How to See Unlimited Movies in the Theater for $9.95 Per Month

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One thing we do much less frequently since having kids, but still really enjoy when we find a way, is heading to the movie theater to watch a movie. The movie theater we prefer near us has those fancy recliner seats, serves real food and drinks to your seat, and really makes for a fun, though often expensive, evening. Even if you skipped the food and drinks, movie tickets alone are approaching $20 in pricey cities and theaters, and are easily over $10 for non-matinee shows in most places. I’m sure some special 3D movie ticket somewhere has already surpassed the $20 mark. In other words, even if we didn’t need a babysitter in order to head off to a movie, it would still be a pretty expensive endeavor.

However, in the last couple of days I have been hearing a lot about MoviePass and its $9.95 per month charge to see as many movies as you want, up to one movie per day. This service has been around for years, but it used to cost several times that $9.95 monthly amount until this week.

I joined this morning to test it out, and though I don’t have my physical MoviePass card in hand quite yet, here is what I know so far.

  1. The website and app are a bit clunky, failure ridden, and overwhelmed right now. In other words, be ready for some growing pains as there are lots of new folks trying to get in on this at the same time.
  2. There is a $9.95 per month charge, but you can reportedly cancel at any time without penalty. Membership covers one person, though couple and family plans are reportedly in the works.
  3. There are no black out dates and you can see one standard 2D film per calendar day.
  4. Some theaters allow e-tickets and you can reserve those from home, but for most of their reported 4,000 theaters it seems you have to be within 100 yards of the theater to log-in and use your MoviePass card to pay for a ticket.
  5. You pay in the theater with a physical MoviePass debit card that will come in the mail after you join, but for the theaters that allow e-ticketing, you can book a ticket as soon as you join without the physical card.

I’ve paid my $9.95 and was able to buy an e-ticket as a test for a movie tonight (at a theater nowhere near me, but now I can’t figure out how to cancel), but I still have no clue what theaters are actually participating in my area outside of the e-ticket options. According to this website, there should be several, but I don’t know for sure as they aren’t yet showing up in the app.

I don’t think that even at $9.95 per month I will keep this plan forever as it is simply too hard for us to get to the movie theater with a two year old in the family, but if you can easily pop in for a movie once a week or so then this may be a great deal and could be exactly what the movie industry needs. If a theater you like has e-ticketing then it is probably a fantastic deal. For those theaters where you have to be within a 100 yard radius to check-in and get a ticket, time will tell how useful it is for you. I’ll report back after I have the service fully up and running and hopefully at least get to check out a couple of movies for my $9.95 monthly investment.

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What I can vouch for is the e-ticketing feature working pretty much instantly within the app, though there are a very limited number of such theaters available. Have you tried MoviePass? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Still can’t get a list of theaters to pull up in the app near me. I know they’re here as i’ve searched and found a full list, but the app still doesn’t work. And without the app, it’s pretty useless.

    Hoping I can get the card and take advantage of this soon. I have a feeling it wont be around for long though…

  2. just joined online and downloaded the app on iphone. Plenty of theatres within 5 miles from me. Can i use the app to purchase e ticket before my movie pass card arrive?

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