5 Easy Ways We Saved Money + Earned Bonus Miles This Weekend

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I love the big scores and huge bonuses as much (or more) than anyone else, but I also have nothing against some of the smaller savings and bonuses you can rack up travel or everyday expenses. Those savings can really add up over time and sometimes they are more sustainable routes to stretching your miles and dollars than the big scores. While none of this is likely to blow your socks off, I still want to share some of the five small ways we have saved money and earned miles in the last few days in case it inspires you to do the same. Of course I really want to hear about your small ways to save and earn in the comments!


1. Easy $20 statement credit for paying AT&T cell phone bill thanks to an Amex Offer

Instead of letting the monthly auto-pay for my cell phone to my Ink Plus go through to earn 5x points as normal, I recently made a $200 online payment from my registered Amex card to get a $20 statement credit for the $200+ AT&T payment. I also did that last month and will do it again next month for an easy total $60 in savings for doing very, very little work.

2. 5x points and $10 off Disney at Office Depot 

We head to Disney World soon, and I’ll take every opportunity to earn extra points and save money on our expenses there. Along those lines, I recently headed to Office Depot to buy a $50 Disney gift card use up an Amex Offer that gives me $10 statement credit on a $50+ Office Depot purchase. That is a quick and easy $10 off at Disney! While I was there I also got another Disney gift card I purchased with my Ink Plus to earn 5x Ultimate Reward points since I bought it at an office supply store. I will add the caveat that on one of my recent Office Depot trips I was told by three people that the register no longer allowed any gift card to be purchased with any credit card, but I’ve made two successful trips since then, so that must have not been 100% accurate.

Saving on our lunch at Be Our Guest!

3. Get a $10 Amazon Credit at CVS

Right now there is an interesting Amazon promo that can net you $10 in Amazon credit per Amazon account for essentially loading just $20 to your Amazon account balance. The catch? You have to load that $20 in a participating store such as a CVS Pharmacy or Game Stop via the “Amazon Cash” program, but if you do that you get an easy $10 in Amazon savings!

4. Rack up untold savings by tracking recent purchases with Citi Price Rewind

My girls’ feet are growing at exceptional rates right now, which means that the shoes I thought would get them through the summer probably won’t. So that they don’t end up just roaming around barefoot, I stocked up on a few more pairs in bigger sizes over the weekend. While I did my best to find deals, I still paid with a Citi credit card and am having the Citi Price Rewind tool track the prices for me for the next 60 days so I can get an automatic statement credit for the price difference if the tool finds a lower price during that time.

5. 50% Off + 10x miles on Panera delivered

My all time favorite Panera salad (hello watermelon feta!) is back, so I placed a lunch order for us and it turns out it was even cheaper to have it delivered by using the code CBDJUNED to save 50% off the delivered order (max savings of $12.50). It also stacks with any Panera Rewards you may have racked up. If you plan to use that code, be aware that Panera codes inexplicably work for some locations and not others…

Fear not, we did add a tip!

On top of the discounts we then took the $17.94 we still owed and bought a Panera gift card for that amount via the MileagePlus X app to earn 5x United miles through that app + 5x Ultimate Reward points by paying for that gift card in the app with the Chase Freedom that is awarding 5x at restaurants this quarter. I often have trouble leaving a tip on a Panera gift card, so we did that separately.

By themselves none of these things are huge deals, but when you approach life looking for ways to save and maximize rewards it truly adds up. Just these five easy ways to save over the weekend added up to $50 in cash in our pockets, over a thousand easy bonus miles and points, and the potential for even more savings via the Price Rewind tool. What are some ways you have recently saved money or earned bonus miles?

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  1. While Hilton has recently made it more difficult to score big on redeeming Honors points, they are clearly making it easier to earn more of them to begin with by incurring some spend.

    I have booked Hilton rooms on the San Antonio River Walk. Instead of using points (not an optimal use in this case), I plan on spending $500. That spend will generate over 20,000 Honors points at my Gold Level, enough to turn around and apply next month as Points & Money at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder resort near Santa Fe to get out of this heat! It is enough to completely cover a 1-night stay at many Hilton Garden Inns. Bentonville Arkansas is a picture postcard perfect little town…hmmm.

    I will break the numbers out for anyone interested, but the magic lies mostly with Hilton’s current “Double Points On Every Stay” promotion thru 8.31.17 along with my Gold Status thru my Hilton Honors Surpass AMEX. I will also be awarded a $60 statement credit by AMEX for spending $300 on the same card with Hilton. The credit comes off the back end, thereby ensuring I earn full points for my stay.

    20,000 Honors points is worth $100-$120. Along with my $60 cash back, I will, in effect, drop my $500 stay to $320.

    Money makes points. And the points that money makes, makes points. A slight variation of Benjamin Franklin’s infamous quote but no less true today in the points world & Hilton promotions!

    Happy Fourth of July everbody, wherever your points may be taking YOU.

  2. I got in on the Boxed Amex offer and scored big. Thanks to tips on your blog i bought postage stamps and combined that with some grocery items. Total $93, reduced down to $65.02 with referral codes I found here too! Got my email that my $25 amex offer was processed, bringing the total to $40.02. SCORE! My wife did a similar thing with the PF Chang gift card, $100 GC for about $45.

  3. Saved $10 each on two $25 gift cards for Ruby Tuesday and three $15 gift cards for Logan’s Roadhouse at Kroger using a digital coupon and got 4x Fuelpoints also. The digital coupons expire today. The 4x deal is advertised for vacation giftcards(Disney, Southwest etc.) but works for restaurants too.

    I also got a deal on my AMEX Everyday card for a bonus of 4X MR points thru the end of September on gasoline purchases so check out your MR cards.

  4. $200 cell phone bill!!! Try google fi, t-mobile or prepaid and you can easily save $100 per month!!

    Be careful of spending money to save money …

    • There are lots of people on the family plan with lots of data, so it’s really not that bad, but yes I agree with being careful of spending money to save money.

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