New Promo: Earn Up To 10,000 Bonus American Miles Shopping Partners

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In a similar move to a current Delta promotion, right now American Airlines is also offering a way to earn up to 10,000 bonus miles based on the number of shopping partners you utilize from May 1 – June 15, 2017. The American version of the promotion is more narrow than Delta’s with only four eligible partners, 1-800-Flowers, AAdvantage eShopping, AAdvantage Dining, and the Vinesse Wine Club.

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Earn up to 10,000 Bonus American Miles with Partners

In addition to the regular miles you earn with each of these partners, via this promotion you will also earn up to 10,000 bonus miles if you have qualifying transactions with all four partners. Here’s the bonus breakdown:

  • Qualifying Transaction with 2 Participating Partners, earn 2,000 bonus miles
  • Qualifying Transaction with 3 Participating Partners, earn 5,000 bonus miles
  • Qualifying Transaction with all 4 Participating Partners, earn 10,000 bonus miles

Qualifying Transactions

The terms indicate a $25 minimum for a single dining transaction and a $50 minimum for a single eShopping transaction. Of course with all transactions you must provide your American Airlines AAdvantage number to be sure that the transaction can be traced back to your account.

Earning Over 13,000 Bonus Miles for Less Than $150

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, I could see it being pretty easy to hit 2 – 3 of these partners to earn some nice bonus miles with money you mostly would have spent anyway. I could also see some pushing the envelope to do these transactions largely because of the bonus miles. In that case you would need to spend $25 on dining, $50 via the shopping site, $30 via 1-800-Flowers (maybe you could do better, but that’s about the lowest item that accepts the AA promo code that I spotted on a quick search), and $41.95 for the first month of the Vinesse Wine Club. Conservatively speaking let’s say you earned 2x per dollar via the shopping site (you may do much better), 3x per dollar dining (new members can get a 1,000 mile bonus), 600 for your Flower purchase at $20 base item x 30 miles per dollar, and then 3,000 for your first month of the wine membership assuming you were a new customer. On top of that you would earn the 10,000 mile bonus from this promotion.

That comes to probably at least $146.95 spent and likely at least 13,775 bonus miles earned from the partners and this promo. Your actual earning may be higher, but even those numbers are not too bad. Factor in that some of that money you likely would have spent anyway, at least in the case of the numerous retailers in the eShopping portal, and the math gets even better. There is also an Amex Offer on many Amex cards for a $15 statement credit on a $50 1-800-Flowers purchase, so it may make sense to pay with an Amex with that Amex Offer when you make your 1-800-Flowers purchase to save even more if you have a $50+ order.

Do you think you will go for the American Airlines partner promo? Are you gunning for all 10,000 bonus miles or will you stop at 2 or 3 partners? How do you plan to max this one out?

Thanks to the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook Group for first spotting this promo!

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  1. AA miles are worthless. Its time we stop promoting a program that makes miles virtually worthless. 10,000 bonus miles are maybe worth $30 bucks these days. Time to move on…

    • I’ll happily buy 10,000 AA miles for $30 every day of the week. I totally agree the program isn’t currently what it once was, but I also find the miles far from worthless. However, I totally support skipping a program or promo that isn’t the right fit for you.

    • Good value still for Asia, South America, and Carribean and Etihad First Apartments..

      Considering they are the easiest to accrue post 5/24, I know how to take advantage of the program and this promo.

  2. Personally, not finding AA miles worthless at all for international trips. But I am wondering if you do you read this as it’s ok to already be a member of the dining… just need to do some spending?

  3. Since 1-800-Flowers is a merchant on the AA Shopping Portal, would buying, say, a $50 item (using the Amex Offer) via the Portal accomplish doing business with two partners at once? That would drop the spending requirement to $101.95 for about 13,625 AA miles (10,000 bonus + 3,000 Vinesse + 500 1-800 (at 10x on portal) + 125 (x5 dining)).

  4. The main thing is, would you make these expenditures or very similar ones anyway? If you’re going out and spending money that you’d otherwise hang onto, consider getting the miles a mild discount in price. If you’d spend on those things anyway, it’s a nice bonus. I value 10,000 AAdvantage miles at $120 (1.2 cpm), which is a big decrease ever since they drastically reduced making Saver awards available. If you live at an international hub for AA or a city served by an international partner, and fly internationally, the value will probably be better.

  5. Thank you again for an excellent summary and strategy post. Unfortunately, though, I have to say AA miles have become very difficult to use. Literally, have not found any way to use my half million miles at any reasonable rate of return for the last 6 months, and, I look almost daily for options. You could make the argument that a currency that cannot be used at a reasonable rate of return has become worthless. Guess they are trying to make Delta look good. 😉

  6. It’s funny how things change and there are several negative comments here. I’d have been all over this in the past but don’t really care about AA miles anymore. I even switched from UA to AA at one point because the program was so much better for me.

    Thanks Doug Parker for bringing AAdvantage from first to worst.

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