A Look Inside the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge

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A few days ago I spotted a post on the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Facebook page that their Grand Club Lounge was now open. I had planned to write about it the next day since I know many of you have that resort on your destination wish lists, but when I went back the next day to reference the hotel’s Facebook post, it was gone.


After messaging with the hotel it turns out I didn’t hallucinate the whole thing…which is always a possibility. There was indeed a post about the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar’s Grand Club Lounge’s recent opening, but there are some caveats to the opening that were confusing some guests, so for simplicity’s sake, they took down the post.

Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

However, they did share the photos with me to pass along, as well as offer some clarification about the current opening status. This very large resort has been opening in phases since this spring, and while the Grand Club Lounge is now open, it is only open for the moment to Hyatt Globalists, Lifetime Globalists, and Hyatt Courtesy Cardholders.

It is not yet open for folks to book Club Level rooms and get access, nor is it open for Hyatt Explorists to use one of their four club passes per year. They did not have a time estimate to provide as to when that might change, but said to keep an eye on their social media pages for updates as they work to expand access.

Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

For what it is worth, I am seeing rates under $200 per night for this resort this summer, which would likely be a better plan than spending 20,000 Hyatt points, though do factor in taxes and the resort fee when deciding which is the better deal. As far as reviews go, it seems the physical property itself is impressive, but the staggered opening and new staff has led to some frustrations, so decide for yourself if you want to visit sooner or┬álater. We have a visit scheduled for the fall, and I’m quite looking forward to it – especially with the lounge open since food costs in The Bahamas are very significant. I really hope they open up the lounge for all that are eligible to visit in the near future.

If you have been to the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar I would love to hear about your stay!

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  1. Great, look forward to your review. I also saw concerns on tripadvisor, but mostly about the resort part and restaurants not the Hyatt.

  2. It isn’t worth it. Here was my review while there in June.

    Currently here at the GHBM, it’s not ready yet. Only 3 of the 20 restaurants are open with lots of empty shops and spaces. Casino is very nice and well staffed for now. We’ll see how long after the grand opening they keep staffing at the current levels. There are security and other workers at every corner. Lots of construction at the SLS and Rosewood hotels next door still. If you are used to Atlantis prices, this won’t be much of a shock. Automatic VAT and 15% service charge on each meal.

    -7 really nice pools are open currently (plus a few hot tubs)
    -Sanctuary (shark tank) is really neat being right next to the biggest pool. I think they feed the fish and turtles at 10:30, 1:30, and 3:30
    -Lots of bars open around all the pools
    -Free activities on the beach as part of the resort fee with lots of assistants around to help
    -Rooms are comfortable
    -Bathroom is top notch with fully sliding doors between the bed and tub
    -Good views (we looked out over the water towards Atlantis)
    -Staying on points with Explorist status and we were upgraded to an ocean view room (others we saw just had fountain view rooms)
    -Fountain show is at 8pm every night. My son loved it.
    -2 free bottles of water per day

    -It’s huge and nothing is well marked (we walked around for 20 minutes looking for an open restaurant at 4pm) One sign pointing towards an elevator took you to the ESPA. Going the opposite way took you to an elevator but it was out of service.
    -Swimming pig restaurant doesn’t have any signage (I think it was supposed to be called Pub 24 which is stamped all over the floor) and it’s down a dark hallway out of the way with the doors closed and you can’t see inside
    -Some elevators to the beach aren’t working currently. I’m not sure if someone in a wheelchair could even access the beach without a big headache.
    -Several instances of racism towards my wife from locals stopping by the hotel to eat and gamble
    -We brought our toddler so our room got quite a bit messier than most, but it took roughly an hour to get it cleaned when they’d show up.
    -Power went out for a while on at least 2 of our 6 days
    -On an award stay, our bill doesn’t show being charged for the resort fee but it does have the $20.63 per night service charge
    -Grand club isn’t open yet, but I was told it’s scheduled to open soon
    -Ice machines have signs down the hallway but not on the actual door. Once you find it, you find out that they haven’t turned them on yet so you have to call for ice to be delivered
    -We ordered food from off site to be delivered and it took forever. This will probably be remedied as local places figure out that it’s open. I expect restaurants, shops and groceries to open up across the street and close by once all of the rooms start getting filled up.

    One day this will be a nice place if you like mega resorts. Right now, I don’t think it should have opened. If you ask some of the security or other people standing around, they don’t know much about the place. It’ll take a little while to get everyone on the same page and be able to help the guests that have questions. Honestly, my wife was ready to leave before we had even stayed a night. We stayed though and it hasn’t been a bad experience. It just wasn’t ready yet.

    If you have any questions about the place I can try to answer them or ask around to get an answer.

  3. Do you know if lounge access is available for a globalist guest of honor? In other words if a globalist member books a reward stay for me, I should have globalist benefits during my stay.

    The resort looks nice, but the price of food is scaring me away. Getting free breakfast, drinks and evening snacks would help a lot.


    • Rick, I am not 100% on how that would play out. The hotel is pretty solid on Facebook, so I would try messaging there so you would have a firm answer ‘in writing’.

    • The lounge should be open for guest of honor bookings as this is per Hyatt T&Cs. The food got progressively better as we went along, and the lounge staff were strikingly attentive and helpful in comparison with the rest of the resort staff. I would avoid the 3 Tides restaurant. It was virtually empty when we went, yet the service was bad to mediocre at best. Side orders were very good, and some of our entrees were decent, but others were not, and food was way overpriced. Ironically the lobster was huge and was priced at $46, which isn’t terrible, but they overcooked it. Alcohol prices were ridiculous, as in, $16-$36 for a glass of wine. We were disappointed for what we paid. As for El Jefe’s I cannot recommend it enough. The $6 sopes are fantastic. It’s a little pink airstream food truck on the west side of the hotel near the beach. The pool bar food was decent and so was the Swimming Pig pizza, but I personally would stick with lounge food in the future.

  4. I am one of several dozen former US workers at Baha Mar; I set up the Sanctuary with the sharks, rays and turtles. I would like you all to know that the Government of the Bahamas sanctioned discrimination against foreign workers in pay outs during the bankruptcy. All of the Bahamians workers were paid owed salary and severance. Foreign workers are still waiting.

  5. Any concerns about the Zika virus? Bahamas is one of the countries with Zika heath warnings. Supposedly you can pass on the virus to people when you get back home even after a month.

  6. We are currently here at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and absolutely love it. Very well done. The staff has been so friendly and helpful. Amazingly kind and conversational…not a fake nice like you get at Disney World or other places in the U.S. The hotel and resort grounds are beautiful and have a very classy, hip, sophisticated yet beachy feel. I’m Globalist so the lounge has been free and it’s wonderful too. Again…wonderful staff here too! I definitely will come back again.

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