$6.50 Lift Tickets at Aspen Snowmass to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

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I love fall, but apparently my travel dreams are shooting straight for winter and ski season as I have found myself hunting for ski deals right now far more than anything else travel related. Maybe my subconscious just wants as far away from hurricane season as we can get. Anyway, in addition to the still-available free kid’s ski passes to some top notch Colorado resorts that I wrote about yesterday, there is a phenomenal life ticket deal available for one day only to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Aspen Snowmass.

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To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Aspen Snowmass will be offering one-day lift tickets for the same price that they did 50 years ago! Apparently the cost to ski for a day in 1967 was $6.50, so that is the cost to ski at Aspen Snowmass on Friday, December 15, 2017!

Interestingly, the minimum wage in 1967 was $1.40 per hour, so you only had to work five hours at minimum wage to afford a one-day Snowmass lift ticket. Today, the national minimum wage isĀ $7.25, so you would have to work at leastĀ 21 hours at that rate to purchase a one-day $155 Snowmass lift ticket.

Of course, there is a catch or two to the amazing $6.50 lift ticket sale. The first obvious issue is that snow may not be great in mid-December in Aspen. I mean, it might be okay, but it might also not be, so factor that into the equation if you are considering traveling in for this.

The other catch is that in order to purchase the $6.50 lift tickets, you must be booked with a minimum of one night’s worth of lodging through Stay Aspen Snowmass. The upside of that is that since the date is still so early in the season, lodging rates look to be really good and start at just over $100 per night for nearby hotels, condos, etc. Do also note that the $6.50 ticket is valid only for Aspen Snowmass, and not at Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, or Buttermilk.

If you want to stick around beyond the $6.50 ski date, they have some other celebrations planned that weekend to mark their 50th anniversary…just not at a vintage price.

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  1. You’re right that the price of skiing. Trying to plan a trip for this winter but even paying for the hotel with points it is still so expensive — it’s so bad it makes Disney look like a great deal!

    I’d love to see some posts with tips on teaching kid to ski – this with be my 7 year old daughter’s first trip. I know we need lessons – where is best? How many days is needed? Like is 1 day enough or should she take lessons more than 1 day? Looking at Park City/Deer Valley (I know it’s pricey but we enjoyed it in our child free days) just because getting there is so much easier/cheaper than some of the Colorado resorts via plane.

      • Thanks for the input. I am not a very good skier at all as I didn’t start until the end of college so better for her to be in ski school a lot I think. We skied Breck last time which is a great town and I love Colorado but that elevation is killer without time to adjust.

  2. “Do also note that the $6.50 ticket is valid only for Aspen Snowmass, and not at Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, or Buttermilk.”

    This makes no sense – if it is valid for “Aspen Snowmass” that means it is valid for all of those mountains. They don’t sell individual mountain tickets. Their tickets are for all four of their mountains. “Aspen snowmass” isn’t the name of a specific mountain but the set of all four of their resorts.

    • Not for this particular event…just valid at Snowmass. Sorry if the wording is confusing, but they were very clear on the linked page that it is not valid anywhere but Snowmass.

  3. You do not need to book lodging to get this deal. As the linked page says: “Must be booked with a minimum of 1-night lodging if booked through Stay Aspen Snowmass. There is an option for lift tickets only.” Those last words link you to buy the tickets for $6.50, no lodging required.

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