Free Airbnb Stays for Hurricane Harvey Victims

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In addition to discounted hotel rooms, the suspension of local and state hotel tax collection, and free access to camping in state parks, those impacted by Hurricane Harvey can now also access free Airbnb stays in Texas that range from utilizing a spare bed to access to an entire multi-bedroom house.

The Airbnb hosts that have made their lodging available for free until September 1, 2017, get a huge thumbs up from me. Some even allow pets, which is fantastic as I know many have thankfully taken their pets with them as they evacuated.

There are currently several dozen free Airbnb apartments, condos, rooms, and homes available in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.

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  1. I want to start a group of caring U.S. citizens that, want to physically help victims, of any major storm or Earth Quakes, that are disabled and can’t afford to get to places as such as Texas. We may be physically disabled, but; our hearts are not. I am sure there has got to be something, all disabled Americans, can do for these victims of Harvey. I want to raise enough awareness, that those of us who are stuck at home and don’t like sitting at home, feeling helpless, can help make a difference. I’m tired of feeling this way. We all can prove, we do care. Thanks for your !

    • I am the hostess of an Air B&B in upstate New York near Syracuse. I’d be willing to host a single parent with their child or a small family who has no where to go. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a single parent or someone who has no family to turn to. We have 2 Australian Shepherds dogs here who love kids, but it needs to be a child (or children) who like animals too. (no dog allergies! :>}) IF you can somehow get up here, we have the space for you. (Private Bed & Bathroom with a Full sized bed, can hold up to 2 adults and 1 or 2 kids with a couple of air mattresses. This offer is good for September 2017. No matter if this offer is not accepted, we are praying for all of you affected directly by this terrible weather event.

  2. I have one empty room in my house and can support one or two hurricane displacements for a period of time who would like to relocate to flood-free Georgia.

    • Hi-
      SO generous of you!!
      Where are you located in GA??
      My husband & I escaped from Marathon FL (middle of FL Keys). We are in Augusta right now but can’t afford the hotel anymore. We are retired, VERY clean and have 3 kitties who we also keep VERY clean & they are well behaved!!
      Any help very much appreciated!!!!

  3. Where do I start? I am God fearing, college educated, & and all around cool guy. Hurricane Harvey seems to have tried to dim my light. I cannot find a hotel to stay at, and I have little to no resources left. I pray all who is effected bounces back quick. It’s rough times we live in, but the humanity you all display is priceless. God Bless

  4. My son and I were flooded out of our home from Hurricane Harvey in NW Houston and have no family or friends we can stay with and little money as I am self employed artist and worked from my home and the disaster cut off my income with no place to work from. Anyone with a place to stay a spare room in NW West Houston we desperately need it! We got no help from FEMA or Red Cross or any other organization except very temporary help from someone from a church disaster shelter we were in.So grateful for them but they cannot help further and we need a place long enough to get some work coming in. If you or anyone you know can help PLEASE let me know. Thank you so much!

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