Amex Platinum Now Gets You Into Three More Lounges in the US!

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The American Express Platinum Cards such as The Platinum Card® from American Express
and  Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN are probably the best premium rewards credit cards when it comes to airport lounge access. When you fly, they provides access not only to their own network of Centurion Lounges, but also to Delta Sky Clubs, Priority Pass Lounges, Airspace Lounge, and now the Escape Lounge locations in the United States!


There are currently three Escape Lounges in the United States, all of which have just opened in the last few years. These lounges are located in: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Oakland International Airport (OAK) and Bradley International Airport (BDL) near Hartford.

Escape Lounge MSP

Escape Lounge MSP photo from Escape MSP Facebook Page

I haven’t yet had the chance to visit an Escape Lounge in person, but they look pretty nice with hot food offerings on their buffets including items such as: in-house Roasted Mary’s Chicken, vegetable minestrone soap, farro and beet salad, avocado and goat cheese toast, mac and cheese made with baia pasta and cheddar and parmesan cheese, and kale salad.

Escape Lounge Buffet

Escape Lounge MSP photo from Escape MSP Facebook Page

They also offer complimentary sodas, juices, beer, red wine, white wine, sparking wine, scotch, bourbon, tequila, and more. If you are feeling fancy, there are also “premium” food and beverage options available for an additional fee. To enter these lounges just present your same day airline ticket, Amex Platinum Card, and ID to get yourself and up to two traveling companions in for no additional fee. According to the Escape Lounge website, children under two are admitted at no additional charge.

Escape Lounge OAK

Escape Lounge OAK photo from Escape OAK Facebook Page

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have been through one of these Escape Lounge locations in the past. Given how crowded the awesome but popular Amex Centurion Lounges can be, I’m thrilled to see Amex growing their list of accessible lounges across the country.


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  1. I’ve been to the MSP one around breakfast time. It was quiet and a nice alternative to the airline lounges. While food options aren’t extensive, they are pretty good and better than what you would get in the airline lounges. The MSP one is a priority pass lounge while the other Escape lounges aren’t I believe.

  2. There’s something odd about this announcement, in particular the MSP lounge being “added.” I travel regularly to that airport and have been accessing Escape lounge there via my Priority Pass benefit from Amex Platinum for many months. And recently with the ability to bring two guests through the expanded PP guest policy on the card.

    Wondering what it means that they are adding that lounge access directly via Amex. Is the lounge leaving PP? Or is there some benefit to Amex of having people directly log that lounge entry to their card benefit instead of to the related PP account? It’s just weird.

    Having said that, it’s quite a nice lounge, and just a few steps inside TSA checkpoint. Slightly better food options than Delta club but the recent upgrade to the main Delta club at MSP makes it competitive. But also usually more crowded than Escape.

    • I am not sure, though it is interesting that only the MSP location was on Priority Pass and not the other two locations. Not sure what that means for future access, but glad it is on the Platinum line-up! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  3. I am MSP based and have been using the Escape lounge for over a year and it started accepting Priority Pass around 2 weeks after it was open. Although I have access to the Delta lounges the Escape lounge at MSP has some advantages over the Delta lounge depending on your needs. The Escape lounge is a quiet place if tou want to relax or work/make a call while the Delta lounges can be a zoo with so many people. Also, the Escape lounge has an amazing espresso and coffee machine that puts the one at the Delta lounge to shame. It also offers bottles of water you can take with you while the Delta lounge only offers water to drink inside the lounge. Food is way better at the Delta lounge but the Escape offers a decent selection and chocolates :)) Last, the Escape lounge is located close to the E concourse while the Delta lounges are at the F/G and (gate C11) concourses so you have an option if your flight leaves from D, E or C (gates 1 to 8). I used Escape lounges in many countries and they are often very good.

    • I am MSP based as well. I love this lounge. I’ve reviewed it several times on the blog and each time the experience has been pretty good. It’s been getting a lot of press lately and its getting more and more crowded. The bartenders are really friendly and they always make you feel welcome. I guess my biggest complaint is the food options tend to stay the same for months at a time. Currently the sliders are really good with the Korean flavor.

      I wonder if we have been at the lounge at the same time before?

      • @John the Wanderer: Good to hear you are a travel blogger based at MSP. Maybe ee should connect since I love connecting with people that enjoy travel like me. I was at the Escape lounge this morning. I switch between that lounge and the Delta lounges depending on the time of the day and which gate I am flying out. I always use the Escape when traveling with my family since I won’t pay Delta lounge access for my kids.

        Summer: please feel free to share my email with John if possible. Tks!!!

  4. Priority pass with Amex will charge you for guest. With this benefit according to the post you get two free guests. So in MSP check in with your Amex versus your priority pass if you have guests. That’s the added benefit!

  5. Escape isn’t prepared for the increased traffic. We’ve used the MSP one for a while on priority pass. Once priority pass included guests, the food started disappearing too quickly (eg, most of breakfast gone by 8 am Saturday and most of dinner gone by 6 pm on a Tuesday this past week). Unlike the airline clubs, it’s not replenished. The staffing is light as well. We will continue to use because the kids get in free unlike the delta club, but they are trying to sell this for day passes too and the dropoff in what used to be better food options is a proble.

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