Coming Change to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Annual Travel Credit

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Many of the premium rewards credit cards have a built-in annual travel credit of some sort, but they all execute it in their own quirky ways that can get a little confusing from card to card. The Chase Sapphire Reserve’s annual $300 travel credit has been one of the most generous in that it works for any travel charge and it is issued once each “calendar year” meaning in your first cardmember year you could theoretically get it twice. Note that calendar year does not mean 12/31, but rather when your first December statement credit closes. 

However, for applications for the Chase Sapphire Reserve submitted May 21, 2017 and later, that part of the perk will be changing a bit as “annual” will now mean the account open date through the first statement date after your account open date anniversary and then every 12 monthly billing cycles after that. In other words, if you apply on May 20, 2017, you will be eligible for your second $300 annual travel credit after your first December 2017 statement date closes. However, if you apply on May 22, 2017, your second $300 annual statement credit won’t be available until roughly May 2018.

This won’t make a huge difference if you are keeping the card for the long haul, but it does make a fair amount of difference in the first year in terms of timing for your travel credit. If you get totally confused, just call the number on the back of your card to see when you are eligible for your next travel credit. There is also a built-in travel credit track on their website so you can see how much of the credit for the year you have used thus far. Mine has all been used up….until December when I’ll get a fresh $300.


Thanks to Doctor of Credit for sharing news of this coming change. 


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  1. Just pulled the trigger yesterday and got approved. Now I can use that 300 credit to purchase my tickets to Thailand beforehand, I’ll use another 300 after December for traveling to Phuket!

    • Twice within 12 months…if you got it in Dec 16 you would get another $300 in Jan 17…soon it will be $300 every 12 months

  2. The suggestion here is that you can somehow get two $300 statement credits in the first year, if you get your card before the change on 5/21. So if I get my card today, can I use the $300 next week and then another $300 in December – two credits in 2017? Then also turn around and use $300 more in January 2018? Please advise as this is not clear.

    • Travelsalot, yes to getting the card before this change kicks in and getting a 2017 $300 travel credit to use by Dec 2017, and then you would get another to use after your first Dec ’17 statement closes. You likely won’t be eligible for a third until Dec 2018.

  3. The change will eventually make a $300 difference to most customers. Unless you keep the card until death, you’ll get one fewer $300 rebate under the new plan than under the old plan (if done strategically), depending of course on the precise date of enrollment, date of use of the credit, and date of death.

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