Last Chance for 5x Points + 4th Quarter 5x Freedom Bonus Categories Leaked!

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Today, September 14, 2017, is the last day for you to register for the Chase Freedom’s third quarter 5x bonus categories of restaurants and movie theaters. As long as you activate the 5x bonus today you will receive 5x points for up to $1,500 spent in those categories this quarter retroactive back to July 1st. If you don’t activate the bonus by today you will only earn 1x for all of those charges. As long as you have activated the bonus by today you can keep earning towards the $1,500 quarterly max until September 30, 2017.

4th Quarter 5x Bonus Categories Leaked

The other related big news of the day with the Chase Freedom is that the 4th quarter 5x bonus categories have been spotted. Just as Doctor of Credit said, the 4th quarter bonus categories of Walmart and Department stores are now displaying when you are logged into your Chase Freedom account as shown below, though they are not yet displayed on the public page when you aren’t logged in.

The full FAQ and details surrounding the 4th quarter bonus categories likely won’t be active until tomorrow when 4th quarter bonus registration opens, but some terms are already available as outlined below.

  • “Walmart” category does not include merchants operating within or on Walmart premises such as merchants that sell fast food, beauty services, and gas stations that are not Walmart branded.
  • Walmart affiliated businesses such as Sam’s Club are excluded and will not earn bonus rewards.
  • The Department Store category does not include supercenters, discount stores or specialty stores (i.e. stores that sell primarily one line of products such as shoe stores, pet stores, electronics stores, clothing stores); if a merchant is not on the list, you will not earn bonus rewards.
  • Department Store gift card purchases outside of the specific Department Store are excluded and will not earn bonus rewards.

I’m a bit bummed that Amazon isn’t on the 5x list this year as I personally use them for purchases more than Walmart, but with two little girls to shop for this holiday season, I’m sure earning 5x points at Walmart and Department Stores will come in handy.

What do you think about the apparent 2017 4th quarter Chase Freedom 5x bonus categories?

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  1. Disappointed in Chase. I won’t shop WalMart, and haven’t even been in a department store in years. (Which is, I suppose, the point of the promotion: to lure me back. It’s not going to work.)

    • I don’t go in too many department stores in person either, though am quite fond of Nordstrom online when they have sales. Sorry if the bonus categories don’t align with your shopping patterns…but good for you if you don’t have too many expenses in those categories!

  2. I think this is good. While I hate Walmart in general it is about the only decent grocery store within 30 miles of where we live in a rural area. In fact the actual “grocery store” category isn’t that much good to us normally as we grocery shop at Walmart typically. I also don’t see why buying gift cards at Walmart for other vendors wouldn’t work. Makes me think of the Bluebird heyday and stacking 🙂

  3. Pretty easy to get a Walmart gift card to use at Sam’s Club for us warehouse club junkies. Walmart also sells other gift cards that may be of use at the holidays. Not sure Chase has a way of preventing gift card purchases from counting. They’ve certainly never stopped it when buying gift cards during their grocery store promotional period. Yes, I’d have also preferred Amazon but after Amazon, Walmart may be the most versatile store. For those of us who like a good bargain as much as we like miles/points, Walmart online has been beating Amazon on many of my home staple items.

    This and the Discover 5% at Target will make for a nice bonus season for the next two months.

    For me, this certainly beats the past two months of restaurants as I, when not traveling, spend very little money eating out.

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