Free JetSmarter Deal Honored, But Also Now Dead

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Last week I shared news of a seemingly ‘too good to be true’ offer from JetSmarter that awarded three months of free private jet membership for those who could prove they have top tier airline elite status, or 1,000,000 miles and points, or even a lifetime earning total where you have already spent some of the miles but could prove you earned them at some point. It was really a pretty generous offering and I did not expect it to last very long; sure enough the landing page for the offer is now down.  In truth, it lasted longer than I expected.


For those who got in on the crazy offer before it ended, the good news is those requests for three free months of private jet access seem to be processing just fine. Okay, so I guess it wasn’t free, instead they charged $1. After paying the $1 invoice my membership is now active and ready for me to jump on a free private flight that works with my schedule. Is that crazy or what?! No really, I’ve seen crazy things, but this is near the top of the list.

The simple membership that is included in this offer does naturally have limitations. You can’t charter your own private flight for free, or utilize the longer 3+ hour shuttle services, to fly transcon flights or New York – London for free. However, you can book a free seat on most scheduled shuttles under 3 hours such as:

  • New York – Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC
  • Los Angeles – San Francisco, Las Vegas
  • Miami – Bahamas
  • Orlando – Miami
  • London – Paris
  • Paris – Nice

I was hoping the Houston – Dallas shuttle route would be included as it is obviously under 3 hours and was something I could certainly make use of, but it seems that there are currently no scheduled shuttle flights on that route. If you are the one to initiate the shuttle (essentially a shared charter) you have to shell out over $2,300 for the first two seats on the flight. However if someone else initiates that shuttle flight, then other JetSmarter members can hop on ‘for free’. In other words, you need to stalk the app….which I have been doing to an embarrassing degree.

The most exciting included free options with this level of JetSmarter membership are the ones that will be the least predictable via their ‘deals’ section. With these deals you can sometimes get up to two free seats on last minute open legs such as New York – Montreal, Nassau – Ft. Lauderdale, Austin – Tuscon, Cleveland – Ft. Lauderdale, Miami – Chicago, etc. These flights seem to be within the next 36 hours and you never know what will pop up. Those examples given are all ones available today, so tomorrow there will be a whole new round of flights available.

Keep in mind that lots of times the airports served may not be the larger airports you are used to but instead the smaller secondary airports. For example, it may say New York, but the airports are not usually LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark but instead are typically places like Teterboro, While Plains, Trenton, Farmingdale, etc.

I still can’t believe I can theoretically get on a private plane this afternoon for no out of pocket cost just because of miles and points. However, since I live near Houston and not in a hotspot like New York or South Florida my ability to hop on the included flights will be minimal, but I still have three months to make it happen and I fully intend on doing that and sharing the experience with you guys!

Anyone else get in on this deal? How do you plan to put it to use?

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  1. Hmm there methods really seem to be a ponzi scheme. If they say free that means free and thats what they advertised. everything else is a clear lie and deception. Its also strange that the quote you a 3-month simple membership with 5000 USD. Thats the same amount the quote for an annual simple membership. I dont really trust this deal. Lets see what happens. A shared private jet is like flying one of the smaller airplanes with no service. It could be bad or good, depends on who you get mixed up with 😉

    Let us know how your first trip turned out. The bad thing is they wont let you book a return flight before you are not wheels up on your outbound flight. So they might could just elimnate the shuttle flight back and make you pay for it. Its a gamble, because they are in full control and they can bring up any excuse and you cant proof it. I will try to get a free flight too. It just sounds to good to be true and some research on the company didnt reveal to many positive aspects…But lets see what happens, maybe a positive surprise. Only downside is, you dont earn miles on this flights 😉

  2. Yes a complete joke. Bait and switch. Not even a real membership. They don’t even honor their own deal. Good luck to them with this gross business model.

  3. I got my account approved now and have the simple membership plan but I didnt had to pay a cent for it. completely free.
    Lets see if i get to use it. I had my first trip planned for this weekend but work project came up and i have to travel now somewhere else for business…

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