Getting 10% of Redeemed American AAdvantage Miles Instantly Rebated

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In the last few weeks I have been using more American Airlines AAdvantage miles than I had in recent history, and in doing so I have noticed a very cool trend that may be old news to others, but was new info for me. One of my favorite perks of the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard, the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red, and Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Silver Elite credit cards is that they return 10% of your redeemed American miles to you each year.


This amount is capped at 10,000 miles returned annually (even if you have multiple eligible cards), but if you redeem 100,000 American miles a year, you will hit that 10,000 mile total which can make paying the annual fees for those cards a bit easier to justify since a mile saved is a mile earned.

What I didn’t know until recently is that the 10% mileage rebate now happens automatically at the time of booking instead of in the published 6-8 weeks. I knew it was faster than 6-8 weeks, but I didn’t realize just how fast. As an example, just today I booked another American award ticket for my family and the 10% mileage rebate was hard coded into the award price I was charged.

American 10 percent mile redemption.jpg

You can see the 10% returned miles reflected as “bonus miles”, but it is essentially 10% of the miles redeemed immediately returned. In the case of the award I booked today, it wasn’t the full 10% returned because I have now hit my 10,000 mile limit for the calendar year. Time to book from Josh’s account…

Not only is getting 10% of your redeemed American Airlines miles back a fantastic card benefit, but getting them back at the time of booking is a superb execution of the benefit!

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  1. I am confused. You say it is 10% back, but you only got 4,000 miles back on 50,000 miles. How did they get that number? Is it a second bonus?

  2. I’m hoping you can help me with this question (even though not related to this topic). Last summer, my husband and I booked a trip to Germany for 15 days next June. Then we came to our senses and realized that such a long trip was not in the best interests of our 3 kids or the relatives they were going to stay with. United will charge us $75 to cancel each reservation ($300 total) and return the miles to our MileagePlus accounts. Is it worth it to keep the miles? Do you know of any loopholes to avoid the fees? Thanks for your help! (P.S. I’ve already tried calling and asking nicely with no luck).

  3. Yeah, AA really messed up with mine when I went to change my award. They deducted 7K miles from my account when I changed the date and have refused to give them back.

  4. I received a rebate for 876 miles on my 8750 mile award ticket because I have 2 eligible cards and they were kinda enough to credit me the extra mile lol #winning


  5. Do you have to pay taxes and Fees with Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard or the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red to get 10% points back or works with any card?

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