Activate Freedom 5x Bonus Categories of Walmart and Department Stores

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Today is the day that you can now activate the 4th quarter Chase Freedom 5x bonus categories of Walmart and Department Stores. As long as you activate the 5x bonus in time (you have until December 14th), you will earn 5x points on all eligible Walmart and department store purchases on your Chase Freedom, up to a cumulative $1,500 in those categories from October 1 – December 31, 2017.

You can get a full rundown of the terms and FAQs surrounding these bonus categories here, but some examples of eligible department stores are JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Sears, Barney’s, Baskins, Bealls, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, NM Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Saks Off Fifth. Some examples of retailers that are not covered under the department store 5x umbrella are Target, Kmart, and discount stores such as TJ Maxx.

In the Walmart category you will earn 5x points at Walmart Discount Stores, Walmart SuperCenters, Walmart Neighborhood Markets, at Walmart branded gas stations operated by Walmart, and on

Non-Walmart merchants operating within or on Walmart premises including merchants that sell fast food, beauty services, and gas stations that are not Walmart branded are not included. Sam’s Club is also not included, though you could always buy a Walmart gift card at Walmart and use it at Sam’s if you were so inclined. In fact, many Walmart stores sell all kinds of gift cards.

How do you plan to make use of the 4th quarter Chase Freedom 5x bonus categories?

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  1. WM will be so easy that it won’t even be fun. We do our grocery shopping there, so even without Christmas shopping the $1500 will be easy to hit.

    I wish there was a decent sign up bonus. This would be a good time to sign my wife up.

    I do miss Amazon, but then I probably spent money that I wouldn’t have otherwise given a large GC balance just sitting there. 1st world problems, eh?

  2. I’m always amazed by the hype around this offer. Plenty of cards give 2x (or more) with zero effort. So with 5x you are getting an extra 3x or so. On the $1,500 limit that’s an extra $45 over 3 months… or around 50 cents per day! I think I see more change on lying on the sidewalk when I walk to work everyday!

    • Most people reading this blog are probably holding the CSP or CSR, so they are getting 5x UR points with the Freedom. The Freedom has no annual fee, so it is basically a no brainer to get it for the bonus categories.

  3. With the new Chase card giving 5% at Amazon all the time if you have a prime membership, I wonder if Amazon will ever be a Freedom bonus category again?

  4. We started using to order our groceries online, so Q4’s max spend should be no problem. Glad to see Chase kept the department stores as a bonus category, too!

  5. What are some of the more popular gift cards to purchase at Walmart (where there are minimal costs involved)? I know Flyertalk has suggested buying Sam’s cards…

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