Win Top Tier Hyatt Globalist Status!

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Earlier this month Hyatt launched their new World of Hyatt loyalty program, and for Hyatt elites the changes brought with them good and bad news, depending on your own situation. Those who were used to qualifying for top tier Hyatt Diamond status annually with 25 eligible one-night stays were met with a sack of bad news to the face as the new program requires 55 – 60 eligible nights per year to qualify or re-qualify for top tier Globalist status. Because of this big qualification change, some took advantage of a “Last Great Mattress Run” to squeeze in two more years of top tier status, because the good news is that for those at the top, life got even sweeter.

Top tier Hyatt Globalist status gets you:

  • Upgrade to best available room at check-in up to standard suites, space available
  • 4pm late check-out guaranteed except at resorts or casinos
  • No resort fees on any stay, paid or award stays
  • Complimentary parking on free night awards – not points + cash stays
  • Four Diamond Confirmed Suite upgrades awarded when you hit status that can be used on award or paid stays! These confirmed upgrades are valid for one year from when you earn them.
  • Unlimited club lounge access on paid or award stays for the room the member is booked in
  • If the property is a full service property with no lounge then breakfast is complimentary for up to two adults and two children in the room of the Globalist Guest.
  • Room Guaranteed if booked at least 48 hours in advance
  • Priority access to available rooms if checking in early
  • Two United Club passes awarded on March 1st each year
  • More benefits at 70, 80, 90, and 100 nights annually – choice between 10k bonus points or an additional confirmed suite upgrade award
  • 30% bonus on points earned

For Globalists, paying no resort fees on any eligible stay, the ability to use suite upgrades on award stays, and waived parking charges on award stays are three new features that I very much like. There are some changes to the program that I don’t love as much, but on the whole those who can qualify for Globalist status have it pretty nice.

Stretch out in a suite!

Stretch out in a suite!

Mommy Points Giving Away Hyatt Globalist Status

It’s such a nice status to have that of course I said yes when Hyatt offered me the chance to give away a year of free Hyatt Globalist status to one of you! And it took serious discussions with my husband when he found out I could have just given the status to him and didn’t…he’ll be okay, he mostly travels with me so he is a Globalist +1. 

This gifted Hyatt Globalist status comes with a few caveats in that it doesn’t convey the “More Rewards Await” portions of Globalist status outlined at like: the four confirmed suite upgrades, lower night requirements for re-qualification, a Category 1-7 free night, and access to a My Hyatt Concierge. Don’t let that bum you out though because as I write this from a Hyatt in Hawaii, I can tell you first-hand how valuable Globalist perks like waived resort fees, lounge access, free breakfast, and free parking on award stays can be for families, especially at some of the higher end and resort properties. This gifted Globalist status still has all of those very valuable features.

Regency Club at Hyatt Regency Maui

Regency Club at Hyatt Regency Maui

As a real life example of how valuable this status can be, if you had Hyatt Globalist status and were staying on points at the Andaz Maui with your family, you would potentially save close to $200 per day of your stay in the form of a waived $40 + tax resort fee, waived $30 parking fee, and complimentary (delicious) full breakfast for up to two adults and two children each day at Ka’ana Kitchen.


Andaz Maui

If snow is more your thing, you would see similar daily savings via your Globalist status somewhere like the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek where resort fees, parking fees, and breakfast charges also add up very, very quickly!

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek breakfast

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek breakfast

How to Win Hyatt Globalist Status

So, how do you win this year of Hyatt Globalist status? I’m sure the smart thing for a blogger to do would be to create a glitzy social media competition and have you tweet a hashtag or get your friends to vote every day for your submissions on Facebook or something similar. However, because of how useful I know this status can be, I don’t want to do the ‘smart thing’, I want to do the right thing and get this status to someone who can make good use of it since it is only worth what you get out of it.

This time around I’m going to have you share what having a year of Hyatt Globalist status would do for you and your family in the comments section of this post and a winner will be selected from the eligible entries. I am having a fellow family traveler with Globalist status select the actual winner as I don’t want any of my own biases to come into play, but I do want the status to go to someone who will get some good value from it. You don’t have to have tons of Hyatt trips scheduled to win, but you do need to at least have a plan to get some use out of the status from late March 2017 until February 28, 2018. I want it to help save you money and make your Hyatt travels even more rewarding!

Hyatt Globalist United Club

One entry per person, must be 18+, void where prohibited, entries must be received by 11:59 PM Central on 3/18/17, and please remember this is a fun giveaway so let’s just keep it nice and fun and easy.

I can’t wait to hear what Hyatt Globalist status could do for you and your family!

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  1. In all honesty, I’m really torn… I love the idea of being able to have perks when I go on vacation with my girlfriend, but the tiny footprint of Hyatt (compared to SPG/Marriott or Hilton) makes it *really* hard for me to take advantage of it. :/ The free parking and club access would make the biggest impact if I were to take advantage of it, though. So many locations charge for parking it isn’t funny (I’m looking at you, California).

  2. My husband and I would LOVE to win the Hyatt Globalist status! We recently got married but aren’t going on our honeymoon until June 2017. We’re going to be staying at the Hyatt London Andaz and the Hyatt Paris-Vendome, which look like fantastic hotels! Seriously, I’ve never paid more than a couple hundred dollars per night, but this is our honeymoon, and we are really going all out! I’ve contacted both hotels, and they say they don’t give complimentary breakfast, so with Globalist, we would save so much money to be able to enjoy their breakfast buffet and not worry about being hungry when we start exploring, or having to find a McDonald’s somewhere! We’re also staying in the regular queen sized bed rooms, and with this perk, maybe they’ll upgrade us since we will have Globalist and also since it’ll be our honeymoon! That would be so great. I love this one episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon, yet they never get any upgrades..but the couple in front of them did. I always wondered if we would get any free upgrades. Last but not least, I’m not sure if we have to pay resort fees, so if this waives fees, that’ll be such a great savings for our 1st European getaway together. Thanks Hyatt and Mommypoints, I love reading your daily blogs!

  3. Globalist status would be an amazing benefit for my wife and I during our upcoming travels. This summer we plan to go to Paris and would love to enjoy these benefits! Also, I’d love to treat my wife to an amazing getaway this Fall for our anniversary…no destination in mind yet, but Hyatt status would make the trip an unforgettable experience. Thanks!

  4. Being a Globalist would have tremendously in my business travel. I travel at least 10-15 days out of every month and a vast majority of my destinations have a Hyatt. Not to mention my company recently partnered with a Hyatt so they are preferred globally. For personal – I currently have trips planned to Siem Reap and Hawaii so would love to have the status for additional perks for my family and friends that are coming with me including all of the savings! I am also looking into trips to Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong and would appreciate Globalist in all of those cities as well.

    Thanks for the offer!

  5. Having a year of Top Tier Hyatt Globalist Status would really help me out. My family and I are headed to Las Vegas in April, and I’d love to get some of those resort fees waived. It would save us a lot of money. We’ll also be travelling to New York, Miami, London, and Paris this year. Having Top Tier Globalist Globalist status would be amazing and we would put it too good use at Hyatt locations all around the world!

  6. We have a trip to Hyatt Beaver Creek (3rd trip) and would love to get free breakfast and parking for our stay. That benefit alone would save us at least $500 on our trip! Plus it would give us incentive to stay at more Hyatt properties along the way!

  7. Globalist status will be helpful to realize our dream of watching in person all the tennis Open grand slam tournaments (US Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon). Hope I win!

  8. Oh man, we have a ton of scheduled planned stays just make to Explorist 2018. A generous Globalist grant from her royal majesty MP would give suite upgrades and free breakfast for me and my over-indulged girls at Andaz Mayakoba, Andaz Papagayo, Park Hyatt Chicago, Park Hyatt Mallorca(anniversay/b’day trip), Hyatt Churchill London, and finally Grand Hyatt San Francisco!
    I haven’t done the math but Globalist would be incredible(and brekkie calorie-filled)!

  9. What would I do with Hyatt Globalist status: I have two weddings in my family coming up this year so it would be nice to stay at a Hyatt. I originally wasn’t going to splurge on a hotel and just do a day trip, but if I have Globalist status, I can book a room at the Hyatt’s nearby. The extra room will help since my family can use this extra space to get ready and catch up with relatives versus waking up early for the drive. We can drive up the night before to get the little ones ready/situated, and also stay the night after the wedding since I imagine it will be a fun, but exhausting day. Besides that, this will give me and my family a taste of what it’s like to have top tier Hyatt status. Who knows, maybe if we win, we’ll be hooked. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  10. I travel so much during the year (more the 50%) and one every few trips I am able to bring my wife over with me, when I do I always choose the best Hyatt available in the city I visit so she can have the most fun and benefits. I am only Explorist this year and will be great to have her on a few trips and enjoy the full Globalist status, and of course the best part is that I am waiting to have enough points to get her to Park Hyatt Maldives very soon…

  11. I’ve planned to go on 2 trips thus far this year with my wife: Japan and Switzerland. We’re planning to stay at Park Hyatt Zurich and Park Hyatt Tokyo with our Chase Ultimate Rewards points (I have 120,000 points and my wife has 60,000 points, enough for 6 nights total at these 2 locations). We would love to have Globalist status to take full advantage of these wonderful locations, including possible suite upgrades and full breakfast amenities. We’re going for our 1 year anniversary (albeit not at our exact 1 year anniversary date). Thank you for reading!

  12. I just got the 100k Chase Sapphire bonus, so I definitely plan on taking some trips using Hyatt points. I want to take my girlfriend to have experiences she’s never had and the status will help us get great upgrades and amenities!

  13. Having a year of Hyatt Globalist status would be a great benefit to me because I already have an April stay booked at the Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica, a November trip planned for India where Hyatt has a large footprint and I’m also planning a long trip in the summer, destination yet unknown, and it could come in handy then too. I’m a huge fan of Hyatt hotels and fondly remember the amazing stays I’ve had at their fantastic properties in Vienna, Zanzibar, the Maldives and more. Top tier status would help me earn points faster for future stays and save some cash on breakfast at my upcoming stays. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  14. We don’t have a specific Hyatt vacation in mind, but we just got our Hyatt nights from the credit card signup bonus, and will be planning a summer trip around that. Some possibilities: Hyatt regency in Scottsdale, or possibly Hyatt key West, where we’ve stayed before and loved. Globalist status would definitely benefit us, wherever we end up deciding to go. It would probably be an impetus to plan one or two other trips while we still have elite status.

  15. I’m staying at Park Hyatt Tokyo next month with my SO, so Globalist status would make the trip that much more special. It’s still year 1 of this hobby for me, so now that my points balances have grown, I’m ready to start enjoying the fruits of my labor. Since I don’t have top level status anywhere, I would definitely make good use of Globalist.

  16. Where do I begin! With two little ones under the age of 4, the the extra space from the Diamond Suite Upgrades would be a huge benefit for our family vacations. We particularly enjoy the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, and with the addition of the new lazy river and water slides, having a 4pm checkout means we’d essentially be able to spend another day by the pool. Sometimes the only way to get them out of the pool is to bribe them with a cookie from the lounge, so having the included lounge access is a huge bargaining chip when dealing with a toddler. Hyatt Globalist status would be game changer!

  17. My goal is to take my family (Wife and 2 toddlers) on vacation every year. For the past 2 years, we have been to many parts of Asia and we are fortunately to go again this late March. We will be visiting Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and ending our trip inHong Kong (Tradition) so they can pay a visit to their great-grand mother. Winning this pass will enable my family to enjoy the finer things without incurring fees or going over our budget. My plan is to always educate and show bigger and better things in the world. Trying to expand their horizon from luxury hotels to villages that we can help aid. An opportunity for larger space, free breakfast, comped parking,etc will be mind blowing to the wife and kids. They are every piece of me and to see them surprised and stoked will be priceless. Nevertheless, I really appreciate all that you do for your readers and the amount of effort and time that you dedicate on this site to keep us engaged, informed and helping us save a buck or two at a time.

    May our family tradition lives on until the kids get tired of going with us 🙂


  18. My wife and I are doing a round the world trip for our anniversary. we are traveling to Egypt, Dubai, China, Tokyo, Adelaide, Auckland and finally Morea. We are staying in various mix of hyatt and hilton hotels. The free breakfast and possible upgrades with Hyatt status would go a long way to provide a premium experience on our once in a lifetime trip.

  19. Thanks so much for the opportunity. We already have reservations (from our ultimate rewards points!) for five nights at the all inclusive Hyatt Ziva in Los Cabos over Christmas break. I can’t wait! While we won’t need free breakfast at this property, having Globalist status will hopefully give us a nicer room and make our trip even more memorable. Our oldest daughter is a senior in high school and headed off to college in the fall. She is going to school in Philadelphia which is a 6 hour drive from our house. There will be several trips across Pennsylvania over the next few months for admitted student day, move in day and parents weekend all of which will entail overnights in the Philly area. Having Globalist status will definitely enhance our trips ! In addition, our second daughter is in 10th grade. We plan to spend a bit of time over the next year traveling around the country to look at potential colleges for her. So again, having top tier status at Hyatt will help to defray some of those costs. As you can see we have quite a bit of travel (not to mention expenses) in our future and we would love to see the many benefits of Globalist Status. Thanks again.

  20. I’m staying at the Park Hyatt Vienna in in may with my wife and 1 year old daughter. We would love the opportunity to get upgraded to a suite so it would make the sleeping arrangement easier for our family. Of course free breakfast doesn’t hurt either!

  21. I have been travelling for business purposes quite a bit in the past years, however, due to a shift in occupation also lost top-tier status with several hotel chains. The Hyatt Globalist status would enable me to share with my family some of the benefits that I have enjoyed in the past two years mainly by myself. The benefits for private travel are even bigger as free-breakfast and suite upgrades would actually be used compared to my past business stays where breakfast was typically skipped due to time constraints and the suite was hardly worth it due to the limited time spent in the hotel overall. Also, the Hyatt globalist status would encourage me to shift some more nights to my (previously) strongly preferred hotel chain. Our planned stays this year are Andaz Amsterdam, Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Hyatt Regency Boston and potentially Hyatt Maldives early next year.

  22. We need to get our kids to Europe (England, France, Italy) and Africa, to visit various extended family and get them immersed in culture and languages. Not just summer time but taking breaks from school as well. Relatives often do not have enough guest space for our family. Since there are Hyatts in our targets, we would be able to stay there, utilize lounge privileges, and hopefully a few suite upgrades so not be packed into a closet driving each other CRAZY. 2018 will be the PRIME YEAR for us to do this travel, since not long after our oldest will be graduating from elementary school and the tyranny of school calendar becomes more pronounced. This would really help!

  23. Having Globalist status would help my family in a worldly way. With 3 young girls aged 5,4,2 my family of 5 creates traveling challenges not only by using points and/or cash (try finding 5 award seats or a hotel room that will hold 5). The opportunity to have CONFIRMED suite upgrades would allow the kids to tag along and enjoy the comforts of the extra room that is usually not available to us. Next, free parking is a huge benefit and can be a huge cost. The savings alone can provide working parents (Wife and I) both some time alone (babysitting) or even an extra activity to enjoy the kids.

  24. Hello and thank you for the chance at the Hyatt giveaway. After this tax season my wife is getting ready to retire. This status could make traveling to Europe and Asia in our future travel plans more rewarding! Thank you mike

  25. A yearlong trial of Hyatt Globalist status would be amazing! I always hear glowing reports about Hyatt but haven’t been able to give them a real opportunity due to the resort fees and breakfast costs. This would eliminate those two issues and allow my family to start planning trips to Hyatt properties that we have been eyeballing – Andaz Maui, Andaz Papagayo, and especially the brand new Park Hyatt St. Kitts!

  26. Our family of 2+1 (and 1 to come) will be taking many trips over the next year to would love to save on resort fees, parking, as well as get free breakfast and use any suite upgrades. We heavily leverage Chase points and the combination of Hyatt top tier status as much as possible.

    2 trips 4-5 days each Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, 4 days Park Hyatt Aviara, 4 days Park Hyatt Tokyo, 4 days Park Hyatt Washington DC (suite upgrade?) to start.

    Would love to get Globalist. Without it, we would likely rethink of where to stay on almost all of our upcoming trips for the next year. Most likely a Platinum Challenge for Marriott and match to SPG Platinum to shift everything over SPG/Marriott. We’re based out of Austin with family in Houston, so this is one of my go-to blogs for travel due to the relevance to our situation. Hope to get it!

  27. To maximize the perks, I plan to use the guest of honor benefit for my friends and family. With Hyatt’s points transfer form, they can easily transfer points into my account and I can then make the guest of honor booking for them. I have done this many times during 2016 when I was Diamond, and since the form requires a reservation number, I reference the guest of honor bookings, so Hyatt is aware of exactly what I am doing and that it is 100% allowed. And best part is, for those friends and family members who do not have Hyatt pts, they can simply transfer from Chase UR. So order of events, family member transfer Chase UR to his/her own Hyatt account, I book guest of honor booking for him/her, a points transfer request is made referencing the guest of honor booking made, and voila, I am made whole after 3-5 business days after points transfer is complete. Besides all the travel plans I have (for reference, I already have 49 nights YTD with SPG so time for me to load up with Hyatt), friend of mine has a family wedding in Maui and asked me to do guest of honor booking for her in May, but I told her I couldn’t because I was no longer Hyatt top tier beginning 3/1/17. If I win this contest, this will be a huge surprise for her!

  28. The Globalist status would help our family save money on the current stays we have this year, and allow for a few more stays with the saved money. We are travelling to a few US destinations this year. One of which you recommended at the Bonita Springs Hyatt(thank you btw, as we love that property). We are also going to California a couple times. The resort fee waiver, and free parking will help very much. Not to mention the lounge access to help with food costs for us, and the children. It would be an incredible thing as we would also not need an additional room for the kids if we could upgrade to a suite. Thanks for making this available to one lucky winner…. Pick Me, Pick Me 😉

  29. Taking a trip to Asia at the end of March. First stop Grand Hyatt Taipei. Then assuming the ghosts don’t get us, we are headed over to Tokyo and staying at the Grand Hyatt Roppongi. It’s my kids’ favorite hotel in the world and will be our third visit. Breakfast for 4 would really help out. We also make a couple of trips to the Hyatt Regency in Tahoe during the sinter. Thanks for the consideration.

  30. As our youngest goes off to college, I want to surprise my amazing wife with a spectacular trip and hotel stay. No question we are Paris bound. Thank you so much.

  31. Me and the wife are going to Paris in May. Staying for 2 nights at the PH Vendome. I have tickets booked for us and my parents in the last week of September to parts of Asia and in India (Hyderabad and Mumbai). This year I have nothing with Hyatt. Having a nice stash of UR, I can book and get very very good value from Hyatt. I have had Diamond with Hyatt in the past and it was fantastic redemptions at times. I gave away DSUs for free to family & friends in the past as I feel very bad to see those not redeemed. My sister has few stays and as a Globalist she may book under my account to get those perks. They are a family of 4 and I am pretty sure they will get the most out of Globalist.

  32. We are taking our kids to Europe this summer on points and are staying at Hyatts in Paris, Nice and Milan. The major thing being a Globalist would mean would we would be able to save money for all those nights because some form of breakfast would come with the rooms. Saving money is paramount because nothing is ever cheap on vacation and every cost is multiplied by 4. Typically we eat out of grocers (our family joke is we travel to cheap our kids to be frugal) when we travel, so a (very) nice breakfast for those 8 days would be most welcome.

    However, in addition, the status would also include better rooms to help make the trip one that the kids will never forget. In Nice in particular, I am certain the award room faces the back, but a Globalist room may be one where you truly come to understand why it is called the Cote d’Azur. I am uncertain that the views in Paris and Milan would be improved with status, but they would be better rooms which helps make a better trip. We might even be able to use the suite upgrades (I know they are based on availability) to make the trip one the kids would never forget.

    Beyond the summer vacation we are also headed to Comic Con in San Diego this summer and the Hyatt Manchester has a lounge that can provide both sanctuary and free soda/food to reduce the overall cost. Comic Con used to be a cheap endeavor, but they have finally raised the prices and it was quite the sticker shock this weekend.

    There will be other travel in this period of the Globalist status, but these are the things that I can guarantee that we could utilize.

  33. While I live in the States, my parents lives in Asia and we’re planning on checking out the Winter Olympics in Korea next February as part of a larger family trip across Asia. I rarely get to see or travel with my parents, so Globalist status would be perfect for that trip as it would allow me to pamper them with upgraded stays at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, Park Hyatt Shanghai, and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong!

  34. OMG, if I won Hyattt Globalist Status, it would be an incredible way to stretch of honeymoon savings so much farther. We delayed out honeymoon after getting married in order to save up for a real honeymoon, not just a get-away. We chose India and will be traveling in September. I’m just now figuring out the itinerary. There’s a Park Hyatt in Goa that I have been drooling over, but didn’t think we could swing it. With Hyatt Globalist status we could book a less expensive room and hopefully get upgraded to a beach front suite (with Globalist status and playing the honeymoon card?!?) and save big money on our stay because the resort fee will be waived and we can get free full breakfasts at the Village Cafe in the morning. I just looked at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai with this in mind see that there’s a Grand Club there that we can use as our home base for free drinks and food throughout our stay. Oh, wow!

  35. Hello- I am a 3 yr old toddler travelling to Houston, Andaz papagayo, Calgary, Jamaica, DC,San antonio with my parents. My dad has tentatively done all our bookings for this year and also for Hawaii (Kauai and Andaz)next February. Having a globalist status for my dad for the very first time would indeed save us a lot of moolah(says my mom) since we invariably have to eat breakfast at the resort because of me ( i do not like waking up early to go out) not to mention the bigger space that I would enjoy to run around( and I do that all the time), with that status. Thank you

  36. On a selfish level, having Globalist status would mean I can continue to treat my bride on any of our upcoming Hyatt stays. This year we plan to visit (staying in Hyatts, on points) Sydney, Melbourne, Cancun, Buenos Aires, and Mendoza. My wife has a small obsession with PH’s–Chase UR transfers have spoiled us!

    More importantly, having Globalist would allow me to make INCREDIBLE use of the Guest of Honor benefits. As a diamond least year (thanks to the Thanksgiving 2015 Hyatt match, sooo generous) I was able to book points awards for several friends and family members for special vacations like honeymoons and anniversaries. This was SO FUN, since it meant they got to enjoy room upgrades, breakfast in bed, and typically a bottle of wine upon arrival. And, it cost me exactly $0. I personally don’t mind eating breakfast outside the hotel or not having a room upgrade, but I will seriously miss being able to gift my status to friends/family for no additional fee.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, Summer!

  37. Hyatt globalist would be amazing to have for a year. We currently have a reservation at the Park Hyatt Milan in May and my mom and dad are literally stressing out about not having free breakfast, despite the fact that we are literally staying in what is probably the best hotel in the entire city! I would definitely benefit from globalist status and would even go out of my way to plan even more stays with Hyatt if I am lucky enough to win. I never win anything though 🙁

  38. We have an upcoming spring break trip to South American where we will stay at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires and would love the breakfast perk and (maybe) more space for the family. Will also stop by the new Unbound in Uruguay. Have plans for a summer trip to Colorado (plenty of Hyatts where we will be heading) and a side trip for my husband and I to Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa in New Mexico while my son is at Philmont boy scout ranch. Would be nice to get some extra TLC for our anniversary trip with no resort fees. In the fall before it gets to cold we plan on quick trip to Montreal (where I went to college) so the rest of the family can see my old haunts. We will stay at the Regency there and would love to perks including lounge access. Thanks so much for all you do!

  39. My story probably isn’t as compelling as others since I don’t have kids. A year of Globalist would help me from going to eat random street breakfasts when I’m traveling because I have the breakfast at the hotel. It would also be great to get the lounge access for hotels that have it because well – alcohol costs do add up quickly. Finally, I like to do mattress runs in my own city. If I was given Globalist, I would check in at night, go home, then go back to the hotel and take a random co-worker each time to eat the free breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

  40. Would use it to get the resort fee waived and breakfast on our trip to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort this summer and then again when we go Hyatt hopping in South America next February!

  41. We have few trips planned with Hyatt stays this year thanks to Hyatt CC nights and saved up hyatt points from last couple years. Both of us have discoverist status so glad no resort fees and late checkout is still going to be there for us. What I will miss the most is Guest of Honor benefits for family and friends I book for. It is nice to show off my point collecting work but even sweeter when they get treated better just because they know a Hyatt diamond member 🙂 Globalist now.
    I appreciate the opportunity.

  42. I just find out that my wife is pregnant and before she gives birth , we are pushing our yearly travel plans forward before she cant travel anymore. So a Globalist Status would help me provide some extra amenities, while I use up my remaining 60k Hyatt points earned thru credit card rewards. Anywhere that I can save a little $$ thru free resort fees, parking fees, and breakfast charges would be helpful because a baby is on the way. The free food she would really enjoy, always Hungry. Using points is they way to go and I enjoy reading your articles.

  43. Having a year of Hyatt Globalist would mean the world to my family. Hyatt is my absolute favorite hotel chain and I try and stay with them whenever possible. My husband and I are looking forward to our first baby free getaway in May at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. Then we are traveling as a family to the UK in August. We stayed at the Hyatt Churchill in London a couple years ago when we were lucky enough to be upgraded to a suite. After getting off the 10 hour plane ride from Houston, the front desk staff were so gracious to us with a sleeping nine month old. Another reason that I got into the points game to be able to afford experiences like this for my family. Then we are planning another big trip at the end of the year, hopefully getting to visit Australia for the first time if I can get all the pieces to fit together. I know there are some great Hyatt properties there that we would love to experience. My husband works so hard to look after us that planning a trip of a lifetime would be just one way to thank him. Having Hyatt Globalist status would go a long way towards making that happen!

  44. I had diamond status (with my husband) and it saved me so much money. Breakfast alone for two would easily put us over $100 and without that status, we would have forgone the most important meal of the day.
    This year my husband decided to surprise me…blindsided me with divorce. It was not mutual. So I lost the status, the love of my life and a partner to travel with. This year once it’s finalized, I’d like to travel again and make new memories, the room upgrades and breakfast would be a great benefit to have as a single woman trying to piece her life back together.
    Without it, I would probably forgo traveling for a while. My husband was the breadwinner. When I booked hotels I would sometimes pay but use his number so he would earn the status.

  45. I would plan more travel with my family and know booking a Hyatt would allow me to get the perks of being a Top tier Hyatt Globalist and enjoy travelling with the family even more!

  46. Would love to have Globalist status for a year. My husband and I have a trip to Costa Rica planned for November and want to stay at Andaz Papagayo Stayed there 2 years ago and loved it.
    Also we are spending 2 nights in Venice in June. The Hyatt in Venice sounds wonderful.
    It is our 15 year anniversary this year, and due to my husband’s health concerns, we are not sure if this could be our last major year of travel.
    Love Hyatt!

  47. Our family will be going to Hyatt Ziva Cancun for my fathers 70th birthday in January and would love to have Globalist status for the family while there. We are taking my son (1 year old by that time) and two of my nieces (4 and 3 years old). We are getting 3 rooms to accommodate the large family but with the status, we would be able to get better view rooms. Thank you for the opportunity. I’ll have to look at other places to go if I get selected.

  48. Having a year of Globalist status would really change how my family of four travels. We’ve got trips to Hawaii, Portland, Chicago, and Maine this summer. Getting confirmed upgrades for suites would really help keep the peace. And when my wife and I aren’t traveling with two little ones, the possibility to upgrade and stretch out a little would make our vacation all that more relaxing.

  49. I stayed at my first Hyatt when I status matched the year before and have become hooked on the brand and benefits. My husband and I are taking a year off from work and have so far mapped out starting our one year travel with Asia. We just bought our air to China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Austrailia and working on hotels. Having a Globalist status would seriously help with our budget with free breakfasts and lounge access. The early check in and the late check out would really help as well as we will be on the go most of the time.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  50. I have been to Paris a few times and have always stayed very close to the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme … as an avid travel blog reader I am quite aware of the sweet suites there, and have always been green eyed with envy at the guests coming and going. I owe my daughter a graduation trip to Europe so that will go on the books the second I win this contest. Also, my husband travels for work in Nevada once a quarter so we will often plan a weekend trip to Vegas around that. We love staying at the Hyatt properties with points since it’s such a fantastic value. But having no resort fees? That would be a great benefit! I think I’ll use the money we save on Vegas incidentals and get a Founder’s Club membership for a couple of years 🙂 And finally, my husband has been snowboarding since the late 80s and would love to spend some time in Beavercreek next winter. He’s no small guy … those free breakfasts will be devoured in a Colorado minute! So thanks again for choosing me, I will put this status to great use!

  51. I’m single and have no dependents, but I regularly take siblings, nieces and nephews, my parents, and friends with me on international travel to places like Tokyo, Geneva and Athens. In fact we have an upcoming two-week trip to India this fall. Our budgets are a bit more constrained than some and the local experience is what we’re after so we’re not as interested in elegant, refined accommodations, but we tremendously enjoy the occasional splurge for a night or two at a truly fine hotel. Globalist would open up new opportunities to experience Hyatt properties in Delhi and Chennai this fall, possibly others (we can be flexible!), and very probably others on trips that haven’t been finalized yet.

  52. I am a public school teacher and activities director of a middle school. Since 2014, we have taken a group of incoming 8th graders who earned a position into the Student Council to southern California for a leadership retreat. This group of students is a representation of our school campus of all socio-economic backgrounds. For some of the students, they cannot afford the trip and the previous year’s student council creates a scholarship fund to pay for these students to go on the team building/bonding trip. It is an opportunity for them to pay it forward and build camaraderie for the challenging and selfless year ahead. At this retreat, they hold a student produced talent show, visit Disneyland for their Youth Education Series leadership workshops, and plan a budget and calendar for spirit activities for the whole school. They even discuss important issues like creating an inclusive campus and how to deal with cyberbullying. These four days of planning, preparation, and fun set the tone for the entire school year and impacts hundreds of students on our campus. It’s rare that I can say that hotel status would impact so much, but when you are talking about this many students receiving free breakfast and perks on a group trip, the savings really add up!

    We have made the Hyatt Orange County our home for these retreats. I had Diamond status and they always helped us get an amazing hospitality suite to hold our meetings due to my status at no additional charge and without even requiring a suite upgrade certificate. Trying to get 30+ 8th graders in the same room to work on budgets and events when Disneyland is 2 miles away is no easy task, but having an amazing hotel like the Hyatt OC accommodate us makes it all the easier. They have also allowed me to use my Diamond status on 3 of the rooms, up to 16 individuals, to get free breakfast in the restaurant. This greatly reduces the cost of our trip and makes it more accessible for families as well less of a burden on our scholarship fund.

    Sadly, I did not qualify for Diamond/Globalist 2017/2018 and this year, we will be forced to pay for a lot of the benefits that used to come free. As such, I am worried that our budget will now be out of reach and we may have to consider a cheaper hotel which will impact the ability to plan and prepare if we can’t find a convention style space like a hospitality suite at the Hyatt.

    If you choose us, I can guarantee that not only will it be used on our family trips, it will help a public school that would love the assistance that Hyatt Globalist brings. I would be happy to share photos of our team bonding from the last few years including our ASB Code of “Laguna Suite For Life” (the name of the Hyatt OC’s hospitality suite we stayed in) as well as take photos in appreciation of this year’s trip scheduled for August 9-12, 2017.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  53. This is really a great Giveaway and I’m curious to see who will win it.
    I never had Hyatt Top Tier Status only Hyatt Platinum for two years in the past.

    I stayed more with the other big chain brands in the past because of the Elite Status but if I get this giveaway valid for one year I would stay this year in Paris to celebration my 4 years anniversary. I was thinking of the Hyatt Louvre. One of my favorite locations in wonderful Paris.

    Also we have by the end of the year a big family reunion with my Brazilian boyfriends side in Rio de Janeiro. There just opened a brand new Grand Hyatt in the upscale district of Barra. We never stayed there but with Globalist we could have some big savings for me and my family during the stay.

    Hyatt Globalist status is in my opinion one of the best new Elite Status out there in this big hotel world.

    The chance to win this here is probably very little but if yes I would be for one day the happiest person on the planet.

    Good luck to everyone!

  54. Having a year of Globalist status would really change how my family of four travels. We’ve got trips to Hawaii, Portland, Chicago, and Maine this summer. Getting confirmed upgrades for suites would really help keep the peace. And when we aren’t traveling with two little ones, the possibility to upgrade and stretch out a little would make our vacation all that more relaxing.

  55. What would Globalist status mean to my family and I? Since I have recently lost my job, I plan to use this period of new found freedom to look for opportunities else where, the best way to do this is to take my family on a bunch of trips to different job hubs in the US.

    Having top tier status would mean it would help us stretch our points and dollars while we are in those cities. This would come in a form of not having to pay for breakfast, having a bigger room to really put our bags down, so we can really go out and explore around town to get to know our next destinations so we can make some important decisions. While we save on room expenses, parking will be a big factor since I plan to be driving to those locations!

    For my extended family, having guest of honor privileges will make sure I can book hotel with possible suite upgrades for my brother as he looks in CA for grad schools.

    Thanks for your time!

  56. I travel with my family quite a lot so having Globalist status would be helpful due to the possible suite upgrades at check-in along with the breakfast benefits. Having the extra room space and breakfast is super useful on any trip so hopefully I will win this status!

  57. I’ve had platinum status for the last couple years via my Chase Hyatt card but never top tier status in any hotel program. I will absolutely take advantage of this through multiple trips —I have booked in this year to New York, Milan, Greenville, Charleston, London and Cancun at least.

  58. Having a year of Top Tier Hyatt Globalist Status would really help me out with my honeymoon in late 2017. We will be doing an around the world trip and will be staying at a number of Hyatt Hotels that the Globalist status would give us an incredible value at. I will be redeeming Hyatt points earned through Ultimate Rewards and free nights from Hyatt Branded Credit Cards at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, Park Hyatt Vendome, and Park Hyatt New York. This trip has been a long time in planning and having Globalist status would be a tremendous value, and make our honeymoon even more worthwhile and incredible for my fiancee and I.

  59. I would love to have Globalist status for 2017! Sadly I lost my Diamond status earlier this month. My wife and I are spending our 10th anniversary at the Park Hyatt Vienna. Being a Globalist would allow us to have a chance at a suite upgrade but most importantly room service breakfast. The girl likes room service breakfast, what can I say?

  60. Dear Lord Baby Jesus…. please pick me!!!!!! :)))) I’ve been a big fan of Mommy and family for a few years now~ Even have a T-shirt to prove it!
    This blog has completely transformed the way my family travels, and we only stay at Hyatts! In fact, I’m dying because we are leaving for Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in the morning, and that free breakfast sure could have helped! 😉 As a family of four, any freebies or upgrades would be so, so appreciated.
    I have enjoyed Platinum status in the past since I carry the Hyatt credit card. Now I”m a lowly Discoverist , where I will stay, since there is no way I will ever see 60 stays in one year! We have a trip to Hyatt in Nashville coming up in August (solar eclipse!!), and I’m dying to take my family to Papagayo in Costa Rica. Winning Globalist status would be incredible!! Keep up the good work, MommyPoints..My family has benefitted so much already!

  61. Dear Mommypoints, your understanding husband, and friend who I’m certain is as fabulous as you:

    I want to thank you sincerely not only for the chance to win Hyatt’s top tier Globalist status but also for the tremendous amount of money I’ve saved my husband thanks to your amazing blog. He teases me often by telling friends that, “we would probably have lots more money if my wife didn’t save me so much!” Imagine his surprise when we are treated like royalty at our Hyatt stays this year…..all because of your CSR recommendation and the 100,000 bonus points we both earned. We are flying to Nashville, Naples, New Orleans (x3) and Napa….staying at Hyatts. He can have a suite for his 60th birthday. We can enjoy breakfast in bed on our 32nd anniversary. We can toast our 4th and last child’s college graduation overlooking the Gulf of Mexico instead of the garden!

    So, win or not, we owe you a debt of gratitude, and wish only good things for you and your wonderful family.

    All the best!


  62. We are a family of four, and we’ll be in Europe this summer. We are going to be staying at the Park Hyatt Vendome and the Park Hyatt Hamburg, and Globalist status would be a great benefit to getting the little ones fed each morning and starting our day. As it is, we have to book two rooms, since they won’t allow four in a room, so the added benefit of Globalist status would really be nice. We also are planning to go to Hawaii for one of our (not saying which) 50th birthdays in December, and again, Globalist status for breakfast on Maui and possibly an upgrade would be fantastic. Thanks for doing this MP.

  63. Winning the Hyatt status would be a huge win for my family. Global travel and adventure is a huge part of our parenting philosophy. Having perks link included breakfast, waived parking and resort fees will allow our children to experience more of the wonderful world.

  64. My wife and I didn’t have any children, though we tried. So we see ourselves as free-agents! We look for underprivileged kids who don’t get to travel and take them on our trips with us. If you pick us, we will commit to taking at least one of these teenagers, four times in the year, to a place where the Globalist perk would matter. And what’s more? We’ll chronicle our trip AND you can post it to Mommypoints! We love giving these wonderful kids trips of a lifetime – hopefully that they’ll remember forever.

  65. Make the most of my family’s travel to become a Globalist!!!
    Keep us traveling, making memories and stay at our favorite Hyatt resorts.

    #Love Hyatt!!

    Pick us! Pick us! Pick us! We are ready to take our points to the next level.

  66. My fiancee and I would love globalist status as we are planning our honeymoon right now and will most likely be spending a week at the Park Hyatt Vendome Paris and the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa. Status would go a long ways towards making this the trip of a lifetime.

  67. My wife and I are taking our kids, age 2 and 4, to Mexico in November to Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta. I never left the US until I was 40 and now my daughter will when she’s 2! Original trip was to Ziva on Hyatt free nights and points on Southwest based on tips from @mommypoints and others. Passports are in the mail for the kiddos. A nice room upgrade via Globalist would be a very nice perk – and maybe a complimentary bottle of wine. A life-long love of traveling and seeing different cultures for the kids will be even more rewarding for ours and their entire lives.

    Before that we’re taking kids to Lincoln to see the total solar eclipse in August. Hyatt Place in Lincoln is right in the total eclipse zone in case kids aren’t cooperating ;).

    Goal is get kids out in the world to see as many amazing things as possible.

    • Don’t tell my wife 😉 but I forgot to mention that our 10 year anniversary is coming in May 2018 and I’ll be taking her (and maybe the kiddos) to Hawaii for a week or so to relieve our honeymoon. We’ll stay at Hyatts for sure – Maui and Kauai. We put 1200 miles on a rental car on Big Island for our honeymoon. We’ll probably relax a bit more this time. Thanks! @danver1

  68. Having Globalist status will mean that me and my family can enjoy each Hyatt Hotel just that little bit more than we already do.

  69. I would love to win Globalist status! We are lucky to have a number of Hyatt stays coming up this year (New York, Maui, Kauai, and Los Pines to start with). Globalist status would be amazing, and a blessing; mostly because of the breakfast. Free parking is awesome, but waking up with young children, including a baby, and having somewhere to go where hot coffee and food is ready and waiting would be INCREDIBLE. Total game changer.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. I would love a chance to win Global status for my family. We are a family of 3 who LOVES to travel. The global status would make our lives so much easier when we travel. We’re planning to spend a week in Italy this year and the Globalist Status will definitely save us a bunch of money from not having to upgrade our rooms (most of the european rooms only allow 2 people in there unless you get a suite) to free breakfast for 3 for a week. Thanks again for this giveaway!

  71. My wife and I have 2 kids and we are all foodies. We promise to take full advantage of the delicious food in the lounges or free breakfast. And since we love to eat, we will definitely make good use of globalist status. We tend to stay at resorts so we would really benefit from waived resort fees and parking. Please consider us and make our upcoming year a memorable one living it up at Hyatts!

  72. Globalist status will be helpful to realize our dream in traveling to destinations that we normally would not be able to afford with the suite upgrade!

  73. Hyatt Globalist status for me would be huge this year as we already have a number of Hyatt stays booked (mostly on points) including the Hyatt Regency Bonita Springs and the new Andaz Mayakoba which I cant wait to check out with the family. On top of this we already have the brand new Park Hyatt St. Kitts on the radar for later this year or early next as well as possibly the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo. I am sure being that its still only March there will be 1 or 2 other stays for the family at one Hyatt or another. Being we prob spend 20-25 nights a year at Hyatts but mostly on points so no stay credits, having this for the next year would be a fantastic bonus for us and truly enjoyed.

  74. I’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin (Thailand) in April and the Hyatt Globalist status can definitely help us enjoy the stay even more with complimentary breakfast on the beach!

  75. My wife and I will be staying at 4 Hyatt properties in Asia when we take our honeymoon in May/June. It would be so awesome to have status recognition to make the trip that much more special and memorable. My parents also stay at a Hyatt when they visit me ~6x per year so to get them some perks on those stays by booking them for them would be pretty huge. Appreciate the consideration!

  76. The Globalist status would help me start to venture out in the world of family travel with my new family of 3. My husband and I consider ourselves seasoned travelers, but I greatly underestimated the extra forethought required when throwing a baby into the mix. I’ll never forget eating sandwiches in the dark on my birthday because baby goes to bed at 6:30 and we were all in the same hotel room.

    While we don’t have the most exotic trips planned for this year, we would yield some very significant benefits from this status. For example, I have an out-of-town work conference coming up at the Hyatt Hill Country. Having benefits like a potential suite upgrade and breakfast available would make it more feasible for my husband and son to join me.

    Also, my husband will be traveling to Colorado for a family obligation this summer and having these benefits will similarly make it easier for us to join him.

    We’ll hopefully take another trip after the new year (eyeing something nice and tropical) just for fun and would certainly put the status to good use then as well.

    Having this status would help us get comfortable with and further enjoy traveling as a new family. Thank you for your consideration!

  77. I would use the status many times in the next year. My spouse and I have a trips this summer to DC, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Then in the fall San Antonio… but the best use would be last when the kids will join us for a week in Hawaii in February 2018. So, the savings on the resort fees, parking, breakfast would be great for our family over the next year.

  78. My wife and I are staying at the Hyatt in San Francisco in the summer and would love the upgrades that come with Globalist. We always try and stay at Hyatt and hope to travel again in the fall. Great competition prize, thank you.

  79. I truly believe that simply is the best so Hyatt Globalist status would make me and my family very, very Happy 🙂

  80. I have a large family and with 5 kids their dream is a few days at Disney. Hyatt regency in Orlando or the Hyatt Cypress Gardens would be a perfect spot to entertain the kids while planning DISNEY visits. If this doesn’t work out we have been trying to save for Hawaii to visit that wonderful spot that you are posting on this week!
    Generally speaking having this status could save me tremendously on the trip without many extra fees to pay for, breakfast for most of my crew and then having spacious rooms to avoid needing two rooms for the family! We would love to have this Globalist status to help show our kids more of the Globe without all the extra fees!

  81. Hello!
    Globalist this coming year would be amazing for our family. We have followed your blog avidly and I get daily updates. We ONLY stay at Hyatts now and sometimes go out of our way to visit a spot just because we know there is a Hyatt there that will work best with our family. As a mother to a 3 year old, we have enjoyed Diamond the last two years. We discovered Diamond status after doing the 60 challenge you posted about a couple years ago and found that having the suite upgrades with an infant at the time was HUGE! She could go to sleep and we didn’t have to hide in the dark or in the bathroom when she went to sleep at 7! The lounge access was also amazing with ready access to warm milk and water for heating up baby food and milk for bottles.

    Diamond status really changed the way we traveled and we started taking international trips after reading how you were able to travel with your LO at the time. We were on track to make Diamond again this year with one last huge trip to Asia this year. I was going to be 5 month expecting on the trip but we were super excited to have this last mega trip as a family of 3 but then I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa and the doctor had me grounded 2 days before we left 🙁 Luckily much of our trip was cancelable, especially with all our hotels being Hyatt stays!.

    However, one of the largest disappointments for us was that we would not make our re-qualification for Diamond next year since I cannot travel for the rest of the pregnancy and my husband and I do not travel for business but were taking advantage of the 25 stays qualification. This was the first year we tried for the 50 night qualifications as we had more longer stays with our daughter.

    We already knew that our travel patterns would change with two kiddos next year but being unable to re-qualify for Diamond has made it difficult to plan travel going forward with the new baby coming! Winning Globalist for a year would be amazing for our family 🙂 My husband teases that I was more upset about not re-qualifying for Diamond/Globalist this coming year than the PPrevia diagnosis (maybe kind of true!)

    Thanks so much for holding this raffle MP, you have definitely been an inspiration that regular families can travel well without having to be business travelers.

  82. This would be amazing for me. A bunch of my girlfriends and I became first-time-moms in the last couple of years. We’re trying to take more time for ourselves so we’re doing weekends away twice this year (once to Hyatt Lost Pines and once to Hyatt Centric French Quarter). My husband and I are also celebrating our 5-year-anniversary in May at the Park Hyatt New York. Hyatt is my absolute favorite chain so I actually plan my trips around where there are Hyatts! I’m hoping my family can swing a trip to Grand Hyatt Kauai in early 2018. This tired mama would love a status upgrade! Thanks for doing this!!

  83. My husband and I have been together for 7 years (married for 3.5) and when it was just the two of us, we planned a “big” trip every year – Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong/China/Japan, Paris/London/Amsterdam and etc. This past December, we welcomed our son into the world. When I was pregnant, I thought I would travel the word (or at least the country!) with him. Now that he is here, I am so afraid to step out of our new comfort zone and to take him anywhere. As someone who loves to travel and be out and about, we have only done a few road trips with our little one to visit friends and family.

    Two weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough and started brainstorming a trip that is doable for us. I started looking into the Park Hyatt New York award availability and they had something for my birthday weekend!! I hesitated to book it at 30,000 points a night, for two nights, as I could do so much with those Chase points. But then I had to step back and tell myself that my traveling priorities are different now. I think a quick airplane ride from RDU to JFK will be a good introduction to flying with for our son and also a good first flight for freaked out first time parents.

    Having Globalist status would be amazing for our first trip as a family of 3. The extra space from the suite upgrade and the free breakfast would make that weekend less of a “trip” and more of a “vacation.” And if that goes well, I know I can convince my husband to plan more trips such as Utah so that our son can meet his aunts, uncles and all 8 cousins that are out there!

  84. Have an upcoming planned stay at the GH Kauai, so would love to have the status to make the trip more enjoyable for me and my family.

  85. I turned 50 this year and to celebrate I am traveling to a new destination at least once a month so Globalist status would definitely be a great perk! So far I’ve traveled to the North Shore, Aspen, Whistler/Vancouver, San Francisco, Sun Valley/Ketchum, and Mammoth. Upcoming destinations include Tokyo, Maui, Orlando, Beaver Creek, and New York. I am big on breakfast so the free breakfast would be a major benefit! I spent the past 10 years raising my two sons as a single mom and last August met the man of my dreams. He is a firefighter and loves to travel as much as me! I feel so blessed to now be able to share my life with someone now that my sons are grown. It would mean so much to be able to travel in style with someone who gives so much to our community. At the end of this month my family and I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency in Tokyo and would love to try out having Globalist status there. I have Platinum Marriott/SPG and Diamond Hilton. In Tokyo we’ll also stay at the Conrad. I would love to compare the different top tier benefits and would definitely choose Hyatt hotels for future travel with Globalist status since I have already stayed at other brands that I have top tier status. To be able to celebrate my 50th in style at Hyatt hotels would be so exciting!

  86. My mom is visiting US for the first time and we have few stays booked including Hawaii and San Antonio Hill Country resort and few others including NYC in pipeline all using points. Globalist status definitely going to help me give my Mom a wonderful experience at Hyatt.

    • Hill country is definitely one to skip. The “activities” are all chessey, never do that again types. And the clientele, it was all families with kids in the 1-8 year old range. The kids screamed all day until bedtime. And then the drunk parents would begin vomiting about 10 pm…. inside the hotel, outside, everywhere. One morning I walked out the front door a stepped in a giant pile of vomit. I threw out a brand new pair of Allen Edmond loafers on the spot.

      • Wow. Thanks for that feedback. I need go back research some nice properties where I can use free night cert. from renewal. Park city was my first choice but they recently changed to cat 5.

  87. Having elite status has always been a benefit to me in that it often allows me to bring my family with me when I travel. By getting free upgrades or better room selections I can often get rooms to accommodate my two kids, something I would have had to pay for otherwise. As someone who travels regularly throughout the year it is always a blessing to be able to bring my family along with me.

    If I won the Hyatt Globalist Status for year, that’s what I would use it for, bring my family with me when I travel.

  88. As a family of four with two young children (ages 2 and 4) the only vacations to have any potential of being at least a tiny bit fun and relaxing is when we have enough space to sleep separately from our children. That means it’s suites or apt rentals for us for the foreseeable future. We love the Hyatt brand and have stayed in a few Hyatts in the last 12 months (Aruba & Bonita Springs) and we have a stay in Clearwater coming up. Aside from the space issue it would be amazing to have free breakfast. Our kids are so ravenous in the morning it is often our largest meal of the day and we’d save a TON. It would be amazing to have Globalist status for that trip and would ensure a whole lot of other trips in the near future.

  89. We had to cancel every trip we planned for years as our family dealt with colic… and cancer… and an extremely rare bone marrow failure syndrome. We have learned along the way that life is short and the world is big — and if you wait until life with little kids is easy enough to travel then you may never actually travel at all.

    So off we go this summer to the Hyatt Regency Maui (using transferred points from the CSR) to make some new memories with our boys (ages 4 and 6). We’ve got our eye on Europe for the Christmas markets later in the year (we’ll be eligible to sign up for the Hyatt credit cards again in a few months). And we’ll jump on any opportunity along the way for a free or cheap trip to anywhere we can as we try to raise global citizens who know and care about more than their own backyard. Benefits like free breakfast, free parking, and waived resort fees are a big help to a family with large medical bills and can mean the difference between getting to take a trip and having to stay home. And even the slightest chance at a suite upgrade on arrival? That’s HUGE for morale when you have kids who hate to sleep like ours do.

    Happy travels, everyone. Get out there and see the world!

  90. My family has booked a 1st time trip to New York in July 2017 with a stay at the Grand Hyatt. Thanks so much!!!

  91. Going to Maui with my kids, sister and her husband, and my parents to celebrate our respective 1, 5 & 30 year anniversaries! Would love extra space & snacks with the littles.

    A poem in honor of the contest 😉

    G – Going to Regency Maui in May
    L – Looking for status
    O – On our stay
    B – Baby and a terrible two
    A – Auntie and uncle and grandparents too
    L – Love to have space and snacks as we
    I – Indulge for 1st, 5th & 30th year anniversaries
    S – So please pick us to enjoy warm weather
    T – Thanks so much MommyPoints & Summer!

  92. Wow! So nice of Hyatt to offer this! Our family of four (Mom, Dad and 2 teens) would receive great value from Hyatt Globalist in the upcoming year as we plan to visit five different cities this summer for college tours for our current high school junior. We also plan to visit Maui or Kauai or both over Fall Break in October or during Christmas break to enjoy one more big family trip before our daughter graduates. Having the suite upgrades would allow our family to truly spread out, and the lounge access would make all four of us absolutely giddy! Hyatt Globalist would enhance all of the travel we have planned and save us A LOT of resources, which, when planning for college, would be a tremendous gift. Thank you for considering me and my family!

  93. My husband and I recently split so I’m now a single mom of 3 kids under 11. Going forward, our family travel will really revolve around them. Having Globalist status will definitely be a huge money-saver on our planned trips this year, especially with 3 voracious appetites to feed! And the extra space from the suite upgrades would be a bonus – plenty of room for the kids to spread out and stay out of each other’s hair (they’re good at annoying each other). We’ve got a summer trip to Canada planned and a trip to Hawaii at the end of the year – using these perks at the Grand Hyatt Kauai would be perfect because it’s such a family-friendly resort. Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. The biggest perk would be the upgrades. Love getting more space when travelling with my wife and son. If he can get his own space everyone is happier

  95. My family would LOVE, LOVE, LOVe to have Globalist status!! We just got back from the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point..My husband and I, and three of our kids all slept in the same room..My poor husband got the floor, and my poor kids got to hear him snore all night, every night of vacation. We still had an amazing vacation..and have now booked a trip to the Hyatt Regency Hill Country in June,,,we are soooo excited, however my husband not so much about sleeping on the floor (but he’s a pretty good sport). We will go to Hyatt Regency Montreal (Ive heard the floors are more comfortable in Canada;) and back to Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in February. A suite and club lounge access would make these vacations easier on my husbands back and more affordable so we can afford to do more things and have more experiences. We would love if you chose us, but if you don’t we are happy just knowing we get to go on these amazing trips on points..thanks to mommy points!!

  96. Getting Globalist Status would be awesome as my wife and I have trips planned to Qatar, Singapore, & Bali and all three have Grand Hyatt locations. Free breakfast!!!

  97. Thank you offering this incredibly opportunity. This obviously will make a huge impact on a family for the next year and I’m glad you are picking based on impact!

    I’ll keep it short and simple: we have a four year old who is on the spectrum. It’s not always easy, but we try to travel with him to as many places as we can because we will not let him be deprived of a passion for us. Even if we don’t get the status, we obviously will continue to take him everywhere, but having the status will make the travel so much easier and meaningful. We do tend to stay at Hyatt’s (our last stay was at the Hyatt Ziva, based in large part on your blog, and the very generous Hyatt Visa bonuses) and we have two more vacations planned for September and one for December. We are aiming for somewhere in the Caribbean as the kiddo is learning to love sand, maybe another Ziva or Aruba if we can budget for it!

  98. My wife would love it if I won Hyatt Globalist status. Traveling with 4 kids can be burdensome and expensive. We love it of course! I have told her i am taking my older daughter skiiing next christmas break. I was planning on either Park City Hyatt Centric or Beaver Creek Park Hyatt. If i win Globalist, i will bring her and 3 other (younger) children. She and the other 3 don’t ski.

    Furthermore, I’ll probably surprise her with trip to Andaz Maui or Grand Hyatt Kauai. If the miles work out, i’ll bring the 4 kids. Otherwise, just an adults’ trip!

    I also travel lightly for work and would definitely enjoy Globalist status! Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. You’d have to know me to really appreciate this but it’s the God’s honest truth (and my first career was as a pastor)! I probably spend as much time planning our trips as I do taking them; I enjoy the research (almost) as much as I do visiting new cities/countries/areas. So what I would do with Hyatt Globalist status is conduct the research needed to “build” a vacation around some of the most aspirational Hyatts in the world (based on the experience and collective wisdom of the BoardingArea bloggers) using the AA miles and UR points I’ve accumulated to celebrate our recent retirements! P.S.: I’d be happy to write trip reports of the properties we choose as our home base for these trips.

  100. Having a year of Hyatt Globalist status I would switch more of my stays to Starwood because I don’t have to keep staying at Hyatt to get the status.

  101. My SO and I just had our first child in January. Before I got pregnant we had plans to go to Thailand in December, and Paris in April which we had to cancel (but ofcourse all worth it for our little chunky boy!). We want to get back into travelling as soon as he hits 6 months and has his shots and we will be going to (Hyatt Regency) Vancouver and (Hyatt Regency) Toronto in July. Having explorist status with Hyatt with suite upgrades during award stays will alleviate some anxiety we have with travelling with an infant. We know travelling as a family will be a world’s difference from travelling with just the two of us but we are looking forward to the adventures we will have together.

  102. I’m a frequent reader of Mommy Points and a well-versed traveler. My husband and I have taken our 2 kids all over the world…from New Zealand to Vietnam….multiple trips all over Europe and our favorite, Asia with the Park Hyatt Tokyo being one of our favorites! Having Hyatt status is GOLDEN when travelling as I had in many years ago. Since then I have held status at other hotels but NONE of them has held a candle to a great Hyatt status! My husband and 9-year-old son and 3-year-old golden haired kiddos would be THRILLED to use our status as we have several trips ahead to London, Shanghai, Hawaii, Orlando (to see the famous mouse) and a 3-week trek to South Africa with a few Hyatt stops travelling along the way. We love our Hyatt stays and we book them with or without status but this would be an amazing way to cushion our travel budget! We love the Hyatt clubs and wonderful things Hyatt does for their members and we love to blog about our trips as well! Good luck everyone!

  103. Do you remember the Betty White Snicker’s commercial? That is me when I don’t get breakfast. I usually pick Hyatt House because of the free breakfast, but my go-to-hotel is not in all cities.

    Since the most important meal of the day is not included in the room rate at flagship brand (Hyatt Regency) and her cool sister Andaz, I must either pack contraband food or make a decision buy hotel food and delay my retirement. By granting me Globalist status, you will help my travel companions who suffer when I am hungry. You will allow me to check a bag without paying a weight surcharge. You will help my co-workers who may be counting the days until I retire.

    All the other perks are nice, but you can’t eat a view. A nice suite won’t tide you over until lunch.

    BTW. I will gladly give a report on the perks. I plan on staying at the San Diego Andaz in May and the NY Grand in June. I just hope I live as long and can travel as far as Betty does.

  104. We loved being diamonds, not for Hyatt, but one resort in particular that had become our “vacation home” . After reading your “last great mattress run…” , we decided not to MR the last 3 stays we needed to earn diamond in 2016. Instead, in 2017, I split stays at various hyatts and added 3 or 4 MR’s to earn diamond by the end of February 2017. According to their terms, we should have been transitioned into globalist for 2017 & 2018.
    Unfortunately, my last stay didn’t post to my account until march 2.
    According to a manager, there were so many people who qualified under the old terms before march 1, Hyatt decided to limit the number of people who would earn globalist status. Those of us who earned diamond, but had stays not post before march 1 are being denied the most valuable benefits of the diamond status, i.e. The 4 suite upgrades.

  105. Besides all the free bennies you listed, a year of WOH Globalist stuff would
    certainly do the following for me:
    Give that surge of self achievement and ego pride when I walk in and am greeted by my name
    Add to my sense of entitlement as I’m walked to my room and suite by a concierge
    Put an extra 5 kilos per trip from the free breakfast splurge being a Globalist allows
    Go on more trips than necessary to get my free standard suite upgrades and use Cash and Points to get the stay credit
    Probably decide to rent a Hyatt Place for 30 consecutive days to re qualify for 2020 and go ruffle my bed once a week to not raise suspicion

  106. Going to NYC and Orlando multiple times this year plus I hope to hit up Lost Pines for my 40th so I’d definitely make use of this status!

  107. As a family of 6 with a serious travel bug, hotel costs quickly climb. Many hotels require 2 rooms to fit us all, but many hyatts can accommodate us. Regardless, globalists status help us control the cost if, for no other reason, lounge access.

  108. would love to (re)gain another year of elite status with hyatt since losing my diamond requal this past year… have always used it to take my hard-working parents to visit taipei and tokyo and hong kong, and they always enjoy the hyatt lounges for breakfast (since they wake up so much earlier than i do!).

  109. Well, I am planning a few trips that could make good use of this status, the main one is my 20th wedding anniversary coming up here in a couple of months. I think I need this status to help reward my wife for surviving 20 years with me lol! Every little bit helps, and she deserves to enjoy our trips for sure.

    My wife’s favorite trip ever was one a couple years back when I was matched to Diamond status with Hyatt. It was her (and my) first ever time enjoying a club lounge. The Hyatt moved us up to a very nice, huge room. The look on her face was the best when she saw the room, she never understood what “status” was or why I was excited when I got Diamond. She now understands much better, and is fully on board with my points hobby (and or addiction).

    I’d love to surprise her again and my only hope is a match or gifted status as the new rules make it so I can never attain this again with my paltry level of travel.

  110. It allows my family to take advantages of the suite upgrades since traveling in Asia most rooms will allow 2 adults and 1 child. With a family of 4 that would translate to booking 2 rooms, but with the upgrade instruments and cash and point options it allow us to stay together and save money at the same time.

  111. I am newbie to this travel hacking game and I love it. Your blog is so helpful and down to earth. What would a Hyatt Globalist status mean to my family?
    My husband and I have five children so traveling is a bit harder and more expensive. We are taking the kids to Europe this summer to help open their minds and show them the world. This status would help us there in so many ways. Extra space, freebies, and just go a long way into making our first trip to Europe a success.
    We hope to take them many more places in the next year around the world thanks to all your wonderful advice on hacking trips.

    Even though we have those 5 kids and have been married for years, my husband and I have never been on a honeymoon. The Hyatt Globalist status would make our trip feel like a honeymoon for me. You would really be helping out this tired mom.

  112. Hi,
    I would like to win the globalist status for my parents!
    I am from Malaysia and my parents are 70 year old.
    I wish to bring them to Europe for 10days tour as part of my wish to pay gratitude to them.

  113. We already have the Grand Hyatt Kauai booked with points for the summer, but our Platinum status only got us Discoverist. It’s our first visit to Kauai, and as a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children), it would have been nice to take advantage of a nice suite upgrade with Lounge access since we missed the boat on the whole Diamond matching (we got into the points game just recently). We also have the Hyatt Regency in Boston and Hyatt Centric in New York booked with points Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Hyatt just seems to fit our family so well.

    We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Maui and Hyatt Residence Ka’anapali last summer for our 20th anniversary with the kids. Since we had such a wonderful time and loved the resorts and service, we can’t wait to try other properties.

  114. I would love to win this! Even more important than me though, my two sons (3 and nearly 8) would be so excited if I won! We would put it to use right away as we’re staying at the Grand Hyatt Kauai at the beginning of April for a couple of nights. For us, the biggest benefit is the club lounge access and we’ll make the most of it. My older son has his 8th birthday the day before we stay so this would be an especially awesome gift for him! We also visit Chicago every summer and we’d be booking at a Hyatt if we had Globalist status. We might even add a night or two at the Hyatt or Andaz on Maui (and give Grandma and Grandpa a break from us crashing their condo rental). Currently we don’t have any additional trips planned this year, but we would surely put more miles and points to use this year so we could make the most out of the status. Hyatt is by far our favorite hotel chain (with Grand Hyatt Kauai being our favorite location) as the customer service is outstanding every single stay!

  115. Summer Hull, I’ve been following your blog for years and I always manage to find very helpful information. Just when I thought the blog couldn’t get any better, you outdo yourself by offering Globalist status – wonderful.

    I am in the process of planning a trip around the world with my friends to celebrate my boyfriends 40th birthday. We currently have Hyatt reservations booked at PH Melbourne, GH Macao and then returning home through Brazil with stops in Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo where we live!

    We are also planning several trips during the summer and winter which will include Hyatt stays all over Asia and Europe.
    Globalist status would make all of these trips unforgettable since it would open doors to many possible suite upgrades, access to club lounges and maybe late checkouts. I also have friends members that love to travel with us and the status would benefit them greatly since it would allow me to book Guest of Honor reservations at Hyatt hotels. My sister and brother would think the world of me.

    I would be more then happy to write a review from each of our stay for you if you like that.

    “Muito Obrigado” Mommy points that’s how we say here in big Brasil where I live. I’m looking forward to reading more posts in the future and THANK YOU again for giving me the opportunity to enter the contest.

  116. I am Active Duty Air Force stationed in Europe. Globalist would allow me to save a lot of money when my wife and 8-month old son and I travel around Europe! Being stationed over here has provided us such amazing opportunities and reducing the cost by receiving free breakfast, no parking and resort fees, as well as upgrading our experience with suites, would make these opportunities all the more possible. One perk that isn’t obvious is that a lot of hotels in Europe cap non-suite rooms at 2 persons and they consider a baby a person. Having access to guaranteed suites would save a family a lot of money if the suites have a room capacity of greater than 2!

    We are really hoping to travel to the Hyatts in Malorca, Switzerland, Paris and the new Hyatt opening at a French Ski Resort!

  117. Aloha Mommypoints! Thanks so much for doing a giveaway! I would love to win a year of Hyatt Globalist! I’m a bride to be getting married on 5/20/17 at Hyatt Regency Waikiki! We fell in love with the chandeliers in the ballroom and love the location right in Waikiki so we knew it was the place we wanted to get married at. It’s been an expensive journey of wedding planning, but in the end we know it’s worth it to celebrate with our loved ones. We would love to use this status to help enhance the experience for our parents and wedding party who will have traveled from afar to be with us! It would be a great help to use the Regency Club lounge at this Hyatt, and the waived parking and resort charge($30+tax) would be an immense benefit as our families are travelling from NYC, Missouri and Asia and would be staying at least 5 nights. In addition, my fiancee and I would love take a inter-island honeymoon trip to the Grand Hyatt Kauai Memorial Day Weekend after our nuptials (I have the two nights free with the Hyatt credit card :)) and I’d love to surprise him with a suite upgrade and breakfast! Mahalo for your consideration!

  118. I travel a fair bit for work and last year had Hyatt Diamond status. This allowed me to being my wife and kids with me on work trips by having suite upgrades, as well as not going out of pocket much with the free breakfast and snacks at night (my kids refer to these offerings as dinner). I didn’t requalify as Diamond / Globalist so now I’m looking at not being able to have them with me as often. We have stayed at some fabulous Hyatt resorts and a year as Globalist would help my family experience more of the ‘World of Hyatt.’

  119. Dear Mommy points –

    My husband and I have had wonderful lives, but after 50 years of marriage, times have gotten tough. We adopted 13 children from the poorest countries, and were able to keep most of them. We were forced to file bankruptcy after putting 5 through college, and various vet bills after we found 6 of our puppies and 5 kittens were attacked. Luckily we have in excess of 1 million Ultimate rewards points (like we were going to disclose those on the bankruptcy filing, right?) Unfortunately, the triplets have a rare disease, Mendacious Prevaricatus, and as luck would have it, the only doctor who can save them works in a hospital right next to the Hyatt Kauai! We have a reservation for the month of June, and considering our Gofundme account has raised 58 Burundian Francs, we’ll need to save on those meals and parking fees.
    PS – after we win, could you throw in a few spa treatments, please?

  120. Having Globalist status would be a God-send. My wife and I have three girls under 5 so the free breakfast would be wonderful on our family trips – like to the Park Hyatt Chicago where we could do some quick stay-cations. Also, free parking would be essential for Chicago. Plus, my wife rarely gets a chance to go out without the kids, so that trip I want to plan to NYC in June for our anniversary to try the Park Hyatt New York (using free nights from the Hyatt credit card of course) would be so much better with Globalist status. Then, having the ability to gift the status to family and friends through Guest of Honor would be a great blessing to them. And if we get the Globalist status that would open the door to possible vacations in Maui or Paris – two of the places I would love to see using Hyatt points. Thank you!

  121. My family of 4 will be travelling to Kauai and Orlando this year (separate vacations). It is especially important for us because the past year and half has been characterized by intensive (several days a week) physical and speech therapy for our littlest toddler. So we are especially looking forward to creating those new memories and watching her run on the beach. We are staying at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai and the Hyatt Grand cypress regency thanks to points amassed from the chase sapphire reserve sign up offer and putting all spending on the card to get enough points.

    Having the status will give us a bit more room and a few more perks to make the vacations extra rewarding. Thanks.

  122. I’ve actually got a few trips scheduled this year that’d id love to use this for! Most excited about Mexico City in May and Santiago next Feb. We’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt there previously and paid to get club access. Would love to get it automatically, especially because they are renovating the place!

  123. Hello from Singapore! We’re spending this year doing lots of travel before my eldest starts grade school and my youngest turns two. Tokyo in April, ho chi Minh in June, Shanghai in August, new York-maine-boston in October, Vancouver and Seattle in February. The latter trips are self drives, so waiving parking fees would be brilliant, but more space to stretch out with a toddler and preschooler would be AMaZiNg! We’re already very blessed to be able to travel well using miles and points (though not being from the US we’ve got to use alternate strategies), but this would be icing on the cake. Please pick us and we promise to write about our travels for you!

  124. My husband is 6″9 and my 12 year old son is catching up to dad quickly. We would benefit from the status because of the chance at extra room to spread out, and from some breakfasts, because they both can eat! Thanks for sharing!

  125. This would be great for when my mother, father, brother and his wife and baby, and sister and her 3 kids (without her husband who has to work) visit me in Washington DC this summer. I saved 105k Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase Sapphire Reserve bonus and the points from meeting the spending requirement to transfer to Hyatt in order to put them at the Grand Hyatt so they can be in a nice downtown hotel that’s close to all the sites and close to me. However at 15k points/night I’ll only be able to get 7 nights (I have Hyatt Explorist status so I believe I also get 1 free night certificate, for a total of 8 free nights). I was thinking about having my brother’s family stay in my little studio apartment and giving 4 nights to my parents and 4 nights to my sister’s family. But I really want them to stay a whole week so if I could use a Globalist suite upgrade then I could get one huge suite (like the Diamond suite upgrade certificate got me back in January when I visited DC to find my apartment) for my parents and sister’s family for a whole week! Then they’d also get free parking (I think I could use my Explorist lounge upgrade certificates for free breakfast, but if that already came with Globalist status that would be great too)! If the gifted status comes with suite upgrade certificates then I’d like to be considered please. Thank you!

    • Hello again. I came back to correct myself…I originally stated that I would get a free night certificate with my Explorist status but it looks like that’s not true because my status was the result of a soft landing from having Diamond status last year but not requalifying. Anyway, I should add that I always try to provide points and miles to my family when they travel since my dad is now disabled and on a limited fixed income, and my siblings don’t have extra money to throw around with their small children, so I really feel that it’s my duty to provide lodging for them (also because they’re visiting to help me in my new life after my divorce from an abusive, adulterous man). I was working as a travelling consultant but my project ended last month and I’m currently looking for my next project so I’m not in a financial position to pay for their hotels. However, there are other Hyatt hotels in the metro area (albeit farther away) that cost fewer points and may even have free parking, so I should be able to provide lodging for them for the week without the Globalist suite upgrades. For this reason I would like to withdraw my entry. I don’t want to be selfish and I’ve read at least one entry on here that sounds very noble (the students from low income families who can’t afford to travel to their leadership training and need help to cover costs) so I hope they get it! Thank you anyway!

  126. Globalist status would be really helpful for my wife an I on future trips we have planned for the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa, Park Hyatt Chicago and Park Hyatt New York!

  127. Hi Mommy Points-
    Writing to you as an engaged lady here, tying the knot on Jan 27th 2018! I imagine the perks from a Globalist status would only put the cherry on top of the cake during our Honeymoon. We have plenty of travels scheduled back and forth from our home location to Arizona where the ceremony is being held- and the already good vibes could continue with an additional plus of status! Also, can you say UPGRADEEEEE on bachelorette party!!

    Thanks for your consideration- what a fun opportunity!

  128. Globalist status would come in so handy for us this year. My wife and I are planning to go to the Andaz Maui in April (thanks for the review of the hotel by the way it helped us make our decision) for a much needed vacay. I will also be taking my Mom to a trip to the UK for her birthday later in the fall which will definitely be at a Hyatt property if we have the status. The complimentary breakfast alone will be so useful for us!!

  129. I would certainly love and use Globalist status. With several Hyatt stays coming up even this month and next, tacking on the perks of Globalist would make all upcoming travel just that much more special. From taking my now retired mother on an Asian journey (and staying at several Hyatt branded properties) next month to finally showing NYC to my sister and father at Christmas time (and staying at the PH) – Globalist would be next-level fun.

    Good luck to all the entrants and hopefully I get lucky! (I’ve got a saying – if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d probably have no luck at all!)

  130. Oh what a year for this amazing opportunity!! This year we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and our twins turn 16!! We have trips in the planning process but this would make all of them amazing! Our 3 girls (15,15,11) are club volleyball players and have some incredible opportunities to travel this summer- this program would allow us to travel with them and enjoy our time with them! As a family of 5 space and breakfast are 2 things we always struggle with/ this would allow us to spend money of other adventures wherever we end up! In our non-volleyball time we love to travel and see the world!

    Thanks for your consideration!

  131. I travel seasonally for my job but have only recently started really paying attention to miles and points. I made a goal last year for 2017 because it’s a big year for me personally. In June, my husband and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage, and in September, I will turn 50. My goal was to pay for two celebration trips using points. I’ve already got two hotel nights booked at Hyatt Ziva in Los Cabos for free, and this past weekend, I booked six one-way airfares to and from Kauai, Hawaii for my husband, my daughter and myself for $250 total! If I don’t win the Hyatt Globalist, this year will still be very special, but winning it would make it even more so. Here’s hoping!

  132. As a mom of a 5 yr old and a threenager having free breakfast would be a wonderful perk. My family of 4 are heading to Brussels in July (Etihad’s redemption in business class yasss!) heading to London & Paris. A trip to Peru is in the works later in the year. Having free breakfast would save us a significantly amount of money. Thank you Mommy Points & Hyatt for the opportunity!

  133. As a teacher, I live for my summer breaks and trips! This summer my husband and I have a 5 week Europe trip planned. At the moment we have reservations at the Park Hyatt Milan and the Regency in Paris. If I I had this status, we would honestly change our itinerary to stay in as many Hyatts as possible (add London, Zurich, Mallorca, Hamburg and Vienna to that list if I win-just to name a few). Between using the Hyatt points we already have and the included breakfast with status, it would cut a lot of costs. Having the option for suite upgrades would allow me to treat one of my best friends to a beautiful room when she visits me in Paris over the summer. Then there’s always summer 2018 when we’re headed to Asia. I’m already dreaming about all the Hyatts we could and would stay in there if we had status!

  134. We will be celebrating our 31st Wedding Anniversary in April at conference on strengthening marriages at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. The Globalist would save us money on breakfast and resort fees and hopefully give us a nicer room. With the money we would save, we would spend an extra night enjoying the resort and the surrounding area.
    Our daughter is living in Costa Rica. We have been wanting to meet up with her at the Andaz Papagayo. If we win, this would allow us to use our points and get maximum value. Free breakfast, free parking and no resort fees would be lovely.
    I will find other locations to enjoy all benefits of the Globalist .

  135. I don’t stay at a lot of hotels with my family but I love Hyatt properties and have an upcoming stay for a wedding. Would really make the weekend more magical as a globalist.

  136. havent had a proper vacation in years and decided with the state of the world as it is, i will take some time off and think things over to see how best i can contribute. i would still be an advisor, but only on a voluntary basis and only on my own terms and only for good causes!

    in the meantime, my partner has decided to ramp up her design team (which is getting bigger), requiring way more travel. i would go with her, being her impromptu “assistant” as many of the places she is going (Europe, Asia) I already have contacts in. We would also finally have time to spend together, as our schedules have often collided…

    And, my partner’s daughter, inspired by my lead (or craziness) is taking a year off before going to college (if she even does!), to intern under her mother but mostly to see the world/travel.

    So, these three factors would help us a lot if we had Globalist…whether solo, duo or as a happy trio, having status would be really great!!!

  137. I’m secretly planning a round-the-world trip for my wife and me for our 20th anniversary. I plan to get her to Australia to hit the one continent she hasn’t yet visited, as well as New Zealand, Thailand, the Middle East, and Germany. Having Globalist for the year would enhance this trip with the ability to enjoy awesome breakfast at PH Sydney, and suite upgrades along the way at other locations. It would also make our summer trip with the kids that much better and provide more space in suites and save us a ton on breakfasts!

  138. My family of four plans for two vacations each year. Hyatt properties play a big role in deciding where we travel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled up the Hyatt resort map, scheming how to get my family there.
    I have literally been dreaming of having Diamond status (now Globalist), as we have never experienced any status other than what comes with credit cards. We would love to experience the opportunity to feel what it is like to be pampered. I want to try those freshly squeezed juices, and experiences I’ve only read in blogs. If you were to choose us, I promise we will make good use of this generous gift. I would offer to write a guest blog post of our experiences

  139. Thanks for running the giveaway in advance! While we may not be celebrating any major, major milestones this year, it’ll be our (still significant) 5th anniversary this year and hopefully our last year of travel (and freedom!) before starting a family. We were planning to do a few trips both domestically and internationally so the Globalist status would be a wonderful surprise (with the complimentary breakfasts and suite upgrades) for my wife. This would certainly have the potential to make a memorable trip we were planning to Maui (the Andaz looks amazing there!!) into an exceptional one!! But regardless who wins, here’s to wishing the winner enjoys some incredible stays this year!

  140. Currently, I have been very blessed in my life. I currently serve as a sergeant in the army national guard, and as a LEO as my full time profession. While my work does keep me busy, I do have a very generious vacation policy, and I have put my time to great use taking my son around the country.

    I’m a single father, and as a single father, time with my son is very precious to me. Over the years, my son has been my best travel buddy, and I have made it a point to broaden his horizons by seeing the country. However, it’s time to explore more of the world, and would utilize globalist status with Hyatt to do so in the best possible ways.

    Normally, I save and utilize points and miles strategies I’ve learned from your page to travel. However, having this status would allow me to do so with more comfort, and the ability to save money so I can show him more of the world faster.

    Thank for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you.

  141. My wife and I have a trip to California in May for our third anniversary. We will be staying a few nights at the Andaz in Napa, and a few nights at the Hyatt Regency in Lake Tahoe. This will be our second stay at the Andaz in Napap, and their full service breakfast looked amazing the last time that we were there. We didn’t try the breakfast because it was too expensive, but now, it would be free to us as Globalist. At the Hyatt Regency in Lake Tahoe, Globalist would give us access to the club lounge, and we could avoid paying the costly resort fee. This third anniversary trip will be a special one for us as it will be our last as a family of two. We found out a few weeks ago that my wife is pregnant with our first child. Finally, if everyone stays healthy, we plan to take a baby moon later this year before the baby arrives, and we would plan to leverage Hyatt Globalist for this trip as well. I was thinking the new Park Hyatt in St. Kitts, but I’m sure my wife will make the final call. Thanks for your consideration!

  142. Unlimited club lounge access is what I would make use of most if I had Globalist status. Simply running out to a local coffee shop for an inexpensive breakfast can add up pretty quickly in some destinations so being able to take advantage of complimentary breakfast would be great. A fond memory of my visit to Park Hyatt Paris Vendome was having breakfast (we visited in January and it was offered to us complimentary as a Hyatt Platinum back in 2013) with my mum each morning before exploring Paris. With lots of travel coming up this year (Morocco, Turkey to name a few), I would make very good use of the Globalist status!

  143. Globalist status would bring whole new experience to travel with my twin 3 year olds. Since i never experienced free suite upgrade, it would be great to finally enjoy daily breaks in a separate room while kids are sleeping in the other during our upcoming trip to Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay. While i am looking forwarding to visiting Chesapeake Bay Globalist status would be just icing on the cake for suite upgrade at Hyatt Ziva Cancun where we are planning to come back again at the end of this year.

  144. would be nice to be able to get some suite upgrades when travelling with my one (soon two) kids and see my nearly 3 year old son jump around and explore every corner of some awesome hotel rooms, especially with a trip to Paris coming up just around the corner

  145. I would be able to use Hyatt Globalist status for our trip to Hong Kong in June 2017. We are booked to stay at Hyatt TST. We will go to Greece, then HongKong, and Philippines for this summer trip and i would be able to use this status to save a bunch of dollars!

  146. oh.. please pick us! im a mom to a little toddler and we booked a trip to the hyatt in maui to celebrate 3 birthdays – my dad, my younger brother, and my husband! we have a 5 night stay for 7 people that i personally booked for this multi-birthday trip so this would save us sooooo much money and make their birthdays feel extra special! we are also in the middle of getting ready to possibly move across the country and need to check out cities on these visits amd definitely have booked hyatts for these stays also!! we love hyatt and would love the opportunity to travel as globalists as this is probably our only chance to ever do so! thank you!

    • Also would like to follow up with a real look at what this gift would mean to us:

      I calculated the savings for just the first trip I already booked for my family, siblings, parents:

      Self Parking: $18×5 nights = $90
      Resort fees = $32 x5 nights x 2 rooms = $330
      Breakfast = 7 people x $10 (estimate of what we would pay at minimum buying breakfast instead of eating in the club) x 5 days = $350
      Suite upgrade (would use 2 certificates to cover everyone’s rooms I booked calculated using difference between lowest suite price – what our room rate would be in cash)= $459 x 5 nights x 2 rooms = $4590

      Total savings on my family trip to Maui would be= $5360 dollars!!!!!!!!!

      And we already have 3 more hyatt trips booked for just my little family of 3 and would definitely save $$$$ on fees and enjoy the globalist experience!

      Super super crossing my fingers for this!

  147. My wife finished her doctorate and I’m planning on taking her on several trips as a celebration. I’ve already secured 6 nights at the Andaz Maui in September and planning on the Andaz in Napa this summer. I’ve been fortunate to have accumulated lots of Hyatt points (Chase Reserve for both of us) so rooms are covered. Hyatt Globalist would be icing in the cake for a well deserved fantastic celebration! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone

  148. Being new and building up points for World of Hyatt, it will be an honor for being a Globalist member so that I could take an experience with its top tier by frequently visiting Hyatt Hotels around the world. Whenever I travel, my family always travel with me and being a Globalist, there are many advantages when you stay in Hyatt, so it will be beneficial to my family and they too, can have an awesome experience while staying in Hyatt Hotels!

  149. I’ll be flying back to visit my grandma to take her on an 85th birthday trip. The Grand Hyatt’s in SE Asia look stunning (Hong Kong and Macau, perhaps Singapore) and the Globalist suite upgrades and lounge access would definitely create some incredible memories for her. She had raised me up since I was very little so I would love to be able to surprise her on her big birthday!

  150. We will go to Florida this summer for two-three weeks and as a family with kids the gloabalist status will help us a lot with either free brakfast or even better lounge access and nicer rooms.

    We have a couple of more short family trips planned, so once again the status would be great.

  151. We booked a once in a lifetime cruise to South American and Antarctica Christmas & New Year 2018 And will spend 10 days in Buenos Aires after our cruise. Already locked in 8 C&P rate at the Park Hyatt there which is an awesome value. Globalist status will be the cherry on the cake. We will have a great experience and I can’t wait!

  152. Oops, forgot to mention that we also have two stays at the GH, San Diego de Chile before our cruise. We stayed there last year before cruise and loved this Hyatt for its great property and services but for a great value for C&P&DSU. This time it is covered with our free night from the Chase credit card.

  153. What an amazingly generous thing you are offering to your readers! I truly hope you are blessed for wanting to bless others.

    Having a year of Hyatt Globalist status would literally change everything for my husband, my kids and me forever. Just two weeks ago I was diagnosed as having Central Nervous System Lupus on top of another debilitating autoimmune disorder that I have struggled with for years. The doctors have said that this new disease is damaging my brain, kidneys and optic nerve. We don’t know how quickly the diseases will progress, so my family and I decided that we need to view each day going forward as an opportunity to make memories. And what better way to share life than through traveling?

    My older daughter went off to college this past year and it takes around 12-14 hours on a plane to get to her for a visit. I have not let go gracefully as she might have wanted but she is incredibly kind and sweet enough to agree that I can invade her space a couple of times during each school year. My younger daughter is a high school junior and we will be taking her to look at colleges near where her sister is during every school break she has over the next year and a half. I expect this transition will be even worse than when I tried to let go of the older one… but I digress. We also have three family weddings to attend this summer and, if at all possible, we want to take trips with all four of us together before it gets to the point where I simply cannot travel anymore. I desperately want to give my family the gift of togetherness and I want them to be able to recall and share fond memories of our adventures during this time of transition to adulthood for my children.

    Even though we always try to get the lowest possible airfares, the cost of these trips is going to add up very fast. My husband is a 63-year-old retired Army veteran and I have been permanently disabled for more than a decade. As a result, we will really have to watch our pennies when it comes to hotels and food in particular.

    In fact, when we travel, we usually cut our meals down to once or twice a day. Having access to the hotel’s lounge and things like a complimentary breakfast could mean the difference between remembering our growling stomachs versus being able to replay a conversation that we had at dinner. Being able to have early check in and late check out would also be an incredible blessing as long distance travel is very taxing on me. We can’t just drop our luggage and go do other things until check in time because I have no option but to rest after a long journey. The same goes for having to check out of our hotel hours before our flight leaves. And then there is just the WOW factor when it comes to suite upgrades and the other perks that come with status. Having a suite where I could rest in one room while my family enjoys TV and talk in the other would alter the mood for the entire trip. I would not feel like I was dragging my family down anymore as they always have to give up their fun and quietly sit in the room much of the time to cater to my needs.

    If I could win Globalist status, it would allow me to pay your good deed forward and be a “giver” to my family at a time when they could really use it. Thanks.

  154. Summer, Thanks for this possibility. I would love to win this for my family this year. We love Hyatt and would use this upgrade significantly. We travel using rewards all year long and it would make a big difference– breakfast, resort fees etc. OH MY! I’m still formulating my hotel plan for this year but if I was lucky enough to win this—- I would do things the HYATT way.


  155. Do you remember the Betty White Snickers commercial? I might be 40 years younger than Betty, but I am not myself when I am hungry. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I hate having to choose: smuggle in contraband food, try to find a good offsite restaurant or cash in my 401K and eat on property.

    Poptarts travel well, but it is bummer to eat a cold pastry when I could have warm waffles. I am cranky in-route to breakfast. My travel companions would appreciate it if I had Globalist status.My coworkers would appreciate it if my retirement date is not pushed back. 🙂

    Please don’t get me wrong. I would like the other benefits as well, but you can’t eat a view. A suite won’t fill you up until lunch.

    I promise I will report out on the breakfast I receive from San Diego Andaz and Times Square Centric this summer.

  156. Hi Friend of Summer,

    My wife and son are taking our California Dreaming Vacation in May. We have point stays lined up at the Hyatt House in Anaheim for Disneyland ($18/night for parking), and 4 days at the Hyatt Huntington Beach for laying out and doing nothing. As a resort, that property is crazy expensive for breakfast, and $35/night for parking, so top status would easily save us $300.

    Additionally, Friend of Summer, we have to check out of the Hyatt House at 11 but aren’t to be in Huntington Beach (15 minutes away) until 4, and I’m terrified of having our kids clothes and toys stolen from our car as we’re out on the beach that day. 4 PM checkout would be a GODSEND.

    On top of that, Friemd of Summer, our plan in to do 6 nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai in January while my wife is still on winter break. Details TBD but breakfast there, again, is like $20/person and club access would be a dream.

    Anyhoo, I’ll admit I didn’t read other posts so I don’t know how this compares, but status would easily save us $500 this year, plus keep us from potentially getting robbed in LA.

    So keep us in mind, Friend of Summer.

  157. Love the idea of free parking, breakfast, and no resort fees when we travel around with our 3 children. Would love globalist status for a year.

  158. We are planning a trip out west in February next year and want to stay at a ski resort using Hyatt points. Globalist status would definitely help our family of 3 keep costs down. We are also planning a trip to Europe this summer and would definitely use Hyatt points if we had globalist status. Thanks for running the contest – it’s very generous of you!

  159. We have 6 children (3 biological and 3 adopted) and this is the first summer they are all in camp and my husband and I can take a vacation. We are going to Japan for 2 weeks (flight booked with points) and would make good use of this

  160. Hi Mommy Points,

    I am a father of 4 kids, 7yrs old and under, and we would love the chance to have Hyatt Globalist status. My wife and I have homeschooled our kids since the very beginning and we find travel to be very educational. My job affords me the flexibility to log on remotely so this year we have a couple of trips planned. Last year, all 6 of us flew from the east coast to west coast twice to attend and officiate weddings of dear friends. We were platinum members and were able to land one complementary suite upgrade. This made the experience all the more enjoyable. However for the most part it was cramming into a single double room for all 6 of us!

    Having Hyatt Globalist would afford us to travel without the fear or the restriction of room size and availability. We have 3 trips planned out so far this year, to Florida, Hawaii and San Francisco. We would love to add Colorado Springs and Phoenix to the list. I had considered doing mattress runs to achieve Globalist status but there are no nearby category 1 properties near me. The numbers also don’t make much sense.

    Anyways, thank you for the great tips and information from your site. It has proved very helpful already for our family and I’m sure many others!

    Grace & Peace,

  161. I am going to Lake Tahoe in July with my wife and two children (5 and 2). Upgrading a room to a suite AND having free lounge access at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe would make life so much easier.
    Also, we are planning either a Colorado or Park City winter getaway, and we would love to be able to maximize Globalist status in a similar way at the Park City Centric or Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.

  162. I am hugely in debt to you for all the awesome tips I have use.already but as a Canadian,I am finally doing a cross country Canada tour/roadtrip this summer. It seems in my enthusiasm to be a point hacker , I have totally forgotten about my own native land! I have been to Europe,Central America,South America, all over the Caribbean,most states but not many places in Canada. Sheesh. What am I thinking? So if I am lucky enough, I will make really ,really good usage of this awesome prize!

  163. My hubby and I are retired now and would love to visit Paris again and stay at the Vendome. We plan to apply for the Hyatt credit card soon. We love the history and arts in Paris!

  164. We have booked a paid stay at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary in the spring. We are bringing our 1 year old son as well as my in-laws to experience Paris with us. The room upgrade and complimentary breakfast that comes with Globalist status would definitely enhance the experience!

    Before we go to Paris, we have also booked a long weekend at the Grand Hyatt Washington DC to bring our son to all the great Smithsonian museums there as well as to see the cherry blossoms. Extra space in a hotel room with our little one will be a blessing as he’s just learned how to walk and needs room to explore! And having club lounge access will help lower our food and drink costs for the trip.

    Thank you for writing a family friendly blog. It has helped me plan many of our trips in the past year as well as coming year!

  165. I am planning to take a couple of month sabbatical this year and to travel around Asia and North America with my kids. So I would like to have free breakfast, Lounges and maybe bigger rooms!

  166. My family would love the globalist status. We are traveling to Paris this fall and plan to stay at the Vendome. The free breakfast and possible upgrade would be really wonderful.

  167. It’s all about the Park Hyatt’s for globalist! Paris, New York, DC, and Sydney, where we were seated next to Justin Timberlake last time I had Diamond breakfast!

  168. Six weeks ago we had our second child and we’re currently on vacation in Hawaii too! We’re not staying at the Grand Hyatt though, primarily because we don’t have top tier status and I couldn’t rationalize spending the resort fee and parking fee while still having to pay for breakfast.

    Who can complain when in Hawaii? What I can do though is explain how our trip would have been more relaxing if we had Hyatt globalist status.

    For one, we all crashed earrrrrly last night after the long day of travel and time change. Hawaii doesn’t observe daylight saving time, so that added an extra hour of disorientation. Because we indulged the early bedtime, of course we’re all up hours before dawn. Free breakfast would be amazing this morning so we wouldn’t have to feed our daughter a bunch of snacks before the restaurants are open.

    We slept spread across two Queen beds, my husband in his own and me with the kids. A suite would have given us more space so that when he walked the baby around grunting and burping from her reflux issues many times last night we wouldn’t have risked waking the preschooler, which would have terrorized all of the adjacent rooms.

    My baby hates the infant car seat. Hates!! It’s probably related to her digestion issues. So last night when we had to drive to a restaurant to pick up dinner, she cried a lot. Another time lounge access would have made things easier and more enjoyable.

    We have trips to Las Vegas, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Paris & Barcelona, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Tahoe, Switzerland, and Munich before February 28, 2018. In all of those places the free breakfast, lounge access, parking, and waived resort fees would be tremendous help for us. We’re incredibly lucky to travel this much and we’d consider Hyatt globalist status an amazing gift to making our trips so much easier and more fun.

  169. My fiancee’s father passed suddenly in August, and even though finances were left in a bit of disarray we are thankfully still able to have our wedding. The year of Globalist status would help me execute two trips for the new year I’m hoping to plan in late 2017/early 2018. One, my fiancee and I want to take at least one more magical vacation in addition to our (points-funded) honeymoon before we start a family. And more importantly, my mother-in-law to be is a rabid Outlander fan and I made her a promise that we would take her to Scotland. Knowing that we’d be able to take advantage of the wonderful perks of the status would get the planning for these trips off on the best foot possible.

  170. If I won globalist status I would change my travel plans and go to the Hyatt in the Maldives and stay there for a week.

  171. Timing would be perfect for me and my family if I could get the Globalist status this year! We have five nights booked at the Hyatt Regency in Maui in July, five nights booked at the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica in November, and a couple nights at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek in February. This upcoming year is a heavy Hyatt year for us and having the parking, breakfast, and potential suite upgrades for myself, my wife, and our 2 kids would be amazing. Even with booking these as free nights, staying at these expensive places can really add up with the parking and breakfast for the whole family, and the Globalist status would be huge!

  172. I have a trip planned with my mom this June to stay at the Park Hyatt Vienna. I recently took my mom to the Andaz papagayo when I was a Hyatt Diamond through a status match on twitter. She loved the room upgrade and most importantly the free breakfast. When I told her that I was no longer able to get free breakfast during our summer trip to Europe, she was very disappointed. I would love to surprise her with free breakfast as a Globalist and a room upgrade. I hear the Park Hyatt Vienna dining rooms is amazing. She doesn’t travel much and I have already surprised her with a free business class ticket to Europe, so I am hoping to make the hotel stays just as special.
    I am also going to Thailand ( Bangkok and Phuket) this year over the New Year and would love to be able to get free breakfast and room upgrades during that two week trip. I hear they treat Diamond/ Globalists very well in Asia.

  173. My husband and I got married last month and have lots of travel plans coming up. He is from India and we’d like to have his parents come visit, he hasn’t seen them in almost a year. We’d love to put them up in a nice hotel where they can be comfortable and enjoy the privileges that come with Hyatt Globalist status.
    We are also planning to go to Hawaii in July and would love to stay at the Andaz Maui. We’ll be traveling again for Thanksgiving, but haven’t picked a location yet.
    In December, we’ll be traveling to my husband’s hometown, Chennai, India to have a wedding celebration there. We are inviting friends and family from the US to join us. It’s customary in India that for 1-2 nights around the event, we will pay for everyone’s hotel stay. It would be such a treat to book everyone at the Park Hyatt Chennai or Hyatt Regency Chennai. We’d earn enough base points to be eligible for the suite upgrades!
    We don’t fly United either, so if you choose us, we’ll happily return the favor and gift the 2 United club passes back to Summer!
    Thanks for considering us,

  174. We all know Having the status and being able to have breakfast is really convenient for a family with young kid like ours. We enjoyed this perk at our annual trip to the beautiful grand Hyatt Kauai when I had the status for two years. The complimentary cabana rental was really helpful too to prevent the little one from sun burned. However, the status is most appreciated when I’m with extended families. the grand Hyatt lounge in Beijing is the perfect place to leave my mom, who is barely mobile, when I visit her yearly. I know she’ll be taken care of by the wonderful staff in a tranquil environment while I run around to take care of her financial/medical issues. She gets a staycation and I get peace of mind. We’ve also made it a family tradition to go to Hyatt San Francisco with my sister’s family during New Year’s Eve. The lounge host a fun celebration overlooking the fireworks. And seeing the kids together laughing in excitement is just priceless. We still go there even without the status. But it would be nice to be able to avoid the cold in the lounge with champagne and chocolate

  175. My husband and I are going to Korea and Japan in April. We are staying at a Hyatt in Japan. We would love this status. I had the Diamond status before through a matching challenging and had a glimpse of perks for a trip on Maui a few years ago. Simply put, we love to eat and Hyatt does not disappoint especially with its amazing breakfast spread. We are working on the family part and the upgrade would be nice, too. LOL.

  176. Summer:

    Having top tier status would be amazing and probably something I would never achieve without a give away like yours! Currently on the books, my wife and I are staying at the Andaz Papagayo in April for her birthday. This summer, I’m hoping to take our little one to Chicago to see Wrigley field and then down to the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point as everyone says its a hidden gem. Having status would make all of these trips a little more special. Finally, it’s my birthday tomorrow, and what a gift this would be not only for myself but for our family.

  177. My family and I would love to win Hyatt Globalist status for the upcoming year. My wife and I along with our 3 kids will be staying at the Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica at the end of this month. The breakfast benefit would be a lifesaver on the pocketbook as I’ve heard the food is super expensive and we have some picky eaters. My wife and I will also be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary later this year and are planning our first week away from the kids in many years with a trip to Arizona. I would love to surprise her with Gloablist status and a room upgrade for such a special occasion. Thanks for all the great content over the years on your site. It is appreciated more than you know.

  178. I would love to use Globalist status to take our family for several short vacations this year, including celebrating our son’s graduation from high school this spring. I would also use it to take my sister-in-law to surprise and visit her daughter in Tokyo, who will be studying there this fall.

  179. Inspired by your review of Hyatt Ziva Cancun, I’ve only started signing up for hotel and airline brand credit cards since Spring of last year (2016). It was one of the best decision of our lives because over the last year, my four year old son has become a HUGE travel fanatic. He loves traveling on planes (our fav is JetBlue and we take full advantage of the JB MasterCard benefits), trains, and even road trips along the east cost. He especially loves hotel stays. He likes to rank our trips based on the hotel stays. We were able to travel to so many amazing places on our limited budgets thanks to points and card benefits. Comparing all of the hotel brands we were able to try (Hilton, IHG, Hyatt, SPG, Best Western, Club Carlson), our favorite is Hyatt simply because of the quality of the customer service we’ve received during ALL of our stays. Our most memorable trip was to Hyatt Ziva Cancun, which I was able to fund using the two free nights from the credit card sign up promotion. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to complete Hyatt “Mattress Runs” to get enough points for award night stays at Ziva Cancun. I was so close to Diamond status but I could not make it by a couple of nights. I also felt that I lost a lot of good benefits I used to have with the Platinum status compared to what I have now with the Discoverist. The Hyatt Globalist status would allow us to enjoy our trips to the nth degree and encourage us to travel more frequently over the next year. Here are our trips planned ambitiously for 2017 (hotels not yet confirmed for the later ones):

    1. March last week: Florida: Orlando and Miami; Hyatt Regency Grand Cypruss;
    2. April 14 weekend (my son’s birthday weekend): Cancun, Hyatt Ziva
    3. May 29 weekend: Washington DC, SPG
    4. June last two weeks: London, Hyatt Regency Churchill; France and Italy
    5. July 1st weekend: Not sure yet
    6. August last two weeks: Amsterdam, house-boat for a week, then Andaz Amsterdam
    7. Sept labor day weekend: California, San Diego
    8. October Columbus day weekend: Las Vegas
    9. November Thanksgiving week: Hawaii, Grand Hyatt Kauai
    10. December winter break: Thailand, Hyatt Hua Hin among others

    Hotel selections may change due to promotional offers or change in travel plans.

    Thank you for the opportunity of better travels!

  180. The SO and I actually have a trip planned in Vegas this coming June, we’re staying at Hyatt Place for EDC weekend. Never have had status with any hotel chain before… would be great to finally get to experience some perks, instead of watching and reading about it from others!

  181. I’ve read every single one of these comments here. And every single one of them, if true, are well deserving of your kind gift of Globalist for a year. Part of the beauty of reading your blog all the time is reading about our peers on here. Reading about their struggles as well as their victories. Getting some valuable ideas of what and what not to do. We have our own story, but we don’t want to simply blend in. It would be too painful. Again, everyone here is so derving. So with that said, I’d simply just ask you, please…..

  182. I have been planning a long trip to Hawaii (and fine tuning the details) for the past 9 or 10 months, and have a number of award nights at Hyatt properties. Globalist status would be lovely, but especially meaningful as I intend to propose to my girlfriend during the course of our trip. While upgrades would be lovely, breakfast during the course of the trip and free parking (notably in Waikiki) would be extra bonuses.

    While we haven’t discussed it much, I anticipate we will likely have a short engagement, and I would love the opportunity to plan a honeymoon and be able to use Globalist status at some of Hyatt’s top-notch properties to make the experience that much more special.

    Aside from a few bigger trips such as these, it would be especially nice to extend the guest of honor privileges when we book award stays for our parents which we normally try to do a few times through the years; I’m sure they would love the opportunity as much as we would.

  183. Hi, I am planning to go to the new St. Kitts Park Hyatt for our 15th anniversary, and being Globalist would be an amazing bonus on what is already a dream trip!

  184. Thanks for the opportunity! I am pretty sure there are more deserving people than me, but I’m going to share my thoughts. I haven’t yet stayed in a Hyatt, but I’m planning on it now that I’ve read how family-friendly some of the properties are AND how I can get an amazing value out of transferring my UR points. We have been staying at Marriott and Starwood primarily, but I am going to give Hyatt a look for our next trip.

    We have 3 kids, so it can be tricky to find a hotel room that can comfortably (or legally) accommodate a family of 5. A nice club lounge goes a LONG way for us in terms of our enjoyment of our hotel, plus the cost savings is a huge factor.

  185. Hello Mommy Points.

    Thanks very much for sharing with us all the joys, tastes, smells, visions, sounds, learning, experiences and the sublime wonders of travel. My wife and I follow your posts with great interest and sometimes with awe! 🙂

    We love Hyatt properties and have had the pleasure of visiting several since we got married last year. We are visiting – Aandaz, Costa Rica next month and the Globalist status will surely help get me some “brownie points” with my wife 🙂 🙂 – specially with our 1st anniversary coming up.

    Best to you and your family…

    Thanks again.


  186. We are spending our honeymoon at the Park Hyatt Paris and Park Hyatt Mallorca in the fall. Globalist status will help our honeymoon be extra special!

  187. It would be huge for us. As someone who doesn’t travel enough to “earn” it this may be the only way my wife and daughters get a chance to experience the special treatment that comes from traveling with status. We have some trips planned this summer where it would make a huge difference budget wise as well (free breakfast and parking). We would love it : )

  188. My wife and children have a stay booked at the Andaz Amsterdam this summer and would love to stay there with Globalist benefits for obvious reasons. Also, as a Globalist, I’d be more inclined to stay at Hyatt hotels in the future, as I prefer to stay at properties where I have some sort of status.

  189. Wow, are you kidding???? To get that type of status for a family with 4 kids would be incredible. We stayed at the Hyatt Vendome in Paris last summer and loved it. With status it would be even more amazing. We are booked for the Grand Hyatt in kauai this summer and could really benefit with a status upgrade. As parents that are school teachers, the only way we could do these type of trips is using points. Mommy points rocks in getting us to consider alternatives and the best way to deploy our meager resources. Having status would be like winning the lottery for us. Hope we win, but glad to see someone will get to live like royalty for a year!

  190. Globalist status would be great……as we are doing several trips including Hawaii. My son is also getting married later this year and they are a younger couple starting out with not a lot of cash but this would certainly be a nice perk for them to have if we book 2 rooms. Should also score me some brownie points with my daughter-in-law to be……although she might think we are super wealthy and then I will have to reveal my travel hacks and secrets…..but I would love to share my hobby with her as my boys sure not listen !!!

  191. Hello!

    I would love to win Globalist status! I have only had low tier status with hotels before and this status will definitively help for my family trip in May! I am going actually to Hawaii with my family and we have booked 2 rooms. I would love to update the 2 rooms booking to have Globalist status to take advantage of the club lounge and also late departure (our flights leave at 9pm the next last day).

    I have read your blog for a long time and I always enjoy your blog posts. They are unique and not trying to push credit cards like all the other blogs. I love how loyal you are to the Hyatt brand and this is what got me started to stay in Hyatt properties in the first place.

    Thank you!

  192. Planning on taking my veteran husband to a romantic trip this time and ditching the kids with abuela. The Globalist Status will save us so much money that we can take the kids with us next time. Not that I am too excited about but they will really be pissed knowing that momma and daddy went by themselves on a much needed time off.. and with room upgrades we can also bring grandma which I am not sure she will want to come with us and the kids lol ( too much time with the kids is enough) but once I tell her that we will have free breakfast and a nicer suite. She won’t have any excuse to say no and we will get a free night out adding grandma to our trip. So we kind of need this status for our sanity. Kids are tough and after this daylight savings – which make them crankier than anyone- we deserve a night or week off (daydreaming there) I am sorry for the messy writing but I have a 2 year old hanging on my leg and a 5 fighting with her 6 year old sister.. the struggle is real! LOL

  193. Hi.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to participate.

    My husband and I have had the good fortune of enjoying a few Hyatt properties in the past few years. Jamaica, Mexico, India, Maui to name a few. This year we are going to Aandaz Costa Rica, then Mexico followed by India and the Maldives.

    Globalist status would help elevate our Hyatt stay experience to a different level and we would enjoy the same very much.

  194. Hello,
    My family and I will be staying at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica this June to celebrate their birthdays (daughter turns 6 and son turns 10 during our stay). It would be awesome to get free breakfast and be upgraded to a suite or even a water view room. It would mean a lot and ensure we had some money left over for excursions, activities and maybe even a special birthday treat for the kids.

  195. My wife and I are retired and reside in the U.S in New York. Our only son works and resides in Sydney, Australia with his wife and one two year old granddaughter (2 years old) and another child to arrive imminently. Because of distance and cost, we are not able to visit often and in order to accomplish more frequent visits we geographically try and arrange mutual trips/vacations in Hawaii as often as possible. Hyatt Globalist status would greatly improve our travel accommodations with what I consider to be one of the best hotel chains in existence.

  196. I’d love to win globalist status, having access to a suite or lounge would really help us out on bigger family trips. We have always made a tradition of traveling together as a tradition and look forward to having chill time together. Having the space or lounge access would alow us to relax and share trip stories in the comfort of family and friends! Spending time and the experience with your family is what its all about when traveling 🙂 Status doesn’t facilitate that but it certainly helps!

  197. First, I love your blog. My family loves to travel, and we love Hyatt. From Hyatt Ziva and Zilara in Cancun to Hyatt Andaz 5th Avenue to Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort in San Antonio and even to numerous Hyatt Places when we’re on road trips, the Hyatt brand is our hands down favorite. We are both public educators with two small-ish kiddos (7 & 9) who do most of our traveling during the summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas breaks. Thanks for offering the opportunity to win Globalist status!

  198. Winning Globalist status would really be a great benefit for my family’s travel plans this year. With our first baby recently joining the family, getting access to lounges and the other perks of being a Globalist could make a great trip even more enjoyable. We are planning on staying in Ziva Cabos in June as well as Hyatt Grand Cypress in October so far. We normally won’t be able to earn the Globalist status on our current travel patterns so winning this would be a great way to make our travels that more special. Thank you!

  199. Hello!

    I’ve had Diamond for a couple of years (did not make it for this year) and have gotten great value out of it for multiple stays at Grand Hyatt Kauai with my family, Park Hyatt New York, Park Hyatt Vendome and Vienna just to mention a few. We are planning a first time trip to Australia and possibly back via Europe with a stop either in Germany or some other European city. Would love to have Globalist status to make the first trip down under a great one. Thank you for all your sharing of great information on how to experience great travel.

  200. We are planning several Hyatt stays this year and the Globalist status would be wonderful! Seeing a concert in San Francisco in April and staying at the Hyatt Regency. Free breakfast and parking would be a true boon in San Francisco! And the club access would let us check out their newly renovated Regency Club. Memorial weekend headed to New Orleans to stay at the Hyatt House Convention center and I want to stay at the Hyatt House Downtown or Hyatt Regency but they are booked, argggh! Globalist status would give me a guaranteed booking at one of those! And, flying United back there I could use those Club passes. In December, we are going to Indianapolis for the Big 10 Championship Game. The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis is our go-to hotel there. An possible suite upgrade would be fantastic as we have only stayed in their (still very large and nice) standard rooms. And who knows, with this California wildfire season looming large, my fire-fighting, bulldozer-driving, 50-something husband will likely be in dire need of a well earned vacation come November after several months of 16 hours shifts and sleeping on a cot in the forest while defending the homes of others and our public lands. The fantastic Hyatt in Clearwater Beach, FL (his absolute favorite place in the world) might just be calling our names for a little R&R without a mountain, a desert or a forest in sight. Globalist status would take care of the (kinda steep!) resort fees there and I could use the savings to send him off for a relaxing day deep sea fishing instead. We would definitely be able to put this Globalist status to good use!

  201. Having Diamond status a few years back made my stay in Asia even more memorable. Thus, being able to enjoy Globalist again would certainly make my trips with 2 young children in tow more easier; especially with extra room for the toddler and not having to think about where to go for breakfast each morning. I understand that “travel is not free” but having a bit of status goes a long way for this family of 4. Here’s hoping to another year of Globalist for our upcoming trip to San Diego and Hawaii.

  202. Our son is graduating from high school this year and are going to Hawaii. Since this is a “last vacation before being empty nesters”, we would love to have an upgraded trip. I’ve stayed at the Andaz and the Hyatt Regency in Maui before. This time we will be at the Hyatt Regency. My only status with Hyatt is via the credit card.

    Also I am taking my wife to the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego in April while I attend a meeting. We’ll have a few extra days and again would love the Globalist status.

    I appreciate your Hyatt reviews – they are my favorite brand too.

  203. Globalist status would certainly come in handy for some upcoming adventures. While not the most frequent traveler (so normally one not in possession of status), it would be nice to take advantage of lounge access and early check in/late check out perks while seeing the world.

    Thanks, MP!

  204. I love following you, Mommy Points! I really relate to your posts, because we are a family of 4 too. I’m a stay at home mom and have 2 sons, 8 and 5. This August will be our 3rd summer going to Hawaii on points & miles and we also enjoyed the Andaz in Costa Rica last Thanksgiving break(amazing!!)! Last summer we stayed at the Andaz Maui & that was amazing too! We love the Hyatt brand & Andaz in particular….it’s hard to beat a complimentary kids club for some much needed alone time by the pool! We can’t wait to try the new Andaz Mayakoba. I would love to have the opportunity to have Hyatt Globalist status because having lounge access/breakfast included for our family is a huge benefit and possibly one of my favorite benefits to receive! We used points to upgrade to the Hyatt Kauai lounge last year & it saved our family so much money! Last year, I was Hyatt platinum but now I’m just a member. Our family would greatly benefit from having status with Hyatt! Thanks so much for all the awesome info! I love being able to give my family the gift of quality time together & we love making memories together! I hope you are having an amazing time in Maui making memories with your family! ✈

  205. Hi. I love your blog. In fact you are one of my inspirations for starting my own quasi-travel blog. You’re mentioned on it.
    (I say quasi because it also includes a lot of my own rambles around our local greenbelt. Kind of like travel, but not quite.)

    I have 2 teenagers, a 10 month old baby, an SO, and two step-teenagers. And a lot of ambition to begin traveling again. There are challenges!

    Having elite status at Hyatt would be a sweet perk. I do a lot of budget travel, so it would be really fun to get a few extras and up the luxury factor a bit. The teenagers would think that was pretty cool. And I wouldn’t mind getting periodic suite upgrades so baby could sleep separately.

    Hope you pick us and we’ll see you out there enjoying the good life someday!


    • Also, forgot to mention, Hyatt was my first travel card hack when I started the blog, along with Chase Sapphire cards. We already have Hyatt stays planned in New York, Washington, DC, Hawaii, and Disneyland. I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get to do a trip out of this country this year too!

  206. Hello Summer,
    I’ve checked your blog daily over the past 4 years now and found it very useful as you provide what it means to travel as a family using airline miles and hotel points. We have been able to visit many places that you have visited in the past using miles and points (e.g., London, Spain, Hawaii, Whistler, Cancun, Orlando. etc..) and we collect Starbucks you are here mugs whenever we visit a new place. We also love skiing and beaches so this year we will go to Honolulu (Hyatt Centric), Cancun (Hyatt Ziva), and Beaver Creek (Park Hyatt) in addition to Tokyo (Park Hyatt) and Hakone (Hyatt Regency) in Japan. It would be great if we can use the globalist status to upgrade those stays. Thank you for providing family focused quality contents every day and you have transformed the way we travel tremendously.

  207. Hyatt Globalist status would allow me to take my parents to Hawaii for their dream 50th anniversary vacation. I’ve got the plans in hand for the airfare: we have been saving up Ultimate Rewards points to book the flights through Korean Air/Delta. My sticking point has always been the hotels! My parents want to see Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, but I have been having a heck of a time finding hotel stays that did not cost us an arm and a leg in resort fees. Having those fees waived and meals covered with lounge access would allow me to not only book my parents at marvelous hotels, but would also allow me to include my family in the trip. My parents would be over the moon to have their grandchildren along! =)

  208. My husband and I are about to leave for our first trip Japan staying 7 nights at the Hyatt Regency in Tokyo. Our award flight home just got downgraded from First to Business due to an airplane change so this would make up for it! Free lounge access, breakfast, and upgrade would make this trip amazing and we would look at booking more Hyatt properties for our summer trip to Europe this coming July/August. Did I mention the trip to Japan is my 40th birthday celebration? 😉

    Btw thanks for all the tips, we are putting them to good use on all our trips!

  209. Okay, as unpopular as this may be, to start this would guarantee I renew my Chase Hyatt Personal Credit Card. Second, we stayed at Mission Bay Hyatt in October of last year. It was an amazing stay and an amazing resort. However, it left me a decent resentment due to the Resort Fees and Parking Fees. Third, your trip to Hawaii, watching Moana with my kids, and other factors have inspired me to plan a trip to Hawaii for October of this year. Our plan is to head to LA/Anaheim for Disneyland, then Maui, then back to Phoenix for a few days. Having the Globalist status would help us with breakfasts and just a little bit extra relaxation. The perks that this card offers could make traveling with little ones just a little better. I refuse to say that there is any place that we can’t go with our small children, so I would not be surprised if we did something bold depending on how the kids handle the October trip 🙂

  210. Globalist status would be the cherry on top to the trip I have planned for the end of April to NYC for my husband’s birthday. This is our first time to NYC and thanks to points/free nights we will be staying 4 nights at the Park Hyatt NYC. An upgrade to a suite and free breakfast would just sweeten the pot and make an already awesome trip even better!

  211. We have just lost our Hyatt Diamond and the transition to this new program we are only Explorsit

    During the time of diamond we have save so much money and able to travel with so much comfort. With a family of four ( age 6&8) traveling has been great. From local Dallas , San Antonio to Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (best breakfast buffet ever), tokyo , Saigon. Hyatt have always treated us sooo well.
    But this time we will miss ur status and traveling will not be the same. This year we will lost our Hyatt and Hilton diamond Status. So sad

  212. My family of 5 plus newly married nephew and bride currently on their honeymoon (thank chase sapphire) have 10 room nights Hyatt Maui and 4 room nights Hyatt Kauai booked for early July. Booking for 7 almost completely on points is quite difficult but 2017 generous sign up bonuses have really help. I have several other Hyatt place properties scheduled San Diego return trip from Hawaii and in Colorado (spring break skiing). Feeding the family will most likely be our largest expense in Hawaii and I’m sure globalist would significantly help with those expenses.

  213. I wish I knew the magic words to say that would have you select me. I don’t have a sob story. But I do have the promise that I would plan a few extra weekend getaways with my girls. I would be so grateful and would pay this forward so that the joy would live a little longer. We have a trip planned to Lost Pines next month. I’ve been looking at Coconut Point for a while, this would push us to the other side of the fence.

  214. Hello. we have managed to give the travel bug to our 5-year old son. He counts the days until the next trip (s) and looks at the map to see where we are going next and where he has been. He already knows many of the airlines (prefers Etihad to EasyJet, good taste …) and was even allowed in the cockpit a few times on United. We now chose our hotels based on our son: is there a kids’ club where he can play? Good buffet so he can eat well and healthy in the morning? not too far for the sights we want to visit? This status on Hyatt would allow us to visit the next places “in style”: larger room, free amazing breakfasts, nice VIP treatment… So far, we have tickets for Abu Dhabi, Mallorca and would like to go to New York to visit friends + in 2018 we would add a trip to Japan where our son would love to eat the “real” sushis (he has been practicing with chopsticks just for that trip). Regardless of whether or not we are the lucky winners, thank you for gifting this status to your readers, it will certainly make a family very happy!

  215. All the privileges one is accorded by the Hyatt Globalist status like upgrades, no resort fees, and access to lounges will be an absolute blessing for me and my wife!!!

  216. My family and I would love to win the status! We have at trip coming up to the new Park Hyatt Mallorca, Spain and would be very very happy to enjoy free breakfast! My kids (1 and 2.5) love staying in hotels and they are very excited every time we go on a trip. Wining Hyatt Globalist Status will definitely make us travel more, especially for spontaneous weekend trips!

  217. Staying at Hyatt properties with my twin girls and wife is a monthly ordeal for us. With trips to HR Grand Cypress 3-4x a year and upcoming trips to Seattle, NYC and Aruba, having Hyatt Globalist would save me hundreds, maybe even thousands. I’ve long desired to have Hyatt’a top tiered status but have never been able to justify the cost to mattress run since I’m not staying at Hyatt properties each week. The globalist status would certainly make me open up more opportunities for trips incorporating Hyatt properties than I already have planned. I would “milk” it for the duration and the breakfast perk would be absolutely incredible for a family of 4.

  218. I am in the process of making my trip of a lifetime made possible through use of points and miles. As of now, I do have trips to Melbourne,Canberra, Sydney, Singapore, KL, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Fukuoka, Osaka and ending in Tokyo. All of these locations have a Hyatt property, and i plan on staying in the basic category rooms since I can’t afford suites at this stage. Having the globalist will really help make this trip of a lifetime that much more magical. A number of these locations have sensational Park Hyatts, which a nicer room will cost a truckload to upgrade to so having status and a chance to upgrade will certainly let me travel within my means while having the opportunity to experience some of the amazing rooms reviewed on the site. Furthermore, the breakfast benefit in Asia will be phenomenal since I have read reviews that a lot of these properties tend to have a large buffet, as well as club lounge access will really help keep my costs down. While I won’t be able to maximse the cost savings from the status as much as the families can, I believe me and my partner could still benefit a lot from this. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  219. Thank you for your blog, Mommy Points, and thank you for this opportunity.
    My spouse earned an amazing work trip to the Hyatt Regency Maui this April! We’ve had to pass on these types of trips before because we have no one to watch the kids. But this time, we were allowed to pay extra to bring the kids! Using some tips from your blog, we were able to get a good deal on airfare (thank you), and we were able to ask for a double bed room at the Hyatt Regency Maui to accommodate the 4 of us. Hyatt Globalist status would enable us to enjoy breakfast in the club as a family (and even light dinners), saving us hundreds of dollars (on-resort breakfasts are $50/person, and two kids under 10 really do not eat $100 of food before 9 AM!), save on parking fees (we would put that towards bringing the kids to the Maui Regency “Tour of the Stars”). We would also be more likely to land a suite upgrade (it is also our wedding anniversary after all). Furthermore, we still have a few nights’ hotels to book on Oahu (yikes, yes, in April). We’d stay at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach (and save $100s on breakfast/light dinners/parking) so that the kids will have the opportunity to see the nearby Pearl Harbor Memorial in honor of our fallen service members and to honor their grandparents and great grandparents who have served our county.

  220. Globalist status would be a huge boon to my family! We are trying hard to give our kids the benefit of traveling, seeing the world and learning about diversity in cultures. However, traveling with a family of five (including three teenagers!) nearly always means multiple rooms and is quite expensive. Our budget doesn’t always allow it. We are fairly new to the travel points and miles game, but are learning how to make the most of each of trip and help make each one lay the foundation for the next through points and miles. Elite status can make so much difference in giving you that extra boost. Thanks for the consideration, and happy travels!

  221. I’m going to be traveling for work a lot more and the Hyatt lounges are some of the best I’ve visited. Would love a nice place to relax in the mornings and evenings!

  222. How gracious of you to be giving this out.

    My family of four would love to have Globalist status for the upcoming year. We currently have Discoverist status through the Hyatt Visa.

    My wife and I were lucky enough to both earn a Southwest Companion Pass for the remainder of this year and plan to take our kids to as many places as we can. Having high level status at Hyatt would be icing on the cake.

    We recently came back from Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Vallarta and have a trip planned for Portland coming up. No hotel yet reserved and would be excited to take advantage at a Hyatt property.

    Having free breakfast, suite upgrades and late check-out would be amazing for our two young kids. I won’t go too much into the reasons why, but anyone reading your blog would know how these little things can turn a so-so vacation into an amazing one.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Best of luck to all!!

  223. My family is FINALLY at the point where we can start traveling again and Hyatt Globalist Status would be the icing on the cake! We love visiting the big cities across the US and parking is a HUGE inconvenience. As you probably know, parking alone can push $200+ a trip, which is a lot of money for a frugal family! Our daughter is not a fan a flying, so we end up driving a lot of places and I am constantly thinking about how much parking is costing us, which is no way to spend a fun family trip! All the other perks that come with the status is wonderful, but parking alone would make our trips much more enjoyable and relaxing!

  224. I don’t know how anyone can pick the most worthy of these requests. All seem worthy, but to throw my request in: We are recently retired 60 somethings exploring the world. There are trips planned to Savannah in March(timely since we are at the Andaz) , Europe in May, Boston in July, Montreal in August, Vancouver in Sept., Tokyo in Sept, and San Juan in Nov. Globalist status would mean we would enjoy the Hyatt stays we have planned and probably switch over to Hyatt in other cases. Thank you MP for bringing us into your travel life.

  225. Thank you for offering this giveaway. My husband and I love to travel and take as many trips as possible while working the normal Monday to Friday workweek. I have been at my job for 18 years now so having 5 weeks of vacation and 2 weeks of holidays during a year helps maximize the many trips we take. When we travel, we value lounge access the most. Being able to have coffee and breakfast before preparing to leave for a day of exploring really helps us get started. An upgrade to a suite is always nice as well! Since the majority of our trips are leisure, we book our flights pretty far in advance. We presently have flights booked through January 2018 and are still planning a couple more prior to when the Globalist status would expire. Here is how we could use Hyatt Globalist status through February 2018. We have 24 hours in Puerto Rico next month and Hyatt has a hotel in old town to allow us to do some exploring during our short visit. I do have a work trip to Atlanta in May and am presently booked with coworkers at a Hyatt there. A trip to Portland in June for our nephew’s birthday would allow a Hyatt stay in downtown. Washington, DC for July 4th has some Hyatt’s to choose from. We have a trip booked to Sydney in September and will be staying at the Hyatt Regency for this trip. Then we have a trip to Seoul in October for our anniversary and Hong Kong in November. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong last year with our free nights from the credit card sign up. This was a great use of the free nights, but we did not receive lounge access or upgrades on that stay. I have heard the lounge at this location is one of the best available. The other cities that we have booked, do not have any Hyatt’s nearby, however, I would most likely also have a couple of work trips to Austin and could use Hyatt status on those trips as well. We have not yet decided which trip we will use our one free night from the credit card for, but we would love to combine that with lounge access and the chance of a room upgrade. It would be great to accomplish staying in five different Hyatt brands during a year with Globalist status. We already have two brands booked and would enjoy trying to reach all 5 in one year. Thank you!

  226. I have a few trips coming up soon. In April, I’ll be going to the Bay Area to do some research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. I’ll stay in SF afterwards for a couple nights so having Globalist would definitely help me enjoy the trip since I plan to stay at the Hyatt in the Financial District. Next, I hope to surprise my niece by making a trip to Disney World when she has her Make-a-Wish trip this summer. She’s battling brain cancer so that would definitely make her very happy. Lastly, I will be going to Seoul and Tokyo for my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. I am planning to use my free nights from the Chase Hyatt card at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, so that would make that hotel stay unbelievable!

    Overall, having Globalist status would be great for this poor graduate student!

  227. What a generous offer. I do not currently have any Hyatt status but we do multiple trips a year as a family of 5. We love to travel and we are sharing that love with our young children. The biggest perk I would love to have as a Globalist (as you have mentioned) is the lounge access. We have used Hyatt lounges on award stays before and we were able to stretch that perk to include breakfast for the family as well as dinner through the hot evening food. It saves a ton on food. We also would love to have the complimentary upgrades to suites so our family could stretch out. We have trips planned this year to Hawaii, Georgia, North Carolina, and more without any lodging plans setup. Hyatt is our go-to hotel chain for value when transferring Chase Ultimate Reward points. We also love to do weekend getaways to the nearby Hyatts in Orange County, Ca (Huntington Beach and Newport Beach) so the kids can experience the pools and other amenities. The free parking and lounge access would be a lifesaver on out of pocket costs. We are driving up to stay at the Hyatt Huntington Beach in early May in fact.

    We love your blog and look forward to reading about whoever it is that wins the Globalist status.

    Keep up the great work!

  228. For when the little ones decide to save some lunch on their shirts for dinner—we’ll need that 4pm late check-out for a costume change, a cleanup, and a regroup before departing!

    For the tantrum that follows the realization that we only brought white socks not pink socks—we’re going to need to visit the club lounge for a cup of coffee (or an evening drink!)

    For a little extra space and maybe a second television to avoid yet another encore presentation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse—we’d really enjoy the potential for an upgrade to a standard suite!

    For some extra spending money for souvenirs, stuffed animals from the gift shop, and other things that make a trip a fun, memorable, and enjoyable family vacation—we’d really value saving a few dollars with no resort fees on any stay!


  229. I’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo for 8 nights. Having Globalist status will be huge for this trip. Having breakfast and lounge status would make a stay in this fine hotel even better.


  230. As a family of 5 having access to the club lounges, especially at resort hotels like the Hyatt Maui and Kauai comes in real handy in keeping the cost down. We have 3 Hyatt stays scheduled this year (including the two resort listed above in August) so we would definitely get some use out of the status this year!

  231. Time to enjoy the retirement that we both worked hard to get…..We’re getting a late start. My husband was the sole caregiver for his aging mother for the past 6 years. We did manage to arrange to slip away for 2 weeks last year at HR Maui; our first vacation since 1997 (really!)
    Sadly, my husband’s living “caregiver” responsibilities have come to an end. We’re anxiously looking forward to getting to know each other again, and doing our one goal in retirement; travel, and travel often while we can!
    To enjoy the “extras” would be well deserved pampering, and the “savings” would enable us to keep our suitcases at the ready AND keep our Hyatt App as busy as we plan on being!

  232. I am turning 50 this year – Enough said!! I really want to take time at places where my 11 year old daughter and my husband can have fun while I take some much needed time for myself [not trivial foot massages] and get myself in alignment for the next 50years. I was hoping to go to places and retreats that would nourish my soul and the foodie in me too 🙂

    I would love this status as often Hyatt is near the best retreats in Asia and worldwide.

  233. I would love to have the opportunity to have Hyatt Globalist for myself and my family. We are a family of four with a 22 month old and 4 year old. We love to travel… of course going to Europe does have it’s challenges when trying to book rooms. We either need to get a suite or pay for 2 rooms. Being able to use a suite upgrade for more space is a life changer! Plus, we all know that morning aren’t always the easiest thing for a family with young kids… especially when traveling far distances. Being able to get breakfast in the hotel or have lounge access for breakfast would also make our lives so much easier. While we are a young family we have created some amazing memories already! Hearing my 4 year old talk about the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben and how he loves to travel really makes my heart melt. We are planning to go Hawaii in July and then Europe in the fall. Being able to make those trips just a little bit easier on the family would be a life changer. We truly would take FULL advantage of every suite upgrade, every breakfast and lounge opportunity that we had. My philosophy is that the more you travel with your kids and the more experiences you can give them the better!

  234. Getting maried in summer and still being quite new to north America (less than 2 years), we will certainly have a lot of Hyatt hotels to explore with our 3 year old twins! Florida, Arizona, the rockies, Vancouver but also close to home in Eastern Canada and the North East US states are only some of our travel ideas for 2017 🙂

  235. I’ve spent the last few weeks planning two big US road trips, one on the West Coast this spring and the other next autumn on the East Coast. I realised that what all the moving around it might just be possible to do a Hyatt 5-Brand Award. Having Glibalist status to cover the higher cost of breakfast and parking at the ritzier brands would make the project feel more feasible. And the frisson of anticipation over room upgrades would make it all the more enjoyable.

  236. A trip to Maui is on my travel bucket list. Having Hyatt Globalist status would surely get me there faster and make it even better!

  237. I have always dreamed of having a Hyatt Diamond status but now with Hyatt changed its loyalty program, my dream of reaching its highest status seems crushed. It seems so much more difficult to achieve.

    When I saw your generous offer, my eyes twinkled and decided to enter by writing a comment for the first time ever in any of the point/miles blogs I read.

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th years anniversary and it just happen too that my daughter is graduating from high school right around the same time. We are planning a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our big milestones. Having Hyatt Globalist status will definitely make our special events even more memorable and make my dream come true.

    Thanks for reading my comment and hope you pick me. 🙂

  238. I’ve been an Accor and Hilton platinum status holder for several years, and never really tried moving away from them because they -used to- provide the benefits and perks I wanted when staying at their hotels (room upgrades, lounge access, breakfast, tea time, and so on). Now that they both downgraded their membership program (booo!!!), I’m starting to look in the direction of Hyatt. I’ve heard great things about the old Hyatt program, and a Globalist *lite* status in the new program would be a great start to experience the program.

  239. Free breakfast and free parking for every Hyatt stay? Count me in! Free breakfast is one of the deciding factors for me when choosing a hotel. So if I can get the status for one year, I suppose I’ll be staying at more Hyatts compared to other chains.

  240. I’ve been following you for a few years and I love reading your travel stories especially those pertaining to Hyatt. We don’t have airline miles only Hyatt points, so my husband and I take our 4 kids (two teens, one 10 year old and one who is almost 4) by van on vacation several times a year. We usually only stay at Hyatt because we use points plus cash or award night but sometimes pay full price when it’s reasonable. Having diamond status always seemed unattainable until this year, but then World of Hyatt changed that opportunity, so we’d love to win! We just got back from spending the first part of spring break at Hyatt Regency Hill Country, and as much as I’d love to get my family of 6 a suite, I can only manage to reserve a preferred grounds room so that my children can freely go in and out to play through the patio door. We request a roll away to make room for everyone. We also try to get Regency Club when it’s available to help feed my family, so all those fees add up. We’re going to a Hyatt place in Albuquerque this weekend to cap off spring break with the Lantern Fest! This summer will be our first time heading to the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort, the Park Hyatt resort in Carlsbad, Ca, the Andaz in Hollywood and a Hyatt place near Disneyland then back to a Hyatt house in Scottsdale to return home to Texas. For Easter, we’re taking the kids to Hyatt Lost Pines, and a suite would be so accommodating! Thank you for considering us all!

  241. My family and I are Hyatt enthusiasts, but have never been recognized for our loyalty because we use points for all of our stays. I don’t travel for work to get paid stays or make mattress runs for elite statuses because of the costs of doing it. However, I have been able to maximize Ultimate Rewards into amazing Hyatt stays all over the globe. Over the past year and a half, we have stayed at 16 different Hyatt properties (House, Place, Grand, Regency, Andaz and Zilara). I always use the extra points needed to upgrade to the club room for the breakfast, snacks and drinks. To be able to have those extra perks without having to fork out the points would be incredible! Additionally, all those resort and parking fees that could have been saved! We already have 4 Hyatt locations planned in the coming weeks and months; which includes 2 new ones to our list (Hyatt Regency London – Churchill and the Park Hyatt New York). As everyone already knows, adding the Globalist status to what are already awesome stays would be a dream for sure! You can be assured that gifting this status to my family will be valued, rewarding, and used to the max!

  242. I am taking my wife and two daughters (age 16 and 21) to Hawaii the first week of April for the very first time thanks to your blog. This has been my wife’s dream trip her whole life. My 21 yr old daughter is going to college in Australia and we live in cold Minnesota so this will be an opportunity to get out of the cold and see our daughter who we miss very much. Hawaii is a great meeting place half way. I was going to take my youngest daughter and wife somewhere closer (and less expensive) for spring break but my oldest daughter in Australia is homesick and was asking if we could meet for spring break somewhere. My youngest daughter said she didn’t want to go anywhere unless we could meet up with her sister. So literally last week I booked this trip for the first week of April. The Andaz in Maui (which I learned so much about from your past reviews – thank you) was one of the few hotels which had availability with two queen beds. Reward nights were not available so I was able to partially use a credit I had with a travel agent and partially pay with cash. As you know, there is an additional $70 per night in parking and resort fees so there is no way I can afford $50 per person for 4 people for breakfast (and even if I could, there is no way I could justify this expense). That bums me out because nobody enjoys food like my wife (we lived in Houston for 2 years back in the 90s and she misses Pappasitos to this day) and my 21 year old is a foodie! From what I’ve read, this breakfast is one of the best hotel breakfasts anywhere. I would love to surprise them with this and it would sure help with our out pocket costs, since I know dinners will be expensive. Also, my wife knows I don’t particularly enjoy spending a lot of money on meals so having this status would help us immensely and make the trip so much more enjoyable and stress free! Free parking would be amazing also. So, I could really put Globalist status to good use immediately! I’m also dreaming of taking my girls to Europe for the first time this summer. Globalist status would make our trips so much better and memorable. I honestly can’t even imagine how great it would be. Thank you for all the great advice over the years and for considering us for this generous giveaway!

  243. My family would love to have Globalist status for a trip we are taking to the Hyatt Regency Maui early next year! My husband Ryan and I area taking our children, Eric (who will be 5) and Spencer (who will be 2). We are also taking my parents and in-laws. This will be a once in a lifetime trip for all of us, but especially my in-laws, who have never been to Hawaii or taken a vacation with my kids and don’t do much traveling. Obviously, this trip is going to get expensive quickly and it would be amazing for everyone to have access to the club lounge for breakfast, snacks and drinks. I would also use it (along with a big smile) to try to get an upgraded room for our family, since sleeping in the immediate vicinity of a two year old who goes to bed by 8 and repeatedly yells “ball!” and “Pop Pop!” when he wakes up in the middle of the night is pretty rough. We would also enjoy the free parking, since we will probably be renting two cars. All in all, it would really make once in a lifetime vacation for our extended family extra special.

  244. We’ve left our kids behind with grandma too many times! #somanymouthstofeed #I<3Hyatt
    With globalist we could take them too and I so deeply desire to do so! Plans already in place: Key West in June (all 5 of us)- July, central to some National parks to hike! Still deciding between a 9 day Fall Break or 15 days off at Christmas, both of which are contenders for Florida or Mexico. An all-inclusive Hyatt for the 5 of us would be a dream! I've got tons of air miles and plenty UR points to transfer to Hyatt……just NEED the status for the perks that will save us!

  245. My family would definitely benefit from having Globalist status this next year. My wife and I have loved reading your blog for years and it has helped inspire us to take some awesome trips using points and miles. We are a family of four, with 8 and 9 year old boys. I work internationally and so I travel a lot, and whenever possible I try to bring the family along. My kids are a bit spoiled when it comes to travel, they have been to more than 25 countries, and have plans to visit many more. We started out booking a room and having the kids sleep on the floor, or day bed when available. In the last few years we started to book nicer room or upgrade to Regency Club rooms where available because it saved us so much money and made fora much more enjoyable trip. We have stayed as a family in Hyatt’s in Kuala Lumpur, Sharm-el-Sheikh Egypt, Kathmandu, and a smattering of other locations. Our growing boys can eat a ton, so free breakfast, and appetizers in the club lounge have saved us tons of money. Sometimes upgrading to a suite has given us the space we need so that we can all have real bed to sleep in. We are getting to the point where we really should book 2 rooms for our family and so having Globalist status for the next year will really help stretch out points and cash. We have Hyatt’s already booked for our family trips to Seattle, and Fort Lauderdale. I hope to take the family to Nepal again, the suites at the Hyatt in Kathmandu are awesome. If I have Globalist Status I would probably shift a few other reservations to Hyatt properties to take advantage of the awesome money saving benefits. If I can get Globalist status for the next year, I am would seriously consider a romantic get away to the Hyatt Recency Kauai for me and my wife with the confirmed suite upgrade. Thanks for the giveaway.

  246. Hi! I would love to get Globalist status this year and could really use the additional savings that this status would afford us. I have a family of 4 (me, husband, 2 kids (ages 6 and 3)) and my husband has been unemployed for more than 2 out of the last 4 years. I work full time so financially we are doing ok, but our ability to travel has definitely taken a hit within his steady income. I have recently been looking into traveling with points to get us out of the daily grind and to obviously help with the costs. That is how I came across your blog. Your tips are wonderful!

    Also, we have just started planning a big trip over the Christmas holiday to Hawaii to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary with my entire family. I am so excited and I hope that I can make it work! I am trying to book as much of this travel with points so that we can afford to go. I have already booked our free rewards night at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai so getting Globalist status would be the icing on the cake and help us save some additional money!

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! I know there are so many people who are worthy of receiving Globalist status for the year, so your decision will be very difficult. Best of luck!

  247. Taking our almost 2 year old, my brother and mom to the Grand Hyatt Kauai in September 2017 for over a week. It will be my daughter’s, brother’s and mom’s birthdays while we are there. They have never been to Kauai before and we are returning for the first time since our honeymoon at the Grand Hyatt. Obviously we would LOVE to have Globalist status for our stay! We are all so excited to go!

  248. Our family of four loves to travel, but having a 2 and 4 year old definitely makes traveling a bit more of a challenge. Having the perks of Globalist status is REALLY beneficial to families with small children – lounge access, breakfast on-site, SUITES (so the adults can stay up while the kids are asleep by 8:30), and the late check-out. We love Hyatt resorts because they seem to cater to children better than some of the other chains. Globalist would just be the icing on the cake!

  249. After three years of saving and planning, this summer my family is taking an epic two week leisure road trip on historic Route 66. Having Hyatt Globalist status would offer us such incredible savings and would greatly enhance our trip, as well as stretch our budget. We would plan all of our nightly stays around based on Hyatt locations around Route 66. Thank you for your consideration and generous offer.

  250. I am not a mommy, but I am blessed to be an aunt of several fun kids who I have taken on adventurous trips with over the years. Thankfully, from your advice and other wonderful bloggers! I am turning 50 this year and I would love to treat my nieces and nephews to an amazing Hyatt trip of their choice where we are treated like royalty as Globalist members. I’d also like to share this benefit with my sisters relaxing at the new Park Hyatt in St. Kitts. We as a family will definitely make good use of Hyatt Globalist status

  251. Having Globalist status means we would end up at Park Hyatt Suite vs their Standard room this May, at Park Hyatt Zurich! And to follow that up, since we are going around the world using ANA miles, we would end up at the suite at Hyatt Regency Kyoto vs their standard room, a week later after our stay in Zurich.

  252. A year of Globalist would give me and the kids a lot of breakfast! It’s so hard to feed those picky little guys and having access to club level/breakfast is such a game changer because of the random meal times during time changes and the variety offered.

  253. My husband and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage this year and we are hoping to take an international trip. Our kids are 2 & 4 and we haven’t traveled anywhere other than to visit family since becoming parents. Needless to say, we are super excited about a big vacation! This status sounds amazing and just the type of over the top treatment that would make our trip especially memorable. Thanks for offering this to your readers. I’m new to the miles and points world and the content on your site has been very helpful. I love how you have embraced travel with children. I find it very inspiring as a mom. Keep up the good work!

  254. I recently splurged and for the first time redeemed for club level via points redemption at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen. It was worth every point but looking back it might not have been the best move as now how can I go back to basic room accommodations? First world problems for sure. The upgraded room, morning breakfast, and evening appetizers will be missed. This status can solve that problem. In addition, I plan to travel to Hawaii this year like you did and the savings this status saves you there is incredible. I’m self employed out of the house with minimal business travel. Well this is nice for planning spontaneous trips with miles and points it’s a double edged sword because I don’t earn status/stays through work. Thanks for the consideration of this upgraded status. It will come in handy for both paid stays and redemptions via transfers from the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

  255. Now that my children are grown, and with one daughter living on the opposite coast as me, miles and points play an even more important role in bringing us together. With time zone differences and schedules to coordinate, it’s often easiest to meet somewhere in the middle of the country (or sometimes even somewhere exotic!), and a year of Globalist status would help make these trips more affordable and fun! (Not to mention more enticing, as the young ones need some convincing to “waste” vacation days on good old mom and dad!)

    Globalist status really paves the way for budget-friendly and worry-free travel. Problems like worrying about where to eat and where we’ll spend the intervening hours before all of our different flight times magically disappear with things like free breakfast, lounge access, and late checkout!

    In addition to family trips with my daughters, Globalist status would help my husband and I enjoy our own vacations together. My husband does not love to travel, but he does love the lounge at the Grand Hyatt in Bali, and access to a good (and free!) breakfast while I sleep in on trips is a huge selling factor for our other trips.

    Lastly, my siblings and I have been enjoying family reunions to celebrate birthday milestones the past few years, and Globalist status would help me treat them to some of the small luxuries that come with elite status. Maybe then they’ll understand my miles and points obsession!

  256. Are you kidding me ? Globalist status would allow us such AWESOME opportunities as a family to enjoy the wonderful perks provided by Hyatt. We would absolutely take advantage of these benefits:
    Upgrades !
    Breakfast !
    Club lounge ! Wow!
    No resort fee and free parking – wooohoo!

    Please please please!

  257. Globalist status would be an amazing addition for our family travel plans for this year! We’ll make great use of it in Cabo, Vienna, Berlin, and Maui!

  258. Globalist status would be amazing for traveling with our daughter with severe food allergies. We are quite loyal to Hyatt because we have had great food allergy handling with them. We have previously really appreciated lounge access while traveling with our daughter because the lounge staffs we have encountered have almost always bent over backwards to make sure she is taken care of. It is also nice to have more space with a suite because we tend to feed her with safe food from home and grab takeout for my husband, son, and I. Showing our kids the world is a priority to our family and the Globalist status would make it easier to do so despite dealing with life threatening food allergies.

  259. I am writing this for my parents. My parents travel to Hawaii every year and stay at several Hyatt while island hopping. They also visit my brother in California every year and there is a perfect Hyatt for them there as well. They would get great use out of status. They have never had stats with any brand and I think they would really love it. My father is 100% disabled. He has survived multiple heart surgeries including 3 valve replacements all after a catastrophic stroke that left him permanently disabled before 50. He is a fighter and his doctors are in awe of his will to live and his continued gusto for travel. He used to refer to himself as a nomad and I know my travel bug comes from him. Sadly his days of being healthy enough for long flights are almost over so this may be his last year to visit Hawaii. I’d love for him to have the memories of an upgrade and lounge access to look back on.

  260. My wife and I have done our best to give our kids experiences from around the world! We truly believe they will become better people for it, giving them the courage to experience new places and cultures in the future. Obviously this is not a cheap endeavor for a family of 5, even in the world of miles and points. We definitely rely on the extra perks that come from elite status. Things like free breakfast, no resort fees, suite upgrades, and club lounges make a HUGE difference for our family! Not only do they save us money, but they also give us an extra level of comfort for big family. Mommy Points, PLEASE consider us! It would definitely be put to good use.

  261. This is a great giveaway. A giveaway that my wife and I would use to it’s fullest over the next year. Winning Globalist status this year would be the icing on the cake. My wife retired a couple of years ago, and I retire at the end of the month (March 31st). Were both still in our 50’s and we are planning to travel this first year more than we have ever traveled. Our passports are up to date, global entry, TSA precheck, and Clear have all been obtained.

    Hyatt hotels are our go to hotel wherever we travel. Over the years we have stayed at many different hotel brands and room levels/costs. As any traveler knows, you try to get the best bang for your buck, and sometimes end up sacrificing some comfort for what your budget allows. As we have gotten a little older we now seek a little more comfort. A couple of years ago, after having many great stays at Hyatt, and not so nice stays at other hotel brands, my wife told me that if there is a Hyatt anywhere near we are travelling to, that’s where were going to stay. Last year I got the Chase Hyatt card. Up until that time, neither of us knew about points and travelling. My wife and I are frugal, so if we can get a free night stay anywhere, were all in.

    We never quite travel enough to get top tier elite status, but we definitely use points to get free nights and such. The World of Hyatt program has opened up quite a few more benefits for us as I have linked my MLife and Hyatt accounts. The old Hyatt program was great if you had diamond status but was hard to reach if you were an average traveler. The new program has a mid tier Explorist status that is attainable for the average joe and has some really good benefits.
    What would winning the Globalist Hyatt giveaway mean to us? Like I said above, it would be the icing on the cake for us, especially this big year of travel. Every year we travel to Dallas Texas 4 times a year to visit family. We always cut our stay there by 1 day to stay at the DFW Grand Hyatt on the return trip. There’s nothing like getting a head start on a down day before getting home. Our next trip to Dallas is in April. Also, the DFW Grand Hyatt is right in the Terminal, so all we have to do is wake up and walk through security to our gate. Would be very nice to get an upgraded room and complimentary breakfast for these stays. In May we have a trip planned for New York – Manhattan and are staying at the Park Hyatt for 2 nights. Were only staying there because of the 2 free nights I got for getting the Chase Hyatt card. This is a great deal because the standard night rate for this Hyatt is around $700 a night. Globalist status would give us an opportunity to upgrade to a Suite. We are staying at a cheaper Hyatt the other 3 nights. Globalist status would also allow us to drive to the hotel and save on parking fees. We normally take the train to New York and this would save us over $500 in train tickets if we could drive and get free parking. For us, its not worth the hassle of driving to Manhattan, fighting traffic and then paying to park, so we have always opted to take the train – costs more but less hassle. Free parking may change our mode of travel to Manhattan.

    In June we are heading to Vegas for a week. In the fall and towards the end of the year we are traveling to Nice, France and Aruba and both stays are at Hyatt. The stay at Aruba is at the resort and winning globalist status would save us quite a bit on resort fees, and all the other bennies of globalist status.

    Will we fully utilize Globalist status this year – Heck yeah? This is our big year of travel for our retirement. We have scrimped and saved for 2 years for this, done our research for all travel savings, used points where we could. I have not told my wife that I am entering your Mommy Points contest. If I win, I would love to surprise her especially the first Hyatt we stay at and get a Globalist benefit. We both love to get a free benefit, but she really does – its just her nature. A happy wife, means a happy husband. We have enough travel already purchased for this year to take advantage of Globalist Suite upgrades, no resort fees, free parking, free night awards, and will take advantage of all complimentary breakfast offered. All of these benefits will add up to big savings for us and will make each trip so much better traveling with elite Globalist status. I might just be able to convince her to add one more vacation this year. Yay.

  262. I am taking a trip to Aruba in May and staying at the Hyatt during the Soul Beach Music Festival. I would love to experience the lounge, noshing on the free breakfast while contemplating my days of fun and sun. But the benefits wouldn’t stop there. I’m a single mom, and most of my travels are with my child. Restaurant bills add up on vacation, so it would be great to cross that off of my list of travel expenses. I already have a companion pass, so she travels free, so free parking and breakfast for all of our Hyatt trips might even allow us to take one or two more this year. I feel kids learn more from experiences–so this would be a great opportunity to expand her horizons just a little more!

  263. I am super excited about the opportunity to have the Globalist status. We don’t currently have any trips on our calendar but that would change if we won this. This would make traveling with our 2 pre-k children more worth while and affordable. The extra perks would only be icing on the cake. I would love for my family to be ablend visit Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Europe…..I can think of so may places that would normally be cost prohibitive for our family. So thank you for the opportunity to start looking and seeing what places we would be able to visit.

  264. My six-year old son is infatuated with travel, and we are surprising him and our nine-year old daughter (who is only slightly less infatuated) with a points/miles driven trip to the Grand Hyatt Kauai after school ends. Obviously the Globalist status would help us tremendously with expenses and convenience. There will be other smaller trips later this year where this gift would help as well.

    Thank you for this website and all you do for family travels!

  265. My family and I have several Hyatt trips planned this year. One is actually to the Hyatt Regency Maui this June and after reading your review I would really love lounge access to help out with costs. Hyatt hotels are my great and I would love to try out Globalist status. Thanks!

  266. In just a few short months, after 31 years of parenting, we will officially become empty nesters. Woohoo! Looking forward to some rest, relaxation, romance and “us time”. Thankfully we found out about the world of miles and points just in time to help us turn our vacation fantasies into reality (Thank You MommyPoints!) Empty Nesters trips are being planned for this year to Hawaii, Sedona AZ, and Cancun. Having Globalist status would definitely help in the romance department. With the money we would save by having lounge access and not having to pay resort and parking fees, we would have dinner on the beach at sunset, rent a cabana, and get a couple’s massage. Globalist status might even get us upgraded to the Turquoize Adult Only resort at the the Hyatt Ziva Cancun, and help us snag one of those rooms with a hot tub on the balcony. How romantic would that be! It all sounds like a dream-please make it come true!….Oh, and because we love are kids and grandkids almost as much as each other a Grammypoints trip to Disney World is also in the works!

  267. I would absolutely love the free breakfast amenity. I am always so jealous of this perk when I read the blogs. As a mom of 3, we would enjoy that before our world touring. Late check out is really great too. When we stayed at Park Hyatt Tokyo and PH Sydney, we made the most of the area by having somewhere to rest during the day and enjoying our 2 pm guaranteed check out. I have some stays already booked at Hyatts this year and I’d definitely book some more to try out the breakfast before 2017 touring.

  268. Summer, as much as I enjoy your site and the tips you share, I’ve gotten so much more from your site. Most recently, I’ve been moved by your Nov. 9 post and your Southwest Human Kindness post. Rather than describe what an extra year of Globalist status would mean to me, personally, I’d commit to extending Guest of Honor status to a lucky reader of Mommy Points once a month in 2018 (unless Hyatt limits the number of times a member can designate the gift). Think of mine as the gift that will continue giving. Thanks again for everything!

      • Hi Cathy! Not gonna lie. It warms my heart reading some of these entries…weddings, anniversaries, once-in-a-lifetime trips. I’ve been fortunate enough to begin travel at a very young age (both parents worked for AA) and as an adult, I’ve traveled the world extensively for my job. I dare say any travel issues I experience are definitely first world problems!?! Why not make someone’s day, month or year? A stranger doing something nice for another stranger. Imagine that. Good luck to you as well!

        • “A stranger doing something nice for another stranger.” Oh, if we only had more “Henrys” in the world, it would be such a better place!
          Safe travels to where life takes you next!

  269. my daughter is going away to college starting this summer and my husband and i finally have a chance to enjoy life! plenty of travel planned, and would be grateful to have globalist status to help out! of course, my daughter could join us during her holidays– if she can be bothered with us “old people”

  270. In just a few short months, after 31 years of parenting, we will officially become empty nesters. Woohoo! Looking forward to some rest, relaxation, romance and much needed “us time”. Thankfully we found out about the world of miles and points just in time to hopefully help us turn our vacation fantasies into reality (Thank You MommyPoints!) Empty Nesters trips are being planned for this year to Hawaii, Sedona AZ, and Cancun. Having Globalist status would definitely help in the romance department. Money is tight so any savings from having lounge access and not having to pay resort and parking fees, could go towards having dinner on the beach at sunset, renting a private cabana, and getting a couples massage. Globalist status might even get us upgraded to the Turquoise Adult Only tower at the the Hyatt Ziva Cancun, and help us snag one of those rooms with a hot tub on the balcony overlooking the ocean. How romantic would that be! It all sounds like a dream-please make it to come true!….Oh, and because we love our kids and grandkids too, a Grammypoints trip to Disney World is also in the works!

  271. It would help me and my family for our upcoming trip in Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. Never stayed in Hyatt properties before so Globalist status should be next level of experience for us.

  272. As the parent of two small children, I’ve found that the two things that seem to make the biggest difference when travelling internationally are hotel breakfast and lounge access. The kids love having a fancy buffet breakfast and gorge themselves– we’re found that this means that they are much more accommodating at lunch time (ie not very hungry), and we can go to restaurants with unfamiliar foods, without worrying that they’ll have issues. After a long day touring, having a lounge where the family can crash, look out the windows, and have small (familiar) snack bites and beverages is great for decompressing. After a bit of rest in the lounge, the kids are ready again to go out and have dinner and maybe do another activity.
    We’ve booked award tickets to India this summer, and will be touring around for almost three weeks. There are great Hyatt properties in many of the cities we’ll be visiting including Mumbai and Delhi. In particular, I’d love to stay at the Park Hyatt in Goa. Unfortunately, breakfast at these properties is too expensive for a family of four, so I’ve been looking at less nice places to stay. Having Globalist status would be amazing, as we’d be able to stay at the Park as well as some of the other Hyatts around the country, with breakfast and lounges to make India an easier place for the kids. We’re also planning to go to Hawaii next December, and after reading about Mommy Points’ trip, I think the Hyatts would be our first choice if we had status. So our family would definitely be able to make good use of the status!

  273. Hi Summer, great idea for a giveaway! A year of Globalist status would be a great boon for a visit to Asia my wife and I are planning – Park Hyatts in Seoul and Tokyo, Grand Hyatts in Taipei and Hong Kong. It’s a genealogy trip of sorts, looking into family backgrounds we never knew we had, figuring out how those Korean genes got
    Into the mix, revisiting places where my wife lived and grew up and all the memories that implies…Globalist would clearly save us hundreds and the upgraded comfort would be such a blessing for two jet-lagged global travelers. It would really add a lot of great comfort, peace of mind, and relaxing romance to a trip which promises to be terrific, maybe in ways we can’t even begin to foresee right now. Whatever happens, whoever wins, thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  274. Having a year of Hyatt Globalist status would allow us to visit family more often and feel pampered while traveling. In particular, the free parking and meals would be a huge help in making our travels more affordable. I began learning about savvy ways to accrue miles and points (thanks for your insights Mommypoints!) so that we could visit family without going into debt. Grandma is 84 years old this year and we want our children to visit her as often as possible. We also want our children to know their extended family, to play with cousins and experience those irreplaceable cherished moments. We are a family with young children striving to get by on a teacher’s salary, so we have to be smart about traveling frugally if we want to stay within our budget. The Hyatt credit cards with their free annual nights have actually been very helpful in allowing us to visit family, even making a Christmas visit possible. Having Globalist status would help us save so much on our visits and also treat my family to a little splurge while traveling. My husband works extremely hard as a teacher serving his students, it would be such a treat to surprise him with elite status and the accompanying luxuries.

  275. I have been a member of Hyatt Gold Passport almost since the program’s inception. And my husband and I were inaugural members when the Hyatt credit card came out with the free nights bonus. But we have never had top tier status in any hotel or airline program after many, many years in the points and miles life. I recently retired from 35 years in public service, and my husband retired in December. We have most of our Hyatt points saved from over the years as well as UR points to burn with Hyatt. And we have the time to explore the world. We are planing an around the world celebration to include Asia (Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Beijing, Grand Hyatt Shanghai and Hyatt Regency Hong Kong) and Europe (Park Hyatt Vienna, Park Hyatt Zurich, and Andaz Amsterdam). With Globalist status, we would have to plan another trip to either Maui or Kauai with our grandkids to make best use of our Globalist year! And then probably add some spontaneous trip to another Hyatt somewhere when we spot a mistake fare or some really cheap fare since Globalist will give us access to rooms at the last minute. The most wonderful thing about your gifting the Globalist status is that many of the perks can be used on award stays to make those stays even more glamorous and afordable. We wish a year of happiness to the winner, to all the entrants, and to MP!

  276. What an amazing giveaway — thanks for thinking of your readers!

    A year of Hyatt Globalist Status would be amazing for our family that has gone from just my husband and I to the two of us plus one with the addition of our little guy. Before our son came along, we loved to explore and travel. I was lucky enough to have a job that helped me accumulate lots of points & miles — that job essentially paid for our honeymoon (though it didn’t save us from getting dengue fever on said honeymoon). We traveled whenever we could but it all came to a standstill when our son was born in 2015. I stayed at home with him and life was hard. Nursing woes, PPD, zero sleep, baby eczema, allergies — traveling became something we just fantasized about and did vicariously through Instagram. I could barely travel to Target down the road, Spain wasn’t going to happen.

    But I feel like we’ve finally turned a corner and it’s time to re-claim our identity as a traveling family, though now as a family of three. I’m done with being scared of flights, time zone changes and changing diapers in the airplane bathroom! We just have to go out there and do it. I want us to make new memories in new places and introduce new people, places and ideas to our boy. In the next year, we’d like to warm up with some smaller trips and build towards a big family trip. I told my husband that I was pregnant on the beach in front of the Andaz in Maui — it’d be amazing to stand on that same sand with our toddler!

    The benefits we’d receive with top tier Globalist status would help so much with making these trips more affordable and comfortable for our small family. It would eliminate so many of the reasons that we’ve used as excuses not to travel! Even if we don’t win this giveaway, we have fresh energy to get out there and see the world again. Thanks for showing us that family travel can be done!

  277. I will quit my job and go travel! In the “downtime”, I will rethink my life and move forward from there. Would be great to do it with Globalist, as I have collected some points and miles but never had the chance for any upgrades of any sort ….

  278. This next year my wife and I have decided on traveling throughout the US plus a couple of trips to Europe. We’ve been going on trips outside the country every year (since this new hobby) but we have decided to get to know the US better. We go to NYC and Austin and Seattle a lot (3 kids to visit) and the whole of the West coast as we live in California, but now we’d like to visit most of the rest of the country. We have the time AND the Southwest Companion Pass, and have decided a few months ago that Hyatt is our kind of hotel chain. We don’t really like Hiltons nor Radissons (except outside the US) nor even most Starwoods (often seem “ponsy” to me) and Marriott? well we do stay there sometimes.

    But Hyatt is just “our level”. We just got back from the Hyatt Regency in Maui.
    Their hotels are not fancy but good value, always friendly and welcoming staff. We used extra points so we could access the Club lounge and it was great.

    An example of Hyatt service: In December we stayed at the Hyatt House in Austin (Arboretum) and I liked it – simple and cheap too with a kitchenette. I wasn’t sure how long we’d be there (turned out to be 5 nights) so I had booked each night separately, using points between my account and my wife’s.
    When we arrived I asked if we could keep our room for as long as we stayed, maybe 4 or 5 nights and that was fine with them. However, on the evening of the second night while I was in downtown Austin I got a call from the front desk and they told me they had noticed I was not booked in for that night but had left our clothes and computers, etc. in the room all unpacked but we hadn’t checked out. But they had already called Gold Passport and found I had mistakenly booked the other nights into the Hyatt Place (also at the Arboretum) and had proactively looked for me to confirm if I had made a mistake. I said yes, I must have and they took care of cancelling my other bookings (no penalty) and transferring them to the House.
    Now that’s what I call service above and beyond! I love Hyatt.

    We plan on spending many nights in the next year at Hyatts and the upgraded status would be fantastic as I don’t think we could earn the Globalist level this year.

  279. Thanks for the opportunity! Having diamond status one year let me take my family to Orlando and enjoy a nice suite upgrade with lounge access at the Hyatt Regency! It made our trip to Disney World so much fun! I’d love to take them to my other favorite places such a as Hawaii. My husband and I are planning a pacific vacation in the summer but we haven’t chosen between the Maldives or Park Hyatt Sydney! In the fall we might trying to go back to Europe, and visit Park Hyatt Vienna, Budapest and Prague. And we are definitely going to Kaui to see the whales in winter of 2018!

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