Save Money and Earn 4x Fuel Points on Gift Cards!

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Through Sunday (2/26/17) you can earn 4x Fuel Points on eligible gift card purchases at the Kroger family of grocery stores (ie not on variable load Visa gift cards or Kroger gift cards)! This is great news for those who like to earn points and save money on gas.

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You need to add the coupon to your Kroger account online and then you can rack up the fuel points while earning bonus credit card points on your cards for shopping at a US grocery store if you pay with a card like The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card.

Kroger 4x fuel points.jpgDepending on what your specific Kroger’s offers, you could pick up gift cards to places like Disney, Hyatt, Delta, Panera, Amazon, Jason’s Deli, and tons more. When I do this I earn 4.5x transferrable Amex Membership Reward points by using my Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card at a grocery store (including the 50% bonus for using it 30 times in a billing cycle) as well as 4x fuel points!

How Kroger Fuel Points Work

By earning 4x fuel points you are earning 100 fuel points for every $25 in eligible gift cards you purchase, which is pretty good. If you max out at 35 gallons of gas when you fill up (bring both cars or gas cans and move quickly), that means that you are saving $3.50 in gas for every $25 in gift cards you purchase. You can use up to 1,000 fuel points at a time when filling up at a Kroger gas station, which would mean you are saving $1.00 per gallon, or up to $35 on a 35 gallon fill-up. You would need to purchase $250 in eligible gift cards to earn 1,000 fuel points.

Using 1,000 fuel points has brought our price per gallon to around .54 cents when gas was really cheap! I love stacking points earning deals to take advantage of this gift card bonus!

Save Even More With Gift Card Coupons

On top of the 4x fuel points coupon you can load to your account, my account also showed other gift card related coupons including:

  • Save $5.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy ONE (1) Buca di Peppo gift card totaling $25 or more.
  • Save $5.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy THREE (3) Cabelas gift cards totaling $50 or more.
  • Save $15.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy FOUR (4) Bed and Breakfast gift cards totaling $100 or more.
  • Save $10.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy TWO (2) Ruby Tuesday $25 cards totaling $50.
  • Save $5.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy TWO (2) Petco $25 Cards totaling $50.
  • Save 15% off Gap, Gap Options, Banana Republic, Old Navy or Athleta Gift Cards when you buy ONE (1) Gap, Gap Options, Banana Republic, Old Navy or Athleta Gift Card.
  • Save $5.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy TWO (2) Burger King gift cards totaling $25 or more.
  • Save $5.00 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy TWO (2) Gamestop gift cards.

If you like gift cards and find yourself near a Kroger’s this weekend it may make sense to stop by the gift card rack!

Thanks to SlickDeals for sharing news of the 4x fuel points!

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  1. Hey- .. buy gift cards from one of the online resellers, you get a discount on the cards plus you earn points! I spend a large amount of money every month at a specific retailer- even though the discount is small I end up saving about 50.00 a month.

  2. These kinds of bonuses are really gold. At our local grocer (Raley’s), their loyalty program earns 1ppd, and a point is worth 1 cent. Typically I’ll shop Safeway instead to get 2x fuel rewards points on gift cards (Usually netting me $15 in savings on $500 in purchases), but over December, Raley’s sent me four coupons: 2 5X coupons and 2 2X coupons (each only valid on a specific week), with an offer for a 10X coupon if I used all four. Got my 10X coupon and grabbed $1800 in Gas Station and Target Gift Cards on BCP. Net result: $180 Grocery Voucher and $108 Cash Back, a 16% return.

  3. Thanks for this post! I will have to keep an eye out for this deal next time it happens at Kroger. As Beth said, I’m also a big fan of using gift card reseller websites that allow you to purchase gas cards at a discount. I use my credit card to purchase the gift cards and earn points through my credit card as well. It’s a win, win!

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