Earn Free Points and 4x Fuel Points With Coupons This Weekend!

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If you love saving on unavoidable everyday expenses like gas and groceries while earning a nice side of points, then these deals are for you. There are two different limited time deals at the Kroger family of grocery stores right now that each can help you earn points and save money.


Save $1.00 Per Gallon of Gas With 4x Fuel Points on Gift Cards

First, if you want to save on gas then clip this digital coupon that will award 4x Fuel Points on participating gift card purchases at Krogers through 4/18/17. By earning 4x fuel points you are earning 100 fuel points for every $25 in eligible gift cards you purchase. They often have gift cards like Hyatt, Delta, Southwest, Amazon, Nordstrom, Jason’s Deli, and tons of other retailers.

If you max out at purchasing 35 gallons of gas when you fill up (by bringing both cars or gas cans and moving quickly), that means that you are saving $3.50 in gas for every $25 in gift cards you purchase, which of course is pretty solid.

You can use up to 1,000 fuel points at a time when filling up at a Kroger gas station, which would mean you are saving $1.00 per gallon, or up to $35 on a 35 gallon fill-up. You would need to purchase $250 in eligible gift cards via this 4x promo to earn 1,000 fuel points.

4x Fuel Points.jpg

Get Free Points By Paying With Rewards Credit Card 

A second digital Kroger coupon you can clip will save you $5.00 off a $50 MasterCard or Visa Gift Card. Click on the gift card category if that link doesn’t take you right to the coupon. The fee for purchasing a $50 Visa gift card at Kroger should be about $5, so this should make the $50 gift card cost about $50. Assuming you didn’t need a $50 Visa gift card for a gift or similar you could be saying, what is the point….?

The point (if you want basically free points) can be paying with a rewards earning credit card that pays out a bonus at grocery stores like the Chase Freedom that is awarding 5x points at grocery stores this quarter, or earn bonus points at US grocery stores with The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card.

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The $5 Visa or Mastercard coupon expires today (4/15) and the 4x Fuel Points coupon expires on 4/18; don’t delay if you want to put these deals into action!

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    • Others are right. It’s not spending more. It’s spending smarter. Easy example…we have a doctor co-pay Monday that otherwise wouldn’t earn me a bonus but I’m using the $50 gift card I bought at 4x fuel points with 5x on the freedom and paid no extra for with the $5 coupon. I was at the store anyway so didn’t even cost me gas or time. That counts as pretty free to me.

  1. You forgot to mention that one gets 4X fuel points on $50 VGC/MGC as well.

    $50 V/M/GC for $49.95 and 200 fuel points = $3.00 savings by purchasing 15 gallons (or more).

    This is my math:

    Remaining $250 to spend On Aviator AA (3X points promotion at grocery store) was to buy $50 VGC for free (could get another one today as max is 1/day) and the rest for the Amazon GC. That would make me $16-17 plus 510 AA for free. I can’t fill-up 2 cars unfortunately.

    I’ve already maxed Freedom and EDP cards. There are some others as well which I don’t have.

    P.S. It is worth only if it is done while MSing concurrently.

  2. That’s just it, Queenie: spend money you’d normally spend, not more. For instance, we cut the cable cord last year, and use Sony Vue and Netflix. Normally that’s a 1 pt/$1 “general” spend. But if I buy Sony and Netflix gift cards at the grocery store this weekend, I get 1pt/$1 (or more, depending on whether I get grocery bonus points) PLUS 4 pts/$1 for gas. My fill up is 12 gallons, so $100 (~4 months of Vue that I would purchase anyway) = 40 cents off per gallon = $4.80 off of gas, aside from whatever grocery and gas bonuses I receive.

    It’s not about buying more stuff, it’s about changing how you buy what you already need.

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