Feedback Wanted on New Mommy Points Travel Videos!

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Now that we have once again started to travel a little more, I want to tip toe back into the world of making short travel videos. A few years ago, when we were zipping around the world a bit more frequently, we made a few Mommy Points videos that mostly live here on YouTube. While none of those videos were ever box office or YouTube hits, they were at least fun to make and hopefully useful to those who wanted an alternative to the written word.

In the past couple of years online videos have changed a great deal and moved to shorter social-media-friendly clips that you can watch (at work) without sound, so I want to change up our format a bit, too.

Back in the day, Josh had the time to put our videos together, but now it’s me who spent the afternoon playing around with some clips from our recent trip to Park City, Utah. I have turned some clips and tips into a short Mommy Points in Park City video. As you can probably guess, around these parts we don’t have a video editor, or copy editor, or coffee fetcher, or really anyone but me…so I’ll save the suspense and let you know up front that it’s not perfect.

However, hopefully this is a (new) start for us in the world of travel videos. My vision for these videos is that they give you a better feel for the destination, a closer look at the lodging, a taste for what travel with kids is really like, offer a few money saving tips, and make you smile. Since I am totally new to video editing and want these to be useful, I am also 100% open to suggestions and feedback!


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  1. Totally charming.

    But since I’m bringing my family there at some point, I’d welcome a blog post as well.

    • Oh for sure. Blog post also coming. Good point – should have stated these would be in addition to, not in place of regular written posts.

  2. I enjoyed the video and liked how you made written comments on each clip.
    We love Park City and have stayed at Hyatt Centric. It’s a great spot for some fun in the snow.
    Next time, you should try tubing. It’s a lot of fun too.

  3. Very nice. I enjoyed the Park City video a lot. The video was a bit jumpy in places but that could be on my end.
    Any thoughts to getting a Go Pro type camera. It would have really added to this. I’m no expert but just an idea that I’m also considering for my own videos.

  4. I think that was a solid video. Gave an idea of what the hotel was like (though maybe the lobby/pool/restaurants could get a quick view), and also focused on why you went in the first place. Plus, it was clear that the room is pricier now, and that you got an upgrade. Though it would help to explain how you received the upgrade to make it clear to those who might expect it what they need do to get it, as well as clarify to those of us (like myself) who shouldn’t expect it exactly what it takes to get there.

  5. Cute video. My only comment would be that I found the text covering the whole screen distracting. Would have preferred if it was along the bottom so I could see what was going on in the video.

  6. Thanks guys – all helpful for sure. Normally these videos will be shared in the context of a larger post that will answer some of the more detailed questions….hopefully I will get the main Park City post up today and then stick the video in it and we’ll see if that makes sense. Of course I want them to make some sense if that’s all you see too though, so….a little tricky I guess.

    Heading to Hawaii soon and hope to do another one, so this is all great in figuring out what to focus on with video as opposed to just photos. Thanks as always!

  7. Nice video! I would watch it if I were heading to that resort. Otherwise I prefer reading so I can skim the text and photos. And get more details.

    I did find it a bit difficult to read the text covering the screen – especially the white font color. Also, maybe you could just fade the music when you talk, rather than have it abruptly stop. But overall, a very nice video.

    • Thanks – couldn’t figure out the music fade the first go round, but I totally agree. Thanks for the feedback!

    • John, I know videos won’t be for everyone. Only time will tell if they are for enough people to make them worth the effort or not. Certainly their goal isn’t to replace anyone having their own experiences, but instead to offer a little more insight into activities, lodging, tips, etc. Thanks!

  8. Only so much I could do to it at this point, but I did use the feedback from here and elsewhere to hopefully make the first video a little more useful if anyone wants to check out Round 2. Thanks again….full Park City post coming later today.

  9. Seeing snow is like eating a burrito for the first time~ love it!!!
    We fellow Texans are going to Park Hyatt Beaver Creek next week, can’t wait!!! It’s our family’s first ski vacation. This video has me pumped! 🙂

    • Awesome! PH Beaver Creek is such an amazing location. Fingers crossed you have good snow to go along with it!

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