Free Guardians of the Galaxy 2 DVD When Joining TopCashBack!

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One of the cash back websites I sometimes use for various online purchases is I earn airline miles for my online purchases more often than cash back, but when the cash back I would earn is more valuable, then I’m all for it. Today there is an offer for brand new TopCashBack members that is way better than average, assuming you or someone you know would enjoy owning the new Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 DVD/Blu-Ray for free.


Right now if you join TopCashBack and make a purchase of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 DVD/Blu Ray from for $24.96 by clicking through TopCashBack, then within 14 days TopCashBack will put $24.96 cash back into your TopCashBack account. This makes buying this new movie to enjoy at home or on your travels basically free. I also receive a referral credit if you join with my link and complete this transaction, so thanks in advance! 

Once TopCashBack credits your account with that amount, you can cash out straight to your checking or PayPal account. Alternatively, you could opt to be paid in an Amazon Gift Card or American Express Reward Card, which gives a 3% bonus, meaning you’d get $25.12 instead of $24.96 you spent.

The deal is open until 11:59PM PT on August 23, 2017, or supplies run out…which has happened in the past. You need to make sure you are selecting the right DVD from, so I highlighted the correct one below.

Thanks to a different promo, if you pay for the DVD with an eligible Chase Freedom or Sapphire card at you should be able to earn 10x Ultimate Reward points in the process, which means you not only end up with a free new movie, but about 250 free Ultimate Reward points as well.

Since we really like this series of movies, I’m trying to find a family member who is new to TopCashBack so they can jump on this offer and we can have something new to watch on our next adventure.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to get you an answer!

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  1. I just signed up and picked the movie up in store… hopefully the rebate comes through and you get your referral bonus too. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Yay! Enjoy! Let me know if you have issues and thanks. My sister is doing the same so we will be enjoying the movie for free around here, too!

      • The purchase just showed up in my account as “pending”… looks like it’s gonna work. Thanks so much!

  2. Generally speaking, how long does it take for the purchase to show in the pending section?… I ordered it last night and this morning it still does not show. Does it have to be picked up from Walmart in order to post?

    • I don’t watch my transactions there closely enough to know the exact timeframe, but you may indeed have to pick it up in order for it to all go through. If it was me I would go ahead and do that and check back in a week or so. While it is a real PITA you could always leave it unopened so you could return it if something goes wrong, but hopefully it will all process just fine.

      • Well my account just showed that the normal percentage off (something like $2+/-), not the full freebie amount. So I cancelled the order. It’s not worth the headache to go thru with everything and then have it not work. 🙁

        • Yuck – totally understand. They are asking me for more details on Jen’s situation they said they would look into it. Happy to nudge them on anyone else, too. It may take a few days even if everything worked perfectly, but I don’t blame anyone for deciding not to mess with it.

  3. So I just got home from picking this up from Walmart and when I sat down to check my phone I got an email saying “An adjustment in the amount of $5.00 has been made to this order. See below for details.” And then below “Reason: Details not available”.

    I ordered yesterday morning when you sent this out and it took them all this time to fill the order. Now they are messing with the price AFTER pick up? (The email was sent the exact minute I picked it up). I find it hard to believe they feel like being charitable and just wanted to give me another $5. Did I just get screwed out of this deal?

    • Hmmm….well the total of the order has to be for $24.96 or more…turns out it actually doesn’t matter what we ordered as long as it hit that amount. If your order has gone under that amount it may be a problem. The movie still shows for that price, so I’m not 100% sure what could have happened.

        • Thanks! I just got another email from Walmart telling me my refund of $5 has been processed and no reason is listed. This seems incredibly shady of them.

        • So this is unbelievable. I have been chasing this around trying to get some answers and I can’t believe what Walmart pulled. They changed the price until the promotion was over! I paid $24.96 in my original email confirmation, I still have the email, I also have the screenshot of the pending charge from Walmart to my credit card – $24.96. They delayed my pickup 24+ hours and made me wait to pick it up. Then, the exact minute my pickup was logged into their system last night it triggered their system to send me an email informing me they have credited me $5 for “no reason” (when does a retailer ever do the work for you? In my experience you usually need to do your own leg work with price changes within a return window) . So I am guessing they bumped the price down to $19.96 until last night after 11:59 pm when the promotion ended and now the price is back to $24.96! UNREAL! I paid $24.96 and I have proof. So now the promotion doesn’t apply to my purchase and I am not seeing anything in my topcashback account for anything pending. I took a screenshot from topcashback after my purchase where they say “visit recorded” with the Guardians Promotion in the background of the pop-up. I called Walmart and they told me the details were blocked on their end (seriously?!) and they transferred me to the store. I talk to the store and they tell me they can’t tell me anything and I have to talk to online again. And round and round we go. Wow.

          I did everything right and they pull this? I can’t believe no one else got hit with this.

          • I never saw the price drop, so I’m not sure what happened. TopCashBack asked me for your info to look into it so I’m sending that over now and hopefully will get an answer for you ASAP. I trust it will all work out, but no fun having it be way more stressful than it should be.

          • TCB said not to worry they will get it sorted. I just need the email address you used to sign-up. Feel free to send it to my email if you don’t want to post it here. mommypoints at mommypoints .com

  4. I’m probably more annoyed than I should be (first world problems, I know), but you know how it is when you have a baby – not much for time and no fun having it wasted by standing in line to pickup something you’ll now probably return. I’m just miffed that they are playing games. Thanks as always for your help and awesome tips, I am definitely appreciative.

    • I 100% know. I really don’t think there was malice here though, just some weird fluke. It will get sorted. Pinky promise.

  5. I got a $5 refund from Walmart, but the topcashback website also shows a pending transaction of 24.96, so I think it will work out for everyone… just be patient.

  6. I, too, got a refund from Walmart after picking up the DVD. My topbackcash account just shows the normal percentage and not the full freebie amount. I was wondering if anyone has any information as to if the refund after picking up the DVD affected them getting the full freebie amount. I didn’t know if it was common for the normal percentage to show up first then the full amount would be credited or not. Thanks in advance.

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