5 Great Things About My Matched Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K Status

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Before my United elite status dropped a few days ago from the relatively high Platinum level to the bottom of the elite barrel Silver level I had a few to-do’s to leverage my elite status as far into the future as possible, and I encouraged anyone in a similar situation to do the same. One of these tasks was to try and match my United Platinum status to Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K status.


To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure if it was going to come through or not since a few weeks went by without hearing back, but this morning I got a fantastic email from Alaska Airlines welcoming me to my new MVP Gold 75K status!

Alaska Matched Elite Status.jpg

For those not overly familiar with the Alaska Airlines elite hierarchy, MVP Gold 75K is their highest of three elite status tiers, and it is actually a really valuable status to have.

Alaska Airlines Elite Status.jpg

Since I’ve never been an Alaska Airlines elite before I have a bit of a learning curve to get fully up to speed on how it all works, but so far I am very excited by the possibilities. Here are five components of the Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K elite program that I am most excited about on Day 1 of my newly matched status.

5 Great Things About My Matched Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K Status

1. Upgrades

Of course everyone is interested in ‘free’ upgrades, and I’ll readily admit to being no exception. Alaska Airlines offers MVP Gold 75K elites complimentary upgrades to the elite traveler +  one companion to a premium cabin or the first class cabin on eligible fares (which can even include awards!) both close to departure and way in advance on higher fare classes. They also provide four first class upgrade codes that you can use either for yourself or give to a for a friend/family member to use (and mine have a very generous expiration date). I 100% intend on making use of these codes for us to fly on Alaska to somewhere like Hawaii!

Alaska Airlines First Class Meal

Alaska Airlines First Class Meal

2. Combine the Upgrades with the Alaska Airlines Credit Card Companion Discount Code

Okay, here is where it gets really good. The upgrades are of course nice, but you can combine that with the Alaska Airlines companion discount code that permits a companion to fly for around $124 with a a purchased ticket. I talk about about how to use this here. You can only book these fares in economy, but they are upgradable via the complimentary upgrades to Alaska elites or you can use the provided upgrade discount codes (space available, of course). I now think I may need another active Alaska Airlines credit card in the family so our family of four can make use of two discount codes this year and get four seats for the price of two + $124-ish each.

3. Fee Freedom

Alaska was already on the very fair side with lots of their fees including charging no fees for changes and cancellations outside of 60 days of travel, but with this new status there are no fees for changes or cancellations to my tickets even within 60 days of travel. I love the ability to book speculative travel, so this is great! Do keep in mind that if you cancel a reservation using your Bank of America companion discount code you will use it, so don’t cancel those tickets if you don’t want to lose the code, just change them instead.

4. Nominate someone else for MVP elite status.

While the base level MVP elite status may not be life changing, I think it is pretty cool that I will be able to gift it to someone just because of my matched status!

5. Perks with partners and more.

Alaska Airlines offers some perks to MVP Gold 75K members with their airline partners such as complimentary Main Cabin extra seating on American Airlines, and an outside shot at Delta upgrades on some Delta flights for the next few months until they permanently break ties in May. Alaska MVP Gold 75K members also get four Alaska Lounge day passes, a free premium drink even in coach on Alaska flights, and a complimentary inflight entertainment player…which actually can be useful when traveling with kids.


I’ve flown Alaska a little in the past, and have a few flights already booked on Alaska for this year, but as of today I am much more interested in this program. From where we are in Houston their only nonstop service is to Seattle, but Seattle is a decent connection point for some places that are very much on my upcoming travel radar. Thanks to Alaska for the match from my expiring United elite status! Anyone else recently get a status match to go through?

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  1. We love flying Alaska – non-stop from Steamboat to San Diego. . U guys come see us sometime…..lots of snow this year.. Also, try San Diego sometime , It is a great place to visit.

    Your friends Wayne and Terri

  2. I did a match to MVP Gold last October because I had tons of flights booked with Alaska from Nov’16 to Aug’17. Got 4 upgrade certificates which I already used for our flight back from New York in August. I got upgraded on our flight from Honolulu to California at the very last minute but they removed my companion daughter, which is strange. Thoe extra legroom seats are really nice. I love Alaska, just wish they have more flights from here to East Coast without going through Seattle or Portland.

  3. Question on point 3 & 4.
    Is no fee change for change or cancellation for awards or both award & purchased tickets?
    Can you nominate someone even though only a status match or do you need to wait till you achieve status for following year? When is best time to nominate for the longest MVP elite staus term?


    • CW, so I haven’t done it first-hand by it seems to be for awards and purchased tickets…of course you will pay any fare difference, but not an actual change/cancel fee. Appears I can nominate someone now just as a result of the match. As for the last part of the question I’m not 100% enough to answer for sure.

      • Thanks! I just matched to MVP Gold 75K end of 2016 from AA EXP to get maximum value. Now the hard part trying to find something out of NE Ohio on Alaska. Best bet is Detroit heading west or I need to position myself to take advantage of cheap fares/upgrades.

  4. Don’t forget that you can fly American and credit the (flown) miles to AS as well. AS elites will get Priority boarding also. Being based out of the greater NYC area, this helps.

  5. Very basic question as I am new to all this. How do you get status in the first place? Is it based off of miles flown? Or do points from credit card sign ups count for it?

    • There are some instances where miles from credit cards can count towards status – Delta comes to mind as a good example of this being possible to an extent. However, to initially get status it is typically based on paid miles flown.

  6. Recently status matched from VX Elevate Gold to AS MVP Gold.

    Then out of the blue, I was upgraded to MVP Gold 75K without asking. I stopped all AA purchases and will now start flying AS.

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