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I’m a little embarrassed to write this post, and I know many of you won’t care at all about this topic since it isn’t squarely in the travel world, but for the handful that will hopefully find it useful in saving a few dollars, I’m going to push forward anyway. First, a tiny bit of background. My first daughter can tell you every fact about foxes, wolves, dogs, and the Titanic, but she couldn’t care less what she wears, and certainly wouldn’t seek out ruffly “girly” type outfits 99% of the time. Honestly, if I didn’t ‘force’ her to put on clothes, change clothes daily, etc. I’m not convinced she would.

She humored me with matching her sister at Easter.

She humored me with matching her sister at Easter.

My second daughter, however, is the opposite. She is the toddler you see happily wearing sunglasses, headbands, bows, frills, and dresses because she loves the way they make her feel. She is still only a one year old, but she chooses her clothes and shoes most days, and gets very excited about fluffy, frilly, colorful outfits. She has strong opinions if you try to get her to wear the “wrong” shoes or outfit.


This is in no way me projecting those likes onto her in the slightest, but I have allowed her to lead me down the rabbit hole of “frilly baby clothes”, as I like to call it. The other more official name for it is Matilda Jane.

I had happily ignored their colorful and frilly clothes for years as they just weren’t exactly my style (which consists largely of jeans with holes and a plain colored t-shirt), but I have a friend who sells these clothes, so I went to one of her events a few months ago and let my toddler give the soft, colorful, frilly clothes and accessories a try. Not surprisingly, she went nuts. This was her heaven! She legitimately started twirling and petting the dresses she tried on while looking in the mirror like she was looking at a princess. It was insane to watch a one year old instinctively do this when I am 100% certain she has never seen that behavior at home…unless maybe Josh twirls in his dresses when I’m not watching. 

Much to my wallet’s chagrin we have added to her “frilly baby clothes” collection little by little over the past few months since this isn’t the kind of stuff that is in the “hand me down” clothing boxes from our first daughter. But y’all, this Matilda Jane stuff while very, very soft and well made, does not come cheap. To add insult to injury, it rarely goes on sale and there is no cashback or shopping portal bonuses to ease the pain.

However, when I saw that Matilda Jane was a Zulily offering today (my link), I was quite interested. Zulily obviously was offering Matilda Jane items at a discount over the sticker price, but the deal actually gets better than that with a little strategy. With Zuliliy you pay the $5.95 shipping charge once, but then your subsequent orders for the following two days do not have shipping charges. Normally I only place one order so that doesn’t matter to me at all, but this free shipping after the first order is key to making this particular deal sweet.

The other key to this deal is that Masterpass (similar to Visa Checkout) is currently offering $10 off your $20+ Zulily order. This discount is valid up to ten times and is automatically applied when you select the Masterpass checkout option, which is also very key.

Zulily Masterpass Discount.jpg

It just so happens that lots of the frilly baby clothes items are priced at a little over $20 each – and trust me, that is a legit discount over the $30 – $40 that many of these items usually run. Once you get your first order with the $5.95 shipping out of the way you can then place subsequent orders with no shipping charges for a couple of days. Since the $10 discount is triggered on a $20+ order, I recommend ordering things one at a time.

For example, we got a pair of these “shorties” that absolutely retail for $32 for just $12.99 shipped with the $10 discount, which is much, much more palatable price point for a kid’s summer outfit than $32. That still isn’t “cheap”, so I don’t blame you if you still aren’t interested, but for those who have fallen down the rabbit hole of “frilly baby clothes” you will probably be quite pleased with that price as even used Matilda Jane stuff often goes on eBay for more than that…


Of course you can replicate this process to save on pretty much anything on the Zulily site, at least until they change the rules on us. As for me, I’m doing some shopping for my toddler’s upcoming second birthday. My first daughter would have DIED if clothes were given to her as a birthday present, but I’m thinking daughter #2 will be very pleased.

And for what it is worth, this stuff really does pack and travel quite nicely. Okay, now back to travel…

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  1. We are a Tea Collection/Mini Boden family over here but this post was great because, if nothing else, it’s so nice to hear stories from other families with two girls who are really different. For better or for worse, these little sisters sure know how to make their opinions known at a VERY young age. *Sheesh*

  2. I can SOO relate to this post. Although my expensive children’s clothing brand of choice is Janie and Jack. Thanks for posting, just ordered my first Matilda Jane outfit through this deal. Let’s hope we don’t get hooked!!

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