Saying Yes to Travel Adventures

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Miles, points, and travel deals have opened more doors for me than I could have ever dreamed when I earned my first airline mile about 18 years ago. I can’t even make a list of the most amazing opportunities that they have provided at the moment because it sounds ostentatious, even in my head. To put it mildly, let’s just say that because of this travel deals hobby of ours, my family has had opportunities that we otherwise 100% could not have afforded, and very likely didn’t deserve. That being said, sometimes life lays out opportunities before you, and it is just up to you to say yes, even if what you are saying yes to is otherwise way out of your league.

Today is one of those times that I said yes. I am writing this while flying over North Texas on my way to see some mountains for a night. Any visit out west to the mountains is a good one, but this one is extra special as I am going with my oldest daughter. On a private plane. For free. Seriously. 

Yesterday afternoon an empty leg on a private plane out of Houston displayed as available for the following afternoon on JetSmarter. I have a three month free JetSmarter trial thanks to this crazy offer that was available for a brief time earlier this summer, so two seats on the otherwise unused flight would be 100% free if I just pushed the magic booking button. The flight was to somewhere I wanted to go, my husband was home to cover care of our two year old when she isn’t at her “school”, the real school year hasn’t yet started for my oldest daughter, and I didn’t have any pressing appointments or commitments. 

Even still, I hesitated. Me being gone, even for a night, means extra work and a different routine for everyone left behind. Josh not being able to go on the flight because of work and someone needing to be with the littlest one at home means that I felt guilty I was getting this experience and he wasn’t. We have another trip coming up soon and I didn’t want us to be worn out, or for it to feel less special because this short jaunt was added to our schedule. I also hesitated because I know my youngest will be sad that her older sister and I aren’t there when she gets home from her preschool. Finally, while I was excited to share the experience with my oldest daughter, I also really don’t want her to take this sort of thing for granted and feel like this is our normal. This is so not our normal.

Because of all that I seriously considered not taking the free private flight for two out west. Not jumping at that chance is almost as crazy as actually going. 

In the end, and with some encouragement from Josh, I said yes. Normal life can exist without me for a night. The trip to the grocery store can wait. We can catch up on sleep later (well, maybe not, but we’ll live). Seriously though, life gives all of us different opportunities, and it is up to us to take a deep breath and say yes because sometimes you don’t get a second chance on a once in a lifetime experience. 

Saying yes to a once in a lifetime adventure

The term ‘once in a lifetime’ gets thrown around a bit loosely in the travel world, but this may legitimately qualify as a once in a lifetime chance for us. I can’t envision too many realistic ways to take off at a moment’s notice on a private plane with my oldest daughter. This isn’t our life, but it was our chance to put aside the reasons to say no, and just say yes.

Private plane aside, a chance to unexpectedly leave behind the ordinary and head off the very next day for a summer evening in the mountains is a travel adventure worth taking, even if you feel you are in no way worthy of that sort of adventure.

So, here’s to saying yes to life’s opportunities and adventures, no matter what shape they take or how crazy and far fetched they may seem. Have you had the chance to say yes to a crazy sounding travel adventure?

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  1. This post just made me realize how awesome I have it every day. On a normal commute to the office, I get to see one of the most brilliant displays of mountain terrain (Boulder’s Flatirons) and in the spring and fall I also usually get to see some of the best and most spectacular sunsets over mountains on my way home. Enjoy your one day trip..I’ll be sure to enjoy the beauty of the Front Range that much more. Don’t get me started how much I want ski season to return as well…ugh…I finally got done with PT and am nearly strong enough to get back on a snowboard….

    • Oh I know and yes you mountain folk have that gift for sure. Ski season really is just around the corner and hurray for hoping back on a board this year!

      • Ssssssst …… don’t tell anyone ! 😉
        Ski season is still going strong here where I live – snow is still abundant, lifts are running and everyone who is “somebody” in the ski and snowboard world is here right now at our beautiful mountain, named “Mother Hood”.
        To tease and make things even more attractive, the Pacific ocean is just an easy hour’s drive away.

  2. So awesome. I am glad you are getting so much use out of the membership.

    You only live once. You made the right choice jumping on that trip.

  3. As I don’t see it mentioned, was this “free” private jet trip a one way or round trip? If one way, by what means did you return home?

    • One way. Now, if you had the time an inclination there was one the next day from Jackson Hole – Sacramento, then one the day after that from Oakland – Aspen, and odds are high one will pop open from Aspen to somewhere. However, I’m not to that level of exploring quite yet, so we used United miles for a saver award home.

  4. Congratulations! Your daughter will remember this for the rest of her life. I’m smiling just thinking about your adventure!

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