Booking Award Stays at Hyatt Ziva All-Inclusives With Children Two and Under

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I am a very, very big fan of the all-inclusive Hyatt properties. I’m not a typical all-you-can-eat-and-drink girl just for the heck of it, so my expectations going into an all-inclusive situation were tempered. However, the Hyatt Ziva Cancun was everything my family wanted from a beach vacation and more. It has almost been a year since our stay and I seriously can’t wait to find an excuse to get back there.



The one downside to a family stay at a Hyatt Ziva all-inclusive is that the nightly charges are per person, and even children up the total. That’s fair to some degree since not only do kids eat and drink, but activities such as the kid’s club are included (once they are a certain age), but if you are using points the base award rate of 20,000 – 25,000 points for double occupancy can be doubled in the blink of an eye if you have two children.

Babies are free at the Hyatt Ziva Resorts

Babies are free at the Hyatt Ziva Resorts

There’s no question that having the award rate double if you have two kids along for the ride is painful. However, the good news is that at least very young children up the age of three do not cost extra on paid or award rates at the Hyatt Ziva all-inclusive resorts. You can’t book award stays for the Hyatt all-inclusive properties yourself and you must contact Hyatt to get those bookings done.

Hyatt All Inclusive Children Free.jpg

The bad news is that Hyatt’s system for booking these award stays is programed in a way that doesn’t make it obvious that children two and under are free and I have had numerous people ask me why they are being told that even infants cost extra on award stays at the Hyatt Ziva resorts. I’ve reached out to Hyatt more than once to help folks make these bookings without being charged extra for their little ones ages two and under, so I know with 100% certainty that even on award stays children 0-2 should not up the price at the Hyatt Ziva resorts.

If you try to make an award booking with a child 0-2 at a Hyatt Ziva resort and are told that they will up the award price then politely ask for further assistance from a supervisor, or perhaps try calling back a little later and getting another associate. For those curious, my understanding of why this is problematic is that with the way the system is set up, children two and under can’t be included in the official reservation line without the award price increasing. As a work around, they are supposed to just be noted in the comments sections so the hotel can be aware of the actual number of people in the party, but the system won’t try to charge for the infant or toddler.

I know Hyatt is trying to make sure that all of their folks who make these bookings are reminded of this process, but I just wanted you to be sure you know the rules so you aren’t accidentally over-charged for your Hyatt Ziva award stays. If all else fails, shoot me a message and I can try to connect you to the right folks at Hyatt to sort it out.

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  1. I assume that these resorts still insist in housing dolphins on premises?
    We would love to go, but this archaic practice is a deal-killer.

  2. I did the Ziva rose hall with 2 kids and using points for 5 of the 8 nights. I called the Hyatt platinum line and explained what I wanted to do and they sorted it. I don’t think I was charged extra for the kids either! I upgraded using 6k points per night on the paid nights but they let us keep butler suite the whole time. I know it sounds Riche but our butlers were great! Bringing us a cooler of beer and juices for the kids going to go get us lunch at the pool or beach) even arranging dinner at zilara side for the two of us) all in all a great family holiday. Basically everything was taken care of for us. Make sure you book the chefs table (costs extra) at the zilara side was by far the best meal of the vacation and the chef even met us the day before to find out what we liked….

    • Free nights from the card can include up to 4 adults/kids with no extra costs. The points up charge only applies to points stays. This is from experience when we planned a trip to Hyatt Zilara Cancun last 4th of July weekend.

    • We enjoyed both, but the two were very different trips so it is a little apples to oranges. Rose Hall I was pregnant (so not drinking or doing much) and we didn’t have kids with us. Cancun it was all four of us. I enjoyed the adult dining at Rose Hall and the new build adult-side was well done. The family side wasn’t a new build and if you stay on the family side you don’t have access to all the restaurants on the adult side. I think for a family trip I like Cancun better as it was just all around awesome…one caveat being that Rose Hall allows 3 year olds in the Kid’s Club, and Cancun you have to be four. For an adult trip it is a toss up, but I just really really really loved Cancun.

        • Booked my trip for Rose Hall earlier this year (spring) and knowing they allowed 3 yr olds in Kids Club helped. Just looked now at Ziva Rose Hall website and noticed your kid has to be 4 years old now…straight from website:

          Fun for the Kids
          The Hyatt Ziva KidZ Club features a game room, playground, and educational activities designed for children ages four to 12, all included with your stay. Young island-goers can join beach sports, arts and crafts, or other fun activities and games. Evening events include pajama parties and the mini-disco dance parties.

          • Eek they have changed it then as it was 3 with 100% certainty. Maybe they will work with you if you mention it was 3 when you booked. Sorry to hear it has changed!

  3. I’m assuming this is a typo, right? And that you meant to say up to the age of two?

    “However, the good news is that at least very young children up the age of three do not cost extra on paid or award rates at the Hyatt Ziva all-inclusive resorts.”

    Only asking because I have a 2.5 year old, so if he’s still free, then I’m leaving tomorrow.

    • It is up until they turn 3. To use their words, 0-2 free. 3-12 enter as a child. In this case a 2.5 year old is still a two year old and thus still free as they haven’t turned 3. Hope that helps!

  4. We recently went to Hyatt Ziva in Los Cabos. It was a great all inclusive resort. I have a question about the free award nights (the sign up bonus). I have heard reports that when booking the free award nights at a Hyatt Ziva that they do not have a limitation on the number of occupants in a room (meaning 2 children would not be charged extra). Does anyone have experience with this?

    • The terms do say double occupancy on the credit card free nights, but in practice thus far the reports I have seen (and my own experience) point to be able to book up to the max occupancy of the room with no additional charges.

      • I just tried to book at Ziva Cancun for 2 adults/2 kids with award nights. They asked me to pay for 2 kids since the sign-up bonus is only for double occupancy. Am I just unlucky with a representative?

  5. Thank you for this information.
    This is very helpful as this information is really hidden on Hyatt website.
    Now I found a good place to use all those points from Chase Sapphirse Reserve sing-ups.
    Especially having a 2 year old and a 3 months old – both are free!!!

  6. Thanks, Summer, for this awesome and helpful post. Thanks to your help, we booked a March 2-adult, 1-infant Ziva getaway, which is just what the doctor ordered after 18″ of Super Storm Chris. Can’t wait!

  7. Just a related FYI re. bookings with kids 3-12 (not free but not teens)…for a PAID stay, kids will only be charged 60% of the additional person/adult rate. But you either have to call/contact the hotel directly to secure the rez. or do it yourself online, then tell them when you arrive that you have the additional child, which will be added to your bill. The Ziva website won’t give the proper discount for kids of this age even if you add it in the drop down menu.I emailed both PV and Cabo and each confirmed the limitation going this route, that it will add on another full rate person. So good to know that they do offer a discount on kids of this age (as well they should).

    One additional note to keep in mind re. paying for additional people at the Hyatt Ziva: this charge fluctuates/slides depending on the season. So a booking in Jan may have a much different per person rate than in July..which then affects the amount paid for kids. Using points will only be the straight 10-12.5K per additional person.

    • Is it possible to use points for the 2 adults and then pay the 60% cash rate for the 9 year old child?seems that the rate is around $76 a day more when I plug our dates into the tool with a kid vs just 2 adults. Worth paying the $76 a day and saving the 12,500 points each day.

        • Todd, from my outreach to 2 different properties, the discounted 60% cash kids rate can’t be processed/reserved online but only through a reservation through the hotel itself or just to be added to the reservation at check-in. Adding a child in the child drop down would calculate it as another adult.

    • I have the same question. I booked ziva Cancun for 4 adults using the free night award. But I have a one year old baby who will be with us, would it be a problem?

      • The only way to know for sure is contact the property and get it in writing that you are all set, but I personally doubt that a baby will be a huge issue.

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