Mommy Points Post-Harvey Gatorade Drive

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After going on Fox yesterday to talk about the role social media has played in connecting friends online in a way that they can help with specific on-the-ground post-Harvey needs, I’ve had lots of folks ask how they can help. I mean, the list of needs are endless, and I’m sure you are already well aware of lots of the big name charity organizations that are here helping, so it is hard to know how to best answer that question. I listed a few local organizations I have seen in action and trust at the end of this post. Truly, any way you choose to support Texans is appreciated by all of us.

However, I want to at least offer up at least one more pathway to make a difference in a way that will directly help someone right here this week. I know many people these days understandably want to know exactly where their donated dollars are going, so I’ve decided to start up a little Gatorade drive. It’s all Gatorade and nothing but Gatorade. I don’t want your dollars, I just want to collect some Gatorade that we can distribute.

This isn’t going to rebuild someone’s house or save a pet in need, but it will absolutely make those jobs a little bit easier for the folks who are doing them. I’m seeing more and more local calls for Gatorade from the groups doing the outdoors recovery work in the 90+ degree sun and heat. We have mountains of bottled water here, which is great, but sometimes you need some electrolytes or just want enjoy a nice change of pace from water.

My family brought Gatorade to a command center for a flooded neighborhood yesterday, and it was truly a hot ticket item for them to receive, so we want to get them and other local groups some more of it to drink. No pressure in the slightest, but if you want to get something in the hands of the folks doing the hard recovery work down here, then I have found a local country club that will accept your shipped Gatorade donations for the next week or so.

I’ll go retrieve the deliveries and distribute them to the local groups who need some liquid refreshments. Needs here change quickly, so I don’t want to keep this going forever, but if you would like to order from now until around September 11, 2017, we would love to have it. I will personally make sure all of it gets delivered to those who need it.

You can send Gatorade shipments to:

Conroe Country Club

C/O Harvey Gatorade Drive

3051 North Loop 336 West

Conroe, Texas 77304

As a tip, 24 packs of individual bottles of Gatorade are one of the items sold by, so you can put your Amex Boxed Offer of a $25 statement credit on a $75+ order to good use if you wanted to buy a few cases. It is also sold online by Amazon starting at about $12.29 per 24 count pack. I created an Amazon Wish List here that should make it really easy to order if you go that route.

I’m sure you can find it elsewhere as well, but those are two online options where you can avoid shipping charges if you meet the minimum order amounts and/or have Amazon Prime.

Please don’t let this distract from however else you were planning to help, but if you feel drawn to this small way of helping those doing the dirty hurricane recovery jobs, then I’d be honored to help make that happen.


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  1. Thanks for a great idea, and getting these where they are needed, Summer! Just ordered @amazon. (Earliest scheduled delivery for Conroe was 9/14-15, as I’m in Germany and don’t have Prime in the U.S). I’m sure they’ll still be needed then.

    • They will absolutely still be needed and thank you.

      For anyone worried about the delivery date, Amazon is being very cautious with delivery estimates here right now. Stuff is getting through, so it may be faster, but it will still be needed either way. Thanks for your support!

  2. Thanks for making this so easy. I’m a former Houstonian in exile and I just can’t do enough to help. I even signed up for a debit red card at Target and used my employee discount there to get 15% off (but no airline miles!) to send supplies to Houston. Yours is one of the first travel blogs I started reading after I discovered I needed to travel to replace the fast, fun and friendly I mistakenly left in Houston. The 11 or so Gatorades I just shipped to the country club uses up that Amex Boxed offer I’ve been mulling over, and helps me meet an Amex point challenge, as well as making me feel as if I’m doing something to help my home town. Order is processing, but I don’t have arrival estimate yet.

    • Thank you so very much for using your funds, time, and Amex Offer in this manner. You are doing something to help, trust me! Thanks again.

    • I’m happy to accept that and will make sure it gets donated. It may not end up at the same place as folks here are really just slamming drinks as they open them, so the easier the better, but that doesn’t mean the powdered stuff won’t get used somewhere. It just may not be the first thing to go. Thanks for supporting Texans!

  3. What a good idea! Shipment on the way from Boxed. There is a code for $10 off $50 WHATISBOXED for additional savings if you don’t have another code.

  4. Thank you for your efforts, the idea and for helping us to help you all.
    Another shipment of gatorade should be on its way the next few days.

    • It took quite a time for delivery but yesterday the package finally arrived. Due to both, Harvey and Irma, I guess delivery was a bit problematic.

      • Thank you! We are actually loading up today to deliver another load! This is our fourth SUV full to take – so thank you and everyone so much!

        • Amazon lists that our order was delivered, so thank YOU so much for sharing this need with all of us, and doing all the “legwork”.

  5. I tried sending Gatorade through Boxed, but they just cancelled my order. They say their system found multiple similar orders (I guess your audience is responding to the call) I’m working with them now to get it reinstated, but just wanted to alert you to the issue! Love your blog and appreciate what you are doing here to help Texas!

    • Oh no! So sorry you had to deal with that. Many orders have made it through perfectly, but I have heard of a problem or two with delivery or now this. Even if it doesn’t end with the order making it here, we so appreciate you trying to support Texans!

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