Review of Awesome Car Service on Maui

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I think I’ve just about finished my planned posts on our most recent trip to Maui, which are all linked at the end of this post, but there is one big Maui tip I haven’t yet worked in anywhere and don’t want to miss. Because of the very long travel day and the reality that we were going to land in Maui around 11PM local arrival time (4AM Central), we decided to skip renting a car the first night and instead just get a ride straight to our hotel.


Not only did that sound better logistically than taking the rental car shuttle bus to the rental car company, dealing with that process, and hoping there were no glitches along the way, but frankly it actually was a potential cost savings since we didn’t really need a car the first few days. By delaying getting a rental we not only avoided a few days of the car rental fee, but also the $18 – $28 per day parking fee at the Hyatt Regency Maui.

There is Uber on Maui, but from what I understand it isn’t super reliable since the island is pretty spread out. We didn’t want to leave anything to chance at 4 in the morning (to our bodies), so I scheduled a confirmed airport pick-up to take us straight to the hotel. Most Maui car service companies I found online wanted literally hundreds of dollars for a private transfer to the part of the island where the Hyatt Regency Maui is located.

However, when I found Christopher Luxury Sedan Service I was thrilled as they “only” wanted $129 + tax/tip to schedule a private ride at 11PM at night in a very nice BMW 7 Series directly from the airport to the Hyatt Regency Maui, which is a good 45 minute drive.

This is a small-ish company ran by a man named, you guessed it, Christopher, who seems to know everybody on Maui. I normally don’t like the phone, but he was actually was a hoot to chat with while confirming the details of our reservation. I would not hesitate to ask him any Maui tips as I bet he knows all the good stuff and all the good folks there are to know on the island.

Upon arrival into Maui I had a text from our driver as expected, so I called her as soon as I was able and she was at passenger pick up ready to whisk us away as we walked out of the airport. We didn’t waste one single minute at the airport, which was good because we were pretty much dragging our seven year old at this point since she had to be woken up from a deep sleep to get off the plane.

The car was indeed a very nice and spacious BMW, but at that hour the most important thing was the safe and direct route to the hotel courtesy of a very friendly but professional driver.


We only used the service to get to the hotel as a few days later we picked up a Hertz rental from the Hyatt Regency Maui so we could easily visit some area restaurants, and ultimately head to the Andaz Maui and eventually back to the airport. I used Hertz points to offset a good portion of that rental fee as it was considered a pricier one-way rental to go from the Hyatt Regency Maui to the Kahului airport.

In retrospect, since “we” ended up getting a speeding ticket in transit to the Andaz Maui (ugh), perhaps it would have been cheaper and less stressful in the grand scheme to just book Christopher Luxury Sedan Service to do all of our Maui driving! In addition to airport transfers, they offer island tours, packages to Mama’s Fish House, and also have hourly rates as well as larger vans for those with a larger party.

I would 100% use this company again to schedule a ride from the Kahului Airport or wherever we wanted to go on Maui. 

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  1. Smart move. The other big deal in renting a car that late is that it is almost impossible to check the car for any damages and there are horror stories of people being charged for damages that were already in the car but they did not check at the time of pick up since it was pitch dark and they were too tired.

    This looks like a great company but it really bothers me when they quote you a price and add +tip into it. Don’t want to start a debate about tipping but I am tired of this mentality in this country. Charge me more but don’t come with this tip thing for doing your job which was what I hired you for.

    In a different topic, does Hyatt charge a parking fee on top of the ridiculous resort fee? I stayed 1 week at the Fairmont Maui and parking was free. Hyatt does not stop to amaze me on how greedy they became.

    • Yes to Hyatt parking fees on top of resort fees….though at least resort fee you avoid on points or as Globalist.

  2. I can’t believe you got a speeding ticket. In all the years of trips to many of the Hawaiian islands(except Oahu), I have never even seen anyone pulled over for a speeding ticket. Everybody is always driving so slow in Hawaii to get a speeding ticket, or so I thought. The closest I’ve ever came was a parking ticket in Maui for $10, which wasn’t my fault.

    • Yeah….we were going about the same as everyone else in a 40 mph zone, but apparently we were going more than 40. And when I saw we…I was not the driver. I’m a slow poke.

      • It’s possible everyone was going over 40 and yall were the unlucky ones. Maui sees lots of tourists (locals think tourist = money) so cops sometimes take advantage.

  3. FYI and FWIW .. uber can’t legally pick up at OGG. I was looking at the app to try to get a ride from the Hertz lot back to the Ford dealer in Kahului a couple of weeks ago and there was a geofence around the airport including the Hertz lot. I think the same thing is true at all the state airports. It’s definitely true at HNL. They can drop you at the airports, but can’t pick you up at the airports.

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