My Favorite Car Rental Company, Silvercar Expands Into New Cities

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In my day to day life, and even along some of my travels, I can be pretty spartan and basic with my needs and choices in order to minimize expenses. However, on other trips, especially those with my little kiddos, I like to make logistics as easy as possible even if that means paying a bit more. Nowhere is this more evident than with rental cars. The rental car process can truly be one of the worst parts of family travel if you let it. There can be long lines, nowhere to safely contain tired and cranky children while you wait at the check-in desk, old beat-up cars that have seen better days, nasty and over-priced rental car safety seats, and even sneaky surprise fees and charges.

Sure your rental may have only cost you $9.99 per day at first, but in the end you may owe a lot more than that, and you might have wasted tons of time and stress on the whole process.


However, if you rent a car with Silvercar you may pay more than $9.99 per day, but you will also virtually guarantee that none of that will happen to you. Silvercar rents only Audis A4s, they pick up and drop off at the terminal at some airports, they don’t charge big fees for refueling or using toll tags, car seats are free and of higher quality than via most rental outlets, there are no check-in desks or rental lines to wait in, the cars have WiFi and navigation, and the entire process is very sleek, efficient, and (almost) enjoyable.


We have used Silvercar several times for our trips in places like Denver, Phoenix, and Austin and have never regretted our decision to pay a bit more to get a lot more. My favorite moments were getting picked up at the terminal in Austin when I flew solo with my toddler (shown below) and getting dropped off at the airport in Phoenix while my then 5 year old got in more of her afternoon nap. However, Silvercar isn’t located in every major city, so it isn’t always even an option on the table.

My sweet snuggle bug while we wait for Silvercar

The good news for those like me who do turn to Silvercar in order to streamline the rental car process from time to time is that they will soon be found in two more locations…Seattle and Orlando! Silvercar is starting up service July 31st at Seattle-Tacoma International and August 28th at Orlando International.

Silvercar base rates for these cities seem to be in the $49 – $59+ per day range, but remember that first time renters can save a ton by using the code FIRST30 to save 30% on the first rental or LOUNGEBUDDY to get a free day with a minimum two day rental. On top of that you can also get a $25 Visa gift card by entering a referral code into your profile before making your first rental. My referral code is SHULL and thanks so much if you use it.


With the first-time renter discounts, even my very budget minded parents saved a ton over other options by enjoying Silvercar on a trip through Colorado.


We have some plans to fly into Seattle later this year, so I will absolutely keep Silvercar on the short list of options! Does your family turn to Silvercar for some of your rental car needs?

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  1. We always try to use National. No lines, pick out whatever car suits you for that trip, and I have my work corporate code. It gets us rentals for $32.50 per day with a max of $162.50 for the week (plus all of the local and state taxes) everywhere for a Full Size car (or premium since I’m Executive Status). We have always had a great experience with them. Got into an accident in Puerto Rico and the claims process was simple. We were given a Nissan Armada in Orlando so we could fit all of us and our luggage when we couldn’t find a vehicle we liked. Convertibles in Hawaii. I couldn’t ask for a better company for the price.

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