Look Inside the Beautiful Delta Sky Club in Atlanta

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I recently flew Delta home from Atlanta and found myself with a few extra minutes at the airport, so I headed to the nearest Delta Sky Club to check it out and maybe grab a ‘free’ bite to eat. You can get complimentary access to Delta Sky Clubs via having a Platinum Card® from American Express when flying Delta with a same-day boarding pass, but even though I have flown Delta a couple times this year, I haven’t used that benefit since it only applies to the cardholder and your guests ring in at a discounted rate of $29 each, which usually isn’t worth it for my kids.


However, since it was just me, my Platinum Amex, and my Delta boarding pass, I headed into the Delta Sky Club in Atlanta’s Concourse B near gate B18. This flagship Delta Sky Club opened less than a year ago and is massive, bright, and airy at close to 25,000 square, second in size only to the Sky Club in New York’s – JFK’s T4 facility.

This was my first visit to this lounge, and it really was impressive as you entered and walked through the long hallway of art they dub “THE GALLERY” and into the main lobby where they check your credentials.

Delta Concourse B SkyClub

There was ample seating all around the large club that consisted of more seating options than just your standard issue airline lounge chair. For example, they also had these cozy booths with chargers that reminded me of seating in the Amex Centurion Lounges.

Better still, there were seats with quite a nice view of the airport operations below.

Of course most people come to an airline lounge not just for a place to sit, but also to get a snack or a drink, and the Delta Sky Club had those as well. There were two portions to the buffet area, one with salad items and another section with hot and cooked items like soup, breads, cookies and mac and cheese.

The mac and cheese may have been great, but I was not in the mood for carb filled cheese at that particular moment so I can’t give any personal recommendations one way or the other. It does look like something my girls would have enjoyed had they been in the lounge, and overall their offerings certainly seemed better than the standard domestic airline offerings of just a couple of years ago.

This club does not have the variety of food selections you would find in an Amex Centurion Lounge, but it wasn’t bad for a domestic airline lounge.

Even if you aren’t in the mood for any of the snacks, they have plenty of beverages in the Delta Sky Club to help you out.

They have self-serve sodas, waters, and a fancy coffee machine, which is great. In the majority of the United Clubs I have visited you have to go to the bar for a soda, which isn’t as convenient as just getting it yourself….especially if you are short on cash for tips.

As you would expect there is also a bar, but you may not have been expecting a wine wall where you can pay to try wines from around the world. If this appeals to you, know that the Amex Centurion Lounge in San Francisco also has a version of this, but without a fee for the wines.

I may be a weirdo, but especially if I am traveling with kids, one of my personal favorite features of airline lounges is having access to nicer and less crowded restrooms than in the terminal, and the Delta Sky Club delivers in that respect.

You may have noticed the lack of a photo of the lounge as a whole, and that is because the lounge is just so open that there is no way to do that without including dozens of people in the shot, which didn’t seem like the friendly thing to do. This openness of the large room looks very nice when the club isn’t too crowded, but I would be a little worried how the lack of very many nooks and crannies plays out when the lounge is filled to capacity.

I would absolutely enjoy a visit to this lounge again on a future trip to Concourse B in Atlanta, but while it is a good option for solo travelers who can get in without a fee using their Amex Platinum and a same-day Delta boarding pass, it isn’t a lounge I would focus on for families since you would have to shell out an extra $29 for guests if you are entering via an Amex Platinum and there is no family room.

What are your thoughts on this Delta Sky Club in Atlanta?

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  1. When I fly, I fly Delta and a good part of the time end up in Atlanta for part of the Trip. The Delta lounge at B18 in Atlanta is a good one. Have been there 3 times in the last 6 months. My most recent trip was last week where I introduced my wife to this lounge. She was quite impressed with it. The soup, salad and crackers hit the spot. I also get in to the lounge using my Amex Platinum and use it to pay for my wife’s entry. One good thing to know about the $29 charged for her, is if you have chosen Delta as your airline of choice on the Amex Platinum card for the $200 yearly credit, your lounge access (in this case for my wife’s fee) will get refunded. If you don’t have a Yearly membership for Delta Lounges then the Amex Platinum card is a great choice to use for the lounges if you have same day travel on Delta.

    • Yes, very true about the $200 airline fee credit. I use mine up by like January 5th, but if you space yours out throughout the year then this is indeed a good way to put it to solid use.

  2. If I apply for the increased Delta offer now, can I use the statement credit to purchase a Delta gift card and use the gift card later this year for lounge access?

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