11 Items to Buy at Close to 50% Off From Boxed.com

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Earlier today I wrote about a way to buy select gift cards at Boxed.com for over 50% off by stacking several deals including a new customer sign-up, Amex Offers, free shipping, and potentially even 8% cash back on top of all of that. Unfortunately, the popular gift cards options like Outback sold out shortly after my post went live, but that doesn’t stop this from still being a good deal for many of us. It just means you have to try a little harder and potentially stock your pantry a bit.

I will update if/when the gift cards come back in-stock, but here are eleven other family friendly Boxed.com items you could consider stocking up on at a very real discount once you stack all of the coupons available.

Steps to Save 50% at Boxed.com

  1. Add the Boxed Amex Offer for a $25 statement credit on a $65+ boxed purchase to one (or more) of your Amex cards.
  2. Join Boxed.com via a referral link to save $15 on your first purchase of $60 or more. My code is 0IKMX and thank you if you use it.  If you are an existing customer you can try the coupon codes, FAMILY, H4MWW78X or STAYSTOCKED.
  3. Shop Boxed.com by first going through TopCashBack or eBates to get cash back on your purchase, though coupon codes could invalidate the savings…still worth a shot.
  4. Select your items of choice from Boxed.com. You want to get to $65 after your new customer offers or other coupons to trigger the Amex Offer statement credit of $25 on $65+ in purchases.

Assuming you get the $15 new customer discount and the $25 Amex offer you are getting $80 worth of Boxed.com goods for just $40. If you targeted putting right at $80 in your cart before factoring in those savings, you are essentially paying 1/2 of the regular prices listed below + you get three free sample items in your order. I know that’s not the same as gift cards, but it is still pretty great…especially for those with lots of little snacky mouths in the home!

If you don’t have an Amex yet and are missing out on this Amex offer then, please consider getting at least one of their no annual fee cards like The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card so you can join in the savings fun going forward!

Eleven Items to Consider From Boxed.com

USPS Forever Stamps
100 count

Bounty White Paper Towels 12 Count
105 two-ply sheets per roll

Glad ForceFlex 140 Count
13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Size

Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink
40 6 ounces juice boxes – mixed flavors

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks
42 count

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars
24 Count – mixed flavors
*These are dairy free and vegan – I lived on them when Baby S had her tummy issues!!

Frontline Plus for Dogs
6 doses

Pellegrino Sparkling Water
12 bottles of 16.9 ounces each

Gatorade Fruit Punch
24 bottles of 12 ounces each

Duracell AA Batteries
40 count

Annie’s Organic Bunny Snacks
36 count – assorted flavors

Remember, those prices above are before the roughly 50% savings you can put together by following my stacking steps. In addition to those example items they have all sorts of dry goods, pet products, bathroom products, cleaning products, wine, etc. In other words, it really isn’t too possible to not need anything they sell. I got in on the gift cards with my first order, but I will be placing a second order to save on some of the items mentioned above!

Feel free to share your own Boxed.com referral codes in the comments if you are so inclined. 

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  1. I remember when you had wonderful and informative posts about the US Airways promotions.

    Now you’re blogging about deals on batteries and garbage bags.


    • 2nd, she is just trying to free stuff by getting referrals.

      Fail to mention better 25% and $10 off coupon codes which are stackable.

      • Please share any coupon codes you know! I shared the best I knew, but I haven’t messed with boxed until today so feel free to add to the knowledge base here!

      • Every dollar is certainly appreciated whether it is in the form of real money or paper towels, but I’m pretty sure I have maxed out all of my Boxed referrals (they cap it at 5), so not exactly on target, but please feel free to share your referral if you have one so others can keep saving!

    • Ha ha. Well less money on batteries and garbage bags means more for travel, right? Also blogged about 400 point flights just before this post, so it’s all good…I hope. I just follow the deals wherever they take us, though frankly am pretty excited about this one. Trust me though, no one would love a Grand Slam type offering as much as me!

  2. Personally I find this post very useful. Mommy Points is a lot better than sell-out Gary Leff (Top 10 credit cards to get, posted every week).

  3. Nice list. The forever stamps is a good one.
    They have some stationery stuff but very pricey.
    They carry Nutri Bullet for $100 which is the right price point to get most of the discounts.

    Also if anyone wants to use my referral, thanks in advance.

  4. Well I didn’t go for this promo because I don’t have an Amex card to max this deal out. I find the Chase cards combo and Citi cards to be the best fit for me. But please don’t stop posting similar stories that turn out to be great deals. I just missed that deal you posted about Kroger’s free coupon for Visa cards which is basically free points if you do it right. All day daughters volleyball tournament cost me not seeing that one!

    A few comments were a bit sarcastic but it’s all about saving $ at the end isn’t it?

    • Steve, thanks and that is the point for me indeed. I love saving money anywhere and everywhere, and enjoy sharing those opportunities with anyone interested. While the majority of my posts are travel related, I’m more than happy to include some other deals as they seem relevant to families. Of course not everyone will be into those, but unless a post was “free flights from anywhere to anywhere at anytime” I’m pretty sure no one deal is for everyone. Ha! Sorry you missed the last Kroger coupon, but I’m keeping a close eye on them for next time!

  5. I made my first purchase using a referral link posted in the comments.

    I’d love for you to use my referral link for your purchase to receive $15 off.


    Stamps were gone but now Forever Stamps are back up for sale!
    Thanks in advance for your support!

  6. There was a gift card for PY Chang’s earlier today but it disappeared. I guess you have to be fast to get a restaurant card. The stamps are still there. Thanks for the info on this. I’ve never heard of this site before. My referral ink is:


  7. Here’s my link if anyone wants $15 off their first order.


    Appreciate the post. I received a Chase Visa offer for $20 off $75 and found a few items Sam’s Club couldn’t beat. One note: on paper products, they are rarely apples to apples comparisons. Chairman and Bounty are larger rolls at the big box member-only stores.

    • Where do you find those Chase offers? Your inbox or on your particular Chase card site and if so which card? Thanks.

  8. I’d appreciate it if you used my link for $15 off your first order.

    My favorite thing to order from Boxed is Smash Burger gift cards. You get $100 of gift cards for $84.99. Sometimes chase or Amex have rebates on Boxed orders which makes the net price even cheaper. I use the gift cards with offers on the Smash Burger app and these can be a great value. They often have promotions for buy one entree get one free.


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