How to Swim in the Park Hyatt New York Pool for Less

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Here in East Texas we almost take for granted the relatively easy access to swimming pools we enjoy since they are almost standard issue in many nicer homes and even neighborhood associations. Even if you don’t have one, you may know someone with access to one, or you can always go to a local YMCA or city pool for a pretty low price. We don’t have our own pool, but we still manage to swim several times per week during the summer since pools are pretty much everywhere in this part of the world.

In Texas, swimming is a must in the summer

However, in big cities like New York City most people don’t have their own yard or driveway, much less their own pool. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t hot enough to swim as NYC temperatures can get into the 90’s during the summer. Outdoor temperatures aside, swimming is just plain fun, and swimming in a stunningly gorgeous pool 25 stories up is just the best. New York City may not have a ton of pools, but they do have one of my absolute favorite pools in the world at the Park Hyatt New York.


Since it is indoors, the 65 foot long lap pool at the Park Hyatt New York doesn’t require perfect weather for the perfect swim. Not only does it look gorgeous, but you can even swim or relax to a selection of music from nearby Carnegie Hall.

The chairs are comfortable, the towels are fluffy, and the water is fruit infused. If you don’t want to swim laps you can relax in the hot tub or steam room. As my daughter and her cousins could tell you, it is the perfect post-Central Park exploration activity, or really just the perfect activity in general.

However, as you could probably guess, they can’t just open up the pool doors for everyone in New York City. You could always fork over $600 – $1,000 per night to stay at the Park Hyatt New York and swim to your heart’s content while you are a paying guest, but that isn’t the only way to enjoy a swim from 25 stories up.

The view from the gym next to the Park Hyatt New York pool

One alternative that would allow you to swim at the Park Hyatt New York of less is of course to spend the night at the hotel using Hyatt points. This hotel sits at the top of the Hyatt award chart, so it will cost 30,000 Hyatt points per night (that you can also transfer 1:1 from Chase Ultimate Rewards), or you can use 15,000 points and $300 per night when a points + cash award is available.

Park Hyatt New York standard room

If you happen to have any Hyatt Category 1- 7 award nights that you need to put to use, you could also get some great value out of using one to stay at the Park Hyatt New York and relax in the pool while you are at it.

But what if you don’t want to spend the night at the hotel, but still want to go for a dip? Another alternative is to book a spa service at the Park Hyatt’s Spa Nalai with prices for services that start at about $225 for an hour long massage. They have 30 minute services that cost less than that, though their website indicates that local guests must book at least a 60 minute service to access the spa and facilities. A $225 massage is not inexpensive, even by Manhattan standards, but when I was in the gym at the hotel I did notice that they will take 20% off spa services if you can take a photo showing you did 5 miles or more on the hotel gym equipment. This offer included the exercise bikes where doing 5 miles really isn’t that terrible, so spa discounts do exist to knock the price down a bit.

If you want to experience the Park Hyatt New York pool you can shell out $600 – $1,000 for the going room rate, you can put your Hyatt points to good use to book a room that way, or even just book a massage in the spa without having to spend the night. Personally, I have now used points twice to stay at the hotel and swim with the kiddos, and between the location just two blocks south of Central Park, the large and bright rooms, the awesome bathrooms, delicious breakfast, and of course the pool, I haven’t regretted the decision either time.

You can almost swim in the bathtub it is so big

If you have swam in the Park Hyatt New York pool, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Okay, if you’re not a guest at the hotel, how does one get to use the hotel gym to get the 20% discount? Where do you change and store street clothes? Either way and realistically, paying either the “starting” $225 or the discounted $180 is a bit much for a dip anywhere! I can’t help but feel the only reason for this write-up is to again push the Hyatt brand which seems to occur on at least a weekly basis —-

    • I don’t quite understand why you think I push Hyatt. I have no arrangements with Hyatt, but I do like using my points there. From memory, posts before this were in Wyndham and IHG, but there will be lots of Hyatt around here as that is where we often stay. As for the discount, if you were using gym before your spa day was over (as they encourage) maybe that would work. Really though the point was just that discounts are possible.

  2. Sorry, Summer; Ain’t the English language strange sounding? I swim, I swam, I have swum. Swum?? That must have been the day you stayed home from school to go swumming.

  3. Summer,
    My, my, people seem cranky today… I appreciate all your content. Your blog and a few others have allowed my family to make so many awesome memories and to keep dreaming even bigger. Thanks so much!

    • Scott, aw, thanks. It’s an internet comment section, so hard hats are occasionally required. Ha! Thank you for reading.

  4. Used my free night to stay there and points may be a great value there. Incredible hotel.
    But no way I’d pay the rates there ! Ridiculous rates.

    • It is quite a bit of out of pocket cash required – fantastic place to use points and free nights if you have them!

  5. Looking forward to it. What a perfect year to get that 1 free cat 1-7 as a globalist: 2 nights on points and 1 with the free night+ TSU. Well over 1k a night in savings.

  6. Thinking of burning a 1-7 cert for the Macys parade. As you ve been to this hotel, and the parade ( just read that post, thx!) is this a good spot? Easy walk to the parade route on 6th?

    • Dave, I haven’t checked the parade route for this year, but I imagine it is still similar to when I went and this hotel should be a really good spot in terms of being close to the parade route.

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