Earn Triple British Airways Points Shopping: Up To 24x Points Per Dollar!

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Right now you can earn an unusually high number of British Airways Avios per dollar spent via their online shopping site at selected retailers via a 3x bonus that runs from May 25 – May 31, 2017! These are seriously high totals at some retailers that rarely go above 1x point per dollar such as Apple, Walmart, and Pottery Barn.

Some of the 3x offers include:

  • Apple 6x
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond 12x
  • Blue Nile 15x
  • eBags 24x
  • Home Depot 9x
  • Neiman Marcus 18x
  • Overstock.com 21x
  • Pottery Barn 18x
  • Sam’s Club 12x
  • Sears 12x
  • Sunglass Hut 24x
  • Target 6x
  • Walmart 12x
  • West Elm 18x

I love using British Airways Avios for booking short haul partner awards, though they are admittedly less useful while American Airlines is being super stingy with releasing saver awards. Still, I highly recommend giving preference to shopping via this site while the 3x points bonus is going on!:

Thanks to @tmount on Twitter for sharing news of this offer!

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  1. […] Earn Triple Avios Through Shopping:  You can earn as much as 24 Avios per dollar at some retailers when shopping through the British Airways Shopping Portal between May 25 through May 31, 2017.  Avios can be super valuable with short haul flights on partner airlines.  Some of the participating retailers are pretty good as well, so if you have some shopping to do anyway, you might as well earn some extra points for it. […]


  1. Thanks for the heads up going to do some shopping today. I still find decent saver award availability on last minute AA shuttle flights on the east cost except for Friday and Sunday. These are unique since the last minute cash price is often expensive while availability is good Mon-Thur and on Saturday.

    • Awesome! There are still some good uses of AA miles for sure…just not as many as there were 12 – 18 months ago.

  2. Well this is weird but when I go to my account and look at this offer, it doesn’t show any of the stores you list. It mostly shows businesses that appear to be in England?? I can’t even find Home Depot or Target listed in their shopping portal. Wonder why?

  3. 7 of my last 8 purchases this spring on BA Avios shopping have either not tracked or tracked at a lower payout rate. Prepare to keep meticulous notes (merchant, order #s, etc.) and many back and forth secure message with lengthy dark periods and prolonged resolution times.

    • Yep, the Avios eShop, Gate 365, whatever they call themselves now, are very strict when it comes to T&C compliance. You may get lucky every now and then, but for the most part if you purchase a type of item that’s listed as an exclusion, you will not earn the Avios for that retailer.
      The vendor that irks me the most is eBags.com, they’re at 24 Avios/dollar, but their exclusions include all electronics. This is a total bummer because eBags sells Bose headphones & portable speakers (which I’m currently in the market for).

  4. My biggest disappointment with BA and its Avios program is the same with almost every other loyalty program: award travel is NEVER available on the dates or routes I need. I am planning a family vacation in Europe for the summer. We will fly in and out of London so I thought about using a ton of Avios I have from my old BA credit card application but every date and route I entered in their website shows no availability. 🙁

    • You’re absolutely spot on, Avios are difficult to use when you have exact date needs. Is there a nearby alternate airport you could include in your search? I.e. I live in Austin and we currently have one flight a day which is typically booked solid, however, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston are feasible alternates.

  5. Anyone ordered from overstocked through the BA portal? It excludes sale items from the payout, but basically all items on their site are on sale? I’m wondering if that means you get the points or not? Thanks!

    • You will not earn Avios on sale and clearance items, which is terrible because buying at their normal prices is a rip off. We were looking at a sleeper sofa for $1300 on OS that would have qualified for the 21 Avios/$, but then did a quick search on Google Shopping and found the exact same piece for $765 elsewhere.
      You’re better off with the Pottery Barn offer with 18 Avios/$ and using your MPX App for an additional 3 United MileagePlus miles/$ (+25% if you’re a Chase MP Cardholder. PB has no purchase restrictions posted making it very shopper-friendly.

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