Getting Flights Out of Florida Before Irma Arrives

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There are millions of people that live in South Florida, so even in a mandatory evacuation situation, airlines will only be able to fly out a very small percentage of residents in a short timeframe. However, every person that can get on a plane is one less that is on the highway for hours, or has to cross their fingers and stay put. I loved what JetBlue did yesterday in making evacuation by airline a realistic option by capping the price at $99 per nonstop seat.

On the flip side of the coin, I have even seen private jet companies like JetSmarter also adding flights out of South Florida, though at a much higher price point of $3,500 per person. No matter what your budget, the options to get out of South Florida by air in advance of Hurricane Irma are dwindling. Even if you have the private jet budget, I’ve seen that some of the private airports are closing as they are out of jet fuel.

While I am sure this information will change as quickly as I can write it down, here are some flights still for sale out of the Miami area in advance of Irma.

American Airlines

9/8/17 Miami – Pensacola 8:35AM $99

9/8/17 Miami – DFW 12:15PM $99


9/7/2017 Miami – Newark 11:45PM $352

9/7/2017 Miami – Chicago 11:45PM $430


9/7/2017 Ft. Lauderdale – Orando 7:00PM $99

9/8/2017 Ft. Lauderdale – Houston 6:05PM $147

9/8/2017 Ft. Lauderdale – Orando – Houston 2:30PM $162

You can head to Google Flights and type in your home airport, the date, and leave the destination field empty to get an idea of where you can still fly to and for how much. However, sometimes what you spot there has already sold out by the time you click through. In general the flights I am finding are just for one or two people. In some cases you can use miles, but I wouldn’t give overly choosey in this situation. I would just book very quickly.

Whether you leave by car, air, or stay put, my thoughts are with you guys as Irma continues on her path.

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