Save Up to $55 on Amazon Orders With a Promo Code and Some Luck

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If you haven’t already tried some recently circulating codes and offers to save pretty big on Amazon orders then today is a good day to give it a try and I’ll outline all the steps below. Honestly, even if you have tried, today may be a good day to try again. One of these offers uses a promo code and one simply requires you to click a box if you are eligible…both require a little luck.

The Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express

For the last couple of weeks I have been hearing about folks saving $30 on a $60 Amazon order by using as few as 1 Amex Membership Reward point and the promo code AMEX17EVER via Doctor of Credit and others. In the last few days I have been hearing about another offer where you save $25 on a $50 Amazon order by clicking on a virtual coupon box and using 1 Membership Reward point. Both of these very good offers that are stackable for a savings of up to $55 on a $60 Amazon order when using one Membership Reward point, but they are sadly both targeted. I have been trying like a mad person to get either or both of these offers to work on any of the Amazon accounts that I have available to me but to no avail…at least until last night.

I finally had success on Josh’s Amazon account last night with the offer that saves you $25 off a $50 Amazon order, so we scored a $50 Whole Foods gift card for $24.99 + one Amex Membership Reward points. I’ll outline how to try out both offers, but before you start remember that you may come up with a rock as I have on my account.

Update: People in the comments are now also reporting success using the code AMEX17PRIME so swap that one out with the AMEX17EVER code if you can’t get that one to work!

Save $25 on $50 Amazon Offer

1. Link an Amex Membership Rewards Card if you haven’t already.
2. Check to see if you are eligible.

3. If eligible, put at least $50 of Amazon sold items in your cart. If you don’t have an immediate need for Amazon products you can purchase third-party gift cards like those to Amazon, Panera, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Southwest etc. as we did. Amazon specific gift cards are not eligible.

4. At the payment screen select an Amex Membership Reward earning card and enter that you want to pay with at least one Amex Membership Reward point by entering .01 in that box. I wouldn’t personally want to use more than that as the return per point is pretty terrible.

5. At the final check-out screen you should see your $50 item with a $24.99 total after the $25 discount and the one Membership Reward point taking off one penny.

$30 on $60 Amazon Order

1. Link an Amex Membership Rewards Card if you haven’t already.

2. Add $60+ of Amazon sold items to your cart. Again, you can use third party gift cards if you want. The e-gift cards where you can enter the exact amount are a good choice for this one since most physical gift cards come in denominations of either $50 or $100.

3. At the payment screen select an Amex Membership Reward earning card and enter that you want to pay with at least one Amex Membership Reward point by entering .01 in that box.

4. After you have selected an eligible American Express card as your payment method and that you want to use at least one Membership Reward point on the order, you will also need to scroll down to the bottom of the payment screen to the promo code box and enter AMEX17EVER. After you hit apply you will see whether or not it worked. If it didn’t work, double check that you followed all of these steps exactly. Sadly, even if you did everything perfectly your account may simply not be eligible…mine isn’t.

You can theoretically use both of these offers at the same time and bring a $60 order down to $4.99 shipped. If you did that you are the big winner today in my eyes! If you just linked your Membership Rewards account today and neither worked I would try again in a day or two and see if your luck has changed.

I’d love to know if one or both of these offers worked for anyone in your crew?

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  1. Thank you for this post! I first tried with my AMEX Delta Platinum (have a little more minimum spend to meet) and that card wouldn’t work with any code. I then used my AMEX EveryDay card with the AMEX17PRIME code to get a $60 Nordstrom e-gift card for $4.99!

  2. I was able to get both to work–thank you all so much!! We just bought our 1st rental house so cheap Lowes cards could not come at a better time.

  3. Worked for me! California Pizza Kitchen $60 e-gift card for free with the two Amex Discounts and the $5 promotional credit

  4. when adding an eligible amex card and going to the amazon screen to register it, it keeps giving me the “registration is unavailable” error code. For days now. Amazon cs cannot help. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

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