Get $250 in Gift Cards with a $400 Travel Booking

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Sometimes in this hobby there are offers that we don’t quite understand in terms of how they work out for the company offering the deal, but we jump on them anyway because they are awesome for us. One such offer from Upside is wrapping up tomorrow, and it is really an outstanding offer if you have $400 worth of travel to book in the next 24 hours or so.


If you are a new Upside customer who is referred by a select existing Upside customer with the right referral code (be careful some referral codes aren’t as good), you can get $250 in gift cards to retailers including Amazon, Nordstrom, Whole Food, Target, and more for making $400 or more in travel bookings via a combination of flights, hotel reservations, and purchased Uber credits by August 19, 2017. The promo code says you need to book a trip package, but it seems to work for just flights as well. My understanding is that the gift card is not awarded until your travel is complete.

As a perfect example, if you needed to book a $400 flight you could trigger a $250 gift card payout using an eligible promo code such as the one shown below with just that one booking! If you value the $250 gift card at face value that is like paying $150 for a $400 flight!

If you didn’t have a need for a $400+ flight, but instead had say a $350 flight in mind, then you could add to that a $50 Uber credit that comes in the form of two $25 Uber credits to use during your trip, then you would spend the required $400 and trigger your $250 gift card payout. The Uber credits are available in $50, $100, $200, and $300 amounts.

The bad news is not every flight or airline is available, you can only book for one person at a time, you may be able to beat their prices elsewhere, you probably won’t earn hotel points for hotels booked through them, you can’t book a one-way flight, trips can be a maximum of 28 days, and the Uber credits are only good during your travel dates. All that said, I found the United flights I was looking at to be very competitive with what United was offering directly and I am more than happy to make one booking worth $400 through them in exchange for $250 in Amazon gift cards that we can put to good use.

I have not yet pulled the trigger on a booking as I’m still trying to get as close to the $400 amount as possible without going too far over, but from what I can tell based on reading the fare rules, the flights I was looking at were not United Basic Economy fares. You could also book first/business class fares, but your flights do seem to need to originate in the United States based on my test searches, and not all destinations were available.

This deal won’t be for everyone since you need to be shelling out $400 towards needed travel by tomorrow, but for those who can make it work it looks like a really fantastic deal, assuming all works out as they say it will.

If you have a $250 Upside promo code to share, or have used this company for your travel bookings I’d love to hear about it!

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    • It displays at the end of booking with the flight only and I’ve seen online reports of success. If you want to be 100% sure though you could always just include the smallest Uber option.

      • Does seem risky not to book a package. Even with display at end of booking, they could choose not to honor it when it comes time. Then will come all the outrage.

  1. The referral code itself is limited to “work trips.” That condition appears on the first page, when you click the link. Only later does the site ask you to choose the nature of the trip.

  2. You said you are only allowed to book for one person at a time, so can you book it for more than one person in the transaction?
    Or does the it have to be $400 for one person?

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