Gift Cards for Over 50% Off By Stacking Discounts!

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Update: Outback and other gift cards come and go in-stock every few days, so if you don’t see what you want today…check back!

I know lots of you like to stack discounts and go deal hunting for things outside of just travel, so here is a way you can stack some serious discounts to save over 50% on purchases. They sell similar things to what you might find at a Costco or Sam’s Club, but they do it without a membership required or you needing to leave your home. While you can use my methods below to stock up on paper towels, goldfish crackers, or cereal, if you are in a hurry and don’t want to shop for that stuff right now you can also snag some gift cards for over 50% off (though availability is limited and seems fluid, so act quickly and/or check back if they are sold out when you shop).

Here’s how I got $85 of Outback gift cards, a big Heinz ketchup, and three free sample products for just $35.71 from!

  1. Add the Boxed Amex Offer for a $25 statement credit on a $65+ boxed purchase to one of your Amex cards.
  2. Join via a referral link to save $15 on your first purchase of $60 or more. My code is MH8LY and thank you if you use it. 
  3. Shop by first going through ebates to get 2% back on your purchase as of this writing – of course the percentage could change in the future.
  4. Select your items of choice from Personally, I went for $85 in Outback gift cards for $77.99 + some spicy chili sauce to get my final total just over $65. With the $15 new customer discount that dropped my total price at check out to $65.28.
  5. $65.28 is enough to trigger the Amex Offer statement credit of $25 on $65+ in purchases. Factoring in the cash back I will get from eBates, that means that I got $85 in Outback gift cards + spicy sauce + two free sample products for a total out-of-pocket cost of less than $39! Of course I also earned points on my Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card for paying for the purchase and earned $1.98 in Boxed Bold credit…though I have no idea what that is yet, so I’m not counting it in my calculations.

Boxed Gift Cards.jpg

Shipping was free on my order and I didn’t pay any tax here in Texas, so I’m pretty thrilled with this deal! Did you take advantage of stacking these deals for some serious savings? If so, I’d love to hear what you bought and how much you saved!

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  1. Heads up, the offer is cumulative, so no need to spend $65 on one shot. It can be multiple transactions. Of course free shipping requires a minimum, but you can also make a second purchase later on if needed.

  2. Buy $130 off stuff pay only $43.5

    survey20 -25% off
    7HN93KWQ $10 off
    Amex $25 credit

    Will not stack with $15 referral.

    But if you have referred others and/or rewards from previous purchases, you can stack those.

    I made an order
    130 value
    -32.50 (25% survey20)
    -10.00 (10 off code)
    -15.00 (referrer bonus, not referee)
    -4.00 (previous rewards)

  3. Bummer that the decent gift cards sold out so fast – launched the post within 15 minutes of me picking one up so was hoping they would last a bit longer. I think they do come and go so I’ll keep an eye on it and work on a post for other items in the meantime.

  4. Saw this yesterday and placed one order so far and plan to do more with other Amex cards. Good idea about the gift cards, I didn’t even realize the sold them. I will keep an eye out for some to come back in stock. I know people on slickdeals love to buy stamps, not sure if they are sold out or not yet. Personally, I like to stock up on batteries, Annie’s fruit snacks and feminine products —
    all essentials for a mommy! LOL! Thanks for the post!

  5. FYI, Outback gift cards are back in stock at least in my shipping region. I think stock varies from region to region.

  6. There is a twitter offer for this: #AMEXBoxed. I synched it to my BBVA NBA card so I’m going to wait until NBA Finals week in June to get 5% back using this card. Hopefully more gift cards will be in stock by then. Only saw PF Changs and Nutisystems today.

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