Why You Should Link Hyatt Status to M life Now!

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One cool perk of having some level of Hyatt Gold Passport status is that you can match it to M life status for some perks and savings in Las Vegas and casinos such as MGM, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Aria, Luxor, Mirage, and beyond. This relationship has been in place for a few years now, but it is about to undergo a pretty big change when the new World of Hyatt program takes over in a little over a week. The Hyatt – M life relationship will still be in play, but it probably won’t be as rewarding for you as it is today. This means you may want to match your status as soon as possible, and certainly before March 1st.

Match Your Hyatt Status to M life Before March 1st

To give some context to the coming changes, with M life there are five tiers ranging from Sapphire through Noir as shown below.
Mlife Tiers.jpg

Currently the three Hyatt tiers map to M life Sapphire, Gold, or Platinum. This means if you have any Hyatt status at all (even via the credit card), you can map that to the middle or second highest M life tiers.

Hyatt Mlife Match.jpg

However, beginning on March 1st with the World of Hyatt, the highest M life tier you can map to is the middle Gold tier and Discoverists (such as those who have the Hyatt credit card) will only be able to map to the Pearl M life tier.

World of Hyatt Mlife.jpg
Thankfully, even the Pearl tier offers free self-parking which can really save you on a Vegas trip, but free valet parking is only offered at the Gold level and above. Access to the VIP taxi line, which can be a massive time saver, is only for M life Platinums and above. The “Platinum Experience” that allows you to get two free tickets to things like the Secret Gardens, the Shark Reef, etc. as we did on this trip, will also be out of reach at the Platinum level after the new chart kicks in. You can view the full chart of M life perks and discounts here.

FullSizeRender 68

To beat the March 1st changes, you can call M life Rewards at 1-866-761-7111 with your Hyatt Gold Passport and M life Rewards membership numbers, then you presumably should be able to do your match based on your current status and the current chart. This won’t help you forever, but it should help you get at least a little more mileage out of the current Hyatt to M life chart. It is also possible that if you are a current Hyatt Platinum who matches to M life Gold before 3/1/17 that maybe that M life Gold status could be matched back to Hyatt Explorist status after 3/1/17…

Mlife World of Hyatt.jpg

If that worked you would get access to Hyatt Lounges four times in the year, in addition to the other Explorist perks that otherwise you won’t get just for having the Hyatt credit card.


I recommend acting quickly to match your Hyatt status to M life before the new World of Hyatt program kicks in on March 1st!

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  1. MP, if the current status with Mlife is platinum matched from the Hyatt Diamond, should we do anything or leave it as is? If leaving it as is, will the Mlife’s platinum status may stay the same til later this yr, or will be changed /downgraded after 3/1?

  2. Good reminder… I don’t have a Vegas trip planned anytime soon, but if I recall correctly a match today lasts until September.

  3. Thanks for the tip. If hyatt diamond status expires at end of this month, wouldn’t any matched M-life status expire too?

    What other programs match to hyatt that would be worth being matched, say before the change at the end of this month, and if one’s diamond status were expiring?

    • Kurt, the M life status runs on a different calendar. You should have at least until Oct 1 with your matched M life status. Let me think on that other question and write something up for you.

        • That’s what I really thought, but I just don’t want to guarantee that with the program switching up a bit. I really think you will get at least a year out of this, maybe 18 months, but only one way to find out. 😉

  4. I called MLife..hoping to get status matched to a Gold from my Hyatt Platinum status. My end goal is to hope Hyatt matches it back to Expolrist…. Wouldn’t that be great?! Thanks for the heads up

  5. The Hyatt site says to call Hyatt to match your Hyatt to M life. The M life site says to email member services. Everywhere I look is different info on matching status.

  6. Thanks for suggesting this Mommy Points! I haven’t been to Vegas in a while so I didn’t get to take part in the great partnership. I need to call before my Hyatt status drops from Diamond. It is awesome you got to check out those attractions for free based on the status! I heard some resorts even give comp tickets to shows or really great discounts.

  7. I just signed up for the hyatt gold, no points. I transferred points from chase preffered hoping it would bump me to platinum. Am I reading it correctly with Hyatt membership, I will only get sapphire on M life?
    Any other suggestions?

    • Claudia, if you don’t currently have Hyatt status then sadly you can’t really match to M life status. If you got the Hyatt credit card or otherwise got Hyatt Platinum from some means you could do this, but with no Hyatt status you can’t match to M life status.

  8. Any idea how it will be determined what match level MLife gold maps to? Kinda weird that it could is listed as Explorist and Globalist. So psyched about this opportunity regardless and not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, but wondering what it would take to actually be matched to Globalist.

  9. A random question for you MP, if I want to close my Starwood AMEX account before the fee hits soon but don’t want to transfer them to an airline, would you recommend transferring to Marriot? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Laurie, closing your Starwood Amex won’t hurt your SPG points. They will still be safe on your SPG account. They could eventually expire if you have no activity, but they don’t disappear just because you close your card.

  10. I just waited until the last day and just called M-Life. They said they would “submit” it to Hyatt to verify my Diamond status. I checked 10 minutes later and now have my Platinum status with M-Life1 Thank you Summer!

  11. OK, so now that World of Hyatt is live, time to test whether I can status match from my new Mlife Gold to Hyatt Explorist. Any data points so far to see if the Hyatt Gold Passport => Mlife Gold => Hyatt Explorist trick worked? How do I go about requesting a Hyatt match? Maybe time for a followup post!

  12. I’ve heard the same. Do you think it is finding the right hyatt agent or mlife agent to get this accomplished?

    • My match request is in-process. When I spoke w/ the Hyatt rep a couple of days ago, she confirmed that Hyatt matches to MLife and indicated it will take up to a week to process b/c the matches are done all at once, once per week, in a “batch.”

      • Thanks Gerry. I had emailed mlife a couple times earlier in the month with the gold to explorist request. Today, I spoke with a knowledgable mlife agent who submitted the request to hyatt herself said it can take a couple weeks. I hope it works before my upcoming stay in 10 days!

  13. Just wanted to update the last couple posts. I received 2 emails within hours this morning.

    First was from mlife saying: “Thank you for contacting M life Member Services. You have to earn your tier with M life to be eligible to receive the tier status match with Hyatt. Since your Gold status was due to a tier match with Hyatt’s Gold Passport program, you would not be eligible to receive a status match for World of Hyatt. Please let us know if you need further assistance.”

    Second was from hyatt saying i had been upgraded to Explorist. 🙂

    Not sure how long this will last for, but happy to have it.

  14. Hi Summer,

    Just wanted to share that after hounding a few Hyatt and MLife representatives via phone and email (ok, I’m a little nuts! 😉 I got the coveted email this morning that they were matching my MLife gold to Explorist—- yay!!
    Thanks so much for the tips, and I hope your husband’s match comes through too. Now I’m thinking I might have to do a quick trip to Lost Pines just to enjoy the perks!!! 🙂

  15. Thanks for the great post.

    Are Chase cards still churnable if you wait 2 years to apply again or is it once in a lifetime?

  16. I was wondering, is there any update to this thread? When does M-Life status end? Can this be used to help extend Hyatt status further?

    • Been meaning to answer your email – glad you asked here, too. So if you have Explorist or Globalist Hyatt status now you can match it now to M Life Gold. Assuming nothing changes in that relationship, come March if you lose your Hyatt status below the Explorist level, you should be able to match it back to Explorist using your M Life status Gold status.

      • Thanks MP. A late follow-up … does it make more sense at this point to bridge MLife from one person to the other in early 2018? Wouldn’t that entitle the other person to status with MLife and status match with Hyatt through March 2019?

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