New Disney World Minnie Vans Perfect for Families with Small Kids

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I know that many of you share my desire to streamline travel logistics as much as reasonably possible, especially when young children are involved. We did that on a recent trip to Disney World by staying on the monorail at the Polynesian to really make transitions to and from the resort for naptimes as easy as possible, but a new option is coming to Disney World that will sometimes be even better than the monorail!


At the recent D23 EXPO, Disney announced a new Minnie Van service (seriously, that name is the best), that will take guests from anywhere and to anywhere on Disney property for a flat $20. Yes, there is free Disney transportation in the form of monorails, buses, and boats, but sometimes the amount of time that can take to get from Point A to Point B makes free not worth the cost. Of course, at other times the free Disney transportation is absolutely the way to go.

The price of the Minnie Van is more than the currently available cabs, Uber, etc. for short hops where you didn’t need car seats, but for longer rides within Disney property, and for pretty much any time you needed a car seat, Minnie is going to win even on price. Not only that, but you get ride from a cast member in an adorable Minnie themed SUV that has not just one, but up to two car seats. The car seat part is where this service becomes a must-know-about feature for young families as it is not that ideal to be whizzing all over busy Disney roads without car seats.

Disney Minnie Vans

As this service is just now starting up on a soft run basis at limited locations, we don’t have the full confirmed details quite yet. However, there are some reviews starting to pop up online, like this one that is absolutely worth a look. Some of the great perks that were pointed out in that review and others are that the Minnie Vans will be able to drop you off right at the Magic Kingdom and get you much closer to your desired destination at a variety of Disney locations including some hotels than cabs or Uber. The cast members driving the Minnie Vans are also not accepting tips, so it really is a flat $20 to go to and from anywhere within Disney World in a fun Disney themed Chevy Traverse with up to two car seats.

I’m not 100% sure how the ride request feature will work. I have read via a few sources that it is via Lyft’s app, but I haven’t seen Disney state that directly. You would think eventually they would want the feature in their own My Disney Experience app with the bill just added to your MagicBand or similar, but maybe that won’t all happen on Day 1.

I can almost guarantee that this is something we would use at some point on our next trip to Disney World when we needed to streamline getting to an early morning character breakfast, or an evening dinner reservation in a hard-to-reach location, or when we were just flat worn out and needed the express ride back to the hotel.

Get the express ride back to nap time…

If you are one of the first to hop in a Minnie Van, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Even if you haven’t used it yet, could you see putting the Minnie Vans to use on a future Disney World trip for your family?

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  1. Hi, Do you have to use the car seats? Our kids are older teenagers so can we ride as a group of 6 in the Minnie Van? What do they do with the car seats in this case?

  2. I see a lot of potential value with the Minnie Vans, especially with using it to go to MK. We’ve started using Uber/Lyft more frequently to get to the parks in the morning, but it didn’t make since for MK since you would have to get dropped off at the TTC.

    Also, I suspect that the vehicles will be clean, odor free, and driven by someone who doesn’t scare me (all of which have happen to me with Uber/Lyft in Orlando).

    However, I’ll probably continue to use Uber/Lyft if I’m traveling from an Epcot area resort to the Epcot entrance or Hollywood Studios. It’s only a $5-8 drive. I’m willing to pay a premium, but 3-4x more is a little too rich for my blood. My kids are out of car seats, boosters though.

    I’m curious to hear how the supply/demand goes after it is fully rolled out.

  3. I can definitely a ee using this. We were traveling as a group of 6 with 2 kids under 5 this spring and after 2 long waits for MK from the Swan, we wanted to make sure we got to an early ADR at Ohana on our last day and decided to use uber. We had to take 2 Uber’s with car seats in order to get all 6 of us there. One Minnie van would have done the trick, and I think even my 2 young boys would have loved the Minnie theming!

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