t mean very much without tales of humanity along the way. Glad this one made your day brighter and thanks for reading.

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