Positive Update on Free JetSmarter Trial Memberships

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A few days ago I shared a very interesting promotion put on by JetSmarter, a company that facilitates private jet flights, where they would offer a three-month free Simple membership for those who could prove they have either top tier airline elite status or 1,000,000 miles or credit card points in one account. In fact, you don’t have to currently have the 1,000,000 miles in one account at the moment – you just have to have that as a provable lifetime cumulative total in that one account.

I had a healthy dose of skepticism that this would all work out as that seemed like quite a generous offer, but I am thrilled to say that as of this morning I was told via email that my three month “simple” JetSmarter membership was approved. I share this so that if you think you might meet the criteria for this promo, you might want to go ahead and submit your information to status.verify@jetsmarter.com. The promo has a posted end date of July 1, 2017.


This three month JetSmarter simple membership will give you:

  • Complimentary single-seat bookings on posted JETSHUTTLE routes worldwide
  • Complimentary single-seat bookings on empty-leg JETDEALS for spontaneous getaways
  • Access to on-demand whole aircraft PRIVATECHARTERS for you and your friends
  • Access to on-demand SHAREDCHARTERS customized to suit your schedule and shared with fellow members

I think to get the most out of this promo and this company, you probably need to be a single traveler located in a major area like New York or Los Angeles with some relatively last minute flexibility, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some fun and unique opportunities over a three month period even if you don’t meet those criteria. I know I am hoping to leverage this three month membership into some opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Anyone else now have a few months of private jet membership on their summer agenda?

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    • Honestly probably not much. Some of the random deals do pop up for Houston and they have the shuttle flights to Dallas it seems. I’m also going to be in NYC some this summer so maybe from there.

  1. Where can you see a route map or anything if it even makes sense to sign up. I qualify for the offer either way but I am not sure if i should waste my time if i cant use it at all.

    I cant find a time table with jetshuttle flights or anything like that. I am close to SFO, which i consider a major airport, but I dont know how jetsmarter categorizes sfo….

    • Download the app. The Shuttle icon on the top left displays shuttle flights sorted by area of the country. The Deals icon displays one-off flights.

    • I hate this. When nowadays everything gets pushed to app only. Its so much more convenient to do it on a pc. Most apps are just a customized website but they wont let you access it from a PC.

      I guess I have to waste more memory of my phone for an app i only want to check really quick a connection 🙁

      Thanks for the advice guys…

        • Yeah, I will give it a try 🙂 lets see what happens. I guess if it shows $0 for a member, that means its a free flight. the only problem is finding one going back 😉 its a little bit of a gamble

  2. Summer — What exactly did you submit to prove 1 million lifetime miles? I have 200k+ miles in my AA account, and I can show in my history that I’ve spent over 800k miles in the last couple of years. So that (plus my various other miles earned) easily exceeds 1 million.

    But I don’t actually have any sort of lifetime “million miler” status.

    Do you know which they have in mind – a total of million miles earned, or actual lifetime million miler status?

    • It has to be in one account, so if your lifetime miles in your AA account can show that it would work. I don’t think it actually has to be million miler status. I would think if you just took screen shots of your current balance and redemptions in recent years exceeding 1 million that should stand a good chance. I just submitted airline elite status with Alaska.

  3. Hmm to bad,
    free flights are only for trips under 3 hour flight time. Everything else is an upcharge…

    Lets see, how often I can use this.

    • yeah it could be very well. heck they are even offering 3 month for free without this promotion just after i signed up in the app.but as long as you are not paying for anything 😉

  4. Question: I just got approved for this as well and was searching on the app. Its states that the seat is free on the jet shuttle but I select it and it shows a certain cost for some flights that have all seats open? Is that negated on the confirmation of booking the seat? or do you just have to keep searching until you find one that says $0 ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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