Video Review of Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica

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As you may have seen, in the last few months I’ve been trying to get my feet wet in the world of creating video reviews for some of our trips. I think video has tons of potential in this space, but it certainly is much more complicated and time intensive than just writing blog posts, so I’m keeping the number of videos I make to no more than about one or two a month for now. That said, I just finished a video review of the Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica, and if you are at all interested in that property I’d love if you would take a look!

If you don’t hate like the video and feel like giving it a “like” or subscribing to my Youtube channel that would be fantastic. The written reviews here will be where we dive down into the nitty gritty of the property, but I think the video does a solid job at giving an overall feel for the property. You can also check out my first impressions of the resort here and head inside the (included!) kid’s club.

If there is anything specific you want to be sure I include in the detailed written reviews of the Andaz Papagayo, please let me know. I hope to have those done in the next couple of days! Of course suggestions for future videos are also welcome.

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  1. This is amazing! My family and I are traveling to the Andaz Papagayo on Saturday and are so excited. We have a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old, so hoping it all goes smoothly. Any tips for us with small kids? We were torn over bringing a travel stroller or not and just sticking with a baby carrier for the baby. Thoughts? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Oh gosh…so a tough part is the stairs and hills and such. Honestly a stroller wouldn’t be ideal so baby carrier may be fine. Just pack sturdy shoes!

    • Consider writing them in advance and asking for a room assignment in a ‘lower’ building (4-7 IIRC), on the 2nd floor (buildings have 3 floors of rooms, you enter on the 2nd floor). That will stop you from needing to do 80 stairs every time you want to leave your room. The only thing you’d every need to go up for would be the spa. The lobby, main restaurant, family pool, and kids club would all be on the same level as your room.

      • That’s good advice. We were building 2 and there was a lot of stairs to go most anywhere. The second level of an individual building would also help. I would bet they would be as helpful as possible if you emailed with them in advance and let them know you were coming with two little ones.

        • Thank you so much to both of you for your suggestions! I emailed and requested a lower building and 2nd floor room. Thanks again!!

          • Perfect – fingers crossed for you. Also, if you are at all remotely interested in coffee be sure to sign-up for the barista class. The ceviche and mixology classes also get very high marks from our crew!

    • Oh yes, it was really that empty. We were there in mid-May which is off-season/shoulder season. We got excited when we would see people! Ha ha. Our group was six people and I think we made up a decent percentage of occupancy. Seriously though, We did see a few dozen guests there each day, but honestly that was about it.

  2. I am convinced to go one day, but this year we are looking at a mid-Oct time frame, and from what I’ve read, it’s the rainy season. I don’t mind a bit of rain, but increased bugs/mosquitoes makes me hesitant. I’ll definitely try for another time of year though, it looks gorgeous.

    • Bugs are a thing here as it is the jungle. I’m not personally adverse to rainy season as long as you know what you are getting into. They said during rainy season it rains a bit most days but then is fine. I don’t need to be out and about all day, so that isn’t an issue and the perk of fewer people makes it okay. However, I am sure the “golden season” here from Dec – April when it is sunny everyday is quite enjoyable!

  3. Thanks for the review mommypoints. Our family went last august in a similar suite (Building 7 corner unit) when we were diamond. My kids will never forget waking up to the sounds of the howler monkeys out by our balcony. We don’t have those here in Alabama. 🙂 You nailed everything that we loved about this resort. When my son heard your video playing, he walked up behind me and watched it – we relived some of our memories. Thanks!

    One caveat – we rented a car with alamo. I have rented in several countries, but this was the hardest insurance sell I have ever had. I had already researched what I needed, but he refused to let me leave without paying for the most expensive insurance option. He pretty much yelled at me and told me that there is no way that any american insurance company or credit card would cover me because the roads in costa rica are considered third world. I flat out refused and he went to get a manager. I asked him why they offer 3 different insurances if they force you to pick the highest. He let me pick the basic required insurance and off we went. The roads were just fine. The same gentleman that rented us the vehicle was there when we returned it and he couldn’t have been nicer. What a strange interaction.

    We are definitely looking to return here even if it is in a (gasp) regular room and we have to pay for breakfast. It is easy to get spoiled with status. No globalist love for our family this year. We will miss watching the monkeys from the enormous shower for sure. I have been to quite a few properties and have never seen a bigger shower. Kudos to the Andaz. A few of the employees recommended building 7 for monkey viewing and they were right on the money. We saw the white face and howler monkeys multiple days while sipping coffee on the balcony. The howler monkeys would hang on the tree branch about 1 foot from our balcony. Great work Mommypoints!

  4. Very beautiful. If only this place had a lounge to help curb food costs. MP- is there a list somewhere that shows which Hyatts have Club Lounges? I have 4 passes to use up….

      • Amazing! Thank you! I’ve searched everywhere can’t seem to find. I know a lot of us probably scored the 4 lounge passes with the Mlife status match trick.

  5. Awesome video. This makes me want to go! Do you know if the breakfast area is outdoors or is it enclosed? I’m afraid if it’s outdoors, the bugs will be bothersome while eating. How was the bug situation, especially the mosquitoes? Did any get in your room? I was at Koh Samui and Siem Reap, and I had so many bugs/mosquitoes in my room. What do you think is a good amount of time to stay there is? For the transportation that is $59, do we have to pay in cash? Or can we pay via cc? Will you do a review of the breakfast and what’s included?
    Thanks so much!

    • Angie, thanks for the nice words. Video is a whole new ballgame – ha! So, breakfast is outdoors, but bugs weren’t really an issue there on our trip. Not sure if it was the elevation, the fans, or luck. I didn’t have any bug issues in our room either. However, there are bugs and mosquitos. I was bit at lunch at Ostra some, but I didn’t have any spray on for that meal. I personally think four nights is a good number here, and in fact I think that is their average stay length. The $59 was in cash USD. I will absolutely review breakfast soon!

      • We also didn’t see any bugs at breakfast, but we did have a few bugs in our suite. We sprayed some bug spray at the entrance of our suite (inside and outside) and the situation was quickly rectified. We were there in August.

        In my other response, I forgot to mention the hummingbirds. On our daily walks around the resort, my daughter and I enjoyed observing all of the different colors. It was fantastic!

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