Eat for Free! Another US Airport Restaurant Joins Priority Pass Select

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I have an on again and off again love for airline lounges. I love them when I am traveling with little kids, assuming there is a reasonable space to contain them within the lounge. I also love them when I’m flying solo and have a layover or delay and need to get some work done. I don’t love them when they are out of the way, drab and depressing, or lacking any sort of amenity that is really worth a visit. Thanks to PreCheck, I don’t typically allot a whole bunch of time to waiting around in the airport before most flights, so my need for lounges isn’t always great.

Love when airline lounges have an area for the kiddos

That said, I like the option of a lounge, so one of the perks from some premium rewards credit cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express and Chase Sapphire Reserve cards that I make use of is included membership in the Priority Pass Select lounge network. You need to activate this membership once you get those credit cards, but then you can access over 1,000 lounges around the world including the KLM Crown Lounge and Air France Lounge in Houston, The Club at MCO in Orlando, Mera Business Lounge in Cancun, Club Mobay in Jamaica, Alaska Airlines Board Room Lounge in several cities, and the Plaza Premium Lounge in London’s Heathrow. 

Some of the participating lounges are decent, some are good, and others are not my favorite. Because visiting a traditional airline lounges doesn’t always make sense, I absolutely love the growing trend that permits Priority Pass Select cardholders to get a credit at airport restaurants instead of heading to a potentially remote, crowded, and depressing lounge. I wrote about this trend and participating airport restaurants here, but I’m thrilled that there is now another new US based airport restaurant to add to the list!

Get $28 Per Person Restaurant Credit with Priority Pass Select in Denver

If you have a Priority Pass Select membership, you can now get a $28 per person credit at Timberline Steaks & Grille, located in Denver’s Terminal C. That terminal traditionally serves Southwest, Alaska, and Allegiant. All of Denver’s terminals are connected airside, so technically anyone flying through or from Denver could use visit the restaurant, but you have to take a train between terminals, so it won’t work for a quicker connection if you aren’t already in Terminal C.

I took a peek at their online menu, and the $28 per person credit you get with the Priority Pass Select Card should pretty much be enough to cover you unless you go for the highest priced menu items. Here are a few examples from their menu:

  • 12 Hot Wings – $15
  • Fruit and Cheese Plate – $12
  • Hummus Plate – $8
  • Filet Quesadilla – $12
  • Spinach Pomegranate Salad – $9
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $12
  • All American Burger – $11
  • Buffalo Sirloin Steak – $32
  • Miso Salmon – $26
  • Chocolate Decadence Cake – $7
  • Caramel Bacon Donut Holes – $8

Timberline is open daily 6AM – 10PM, and of course if you aren’t actually hungry, they also have a bar so you can drink your credit if you prefer.

With the Priority Pass Select Membership you can bring guests to lounges or participating restaurants, so families can benefit from this as well as solo travelers. The guest policy varies a bit based on your membership’s origin, but via the Amex Platinum you can have two guests included, and via the Chase Sapphire Reserve there is no stated included guest limit. This means $28 per person for everyone in your crew!

Now, I will add the caveat that online reviews of Timberline do not look stellar, though most of the recent issues seem to be with service rather than the food itself which I imagine I could deal with if I was pretty much eating for free (be sure to tip!). Also note that if you check-in on the Yelp app at Timberline it appears you get a free draft beer.

If you have eaten at Timberline, or if you plan to using your Priority Pass Select Credit, I’d love to hear about it!

Please head here if you would like to learn more about rewards credit cards. 

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  1. I’ve been at Timberline the past two Friday’s. Decent food for an airport, but nothing to write home about, especially compared to Elway’s in B (United) concourse. It’s great to have PP perks in DEN!

  2. This may be a dumb question but how would Chase know how many in your party? We travel to IAH for a cruise in Oct. and are based in the Denver area so was thinking of grabbing a meal here for my family of four before we go as a treat.

  3. We ate at Timberline last night. They ran our PriorityPass card through a credit card reader, and asked us to confirm the number in our party. I had to sign a slip. My husband and I each had salad, entree and dessert ( no alcohol) and we didn’t use up all of our allowance. I thought the food was good, and would go back again.

  4. Sounds tempting. Flying into DEN in December, if the restaurant still accepts PP by then, wondering if I should just let my bags spin on the carousel while I grab lunch. Worst case, I guess, will have to get them from baggage service…

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