So What Did Southwest Say About Hawaii This Week?

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After lots of internet rumors and speculation based on Southwest Airlines having luau themed boarding gates, employees in Hawaiian shirts, being a headlining sponsorship of a Hawaii travel summit, impending introduction of new planes to the fleet, and more, fans of the airline (and its Rapid Reward points) waited yesterday for news of a rumored formal announcement that the airline was starting up service to the Hawaiian Islands in 2018. With Southwest reps in Hawaii for the Hawaii Global Tourism Summit, it seemed to be the right place and the right time for such an announcement. However, as you might have noticed, yesterday came and went and no such public announcement was made.


Was a big announcement originally planned and then scrapped for a timing or technicality related reason, or were all of the pineapple-themed ducks that seemed to be in a row purely coincidental? We probably won’t ever know for sure, but while there wasn’t a formal Southwest announcement yesterday related to official routes to Hawaii, here is some of what their social media team had to say to the many Hawaii related inquiries they received yesterday.

As you can see, there is no confirmation of impending service to Hawaii, but every response is something along the lines of a “most wanted” route, “no one wants it more than them”, “Hawaii is a high priority”, and they are “keeping their fingers crossed”.

In other words, every word, signal, and winky-eyed-gif still points to Southwest making a Hawaii announcement sooner rather than later, but sadly it wasn’t quite as soon as we had hoped yesterday.

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  1. Could just be marketing. Although I would welcome Southwest service to Hawaii I likely wouldn’t fly Southwest to Hawaii unless from the West coast or with a bit better seating and service on longer routes. Long haul in 737’s isn’t something I am waiting for but it seems like every other airline out there wants to do long haul with them.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a long-haul Southwest 737 nearly as much as their competitors though. Free snacks, onboard wifi, and directv certainly makes the flight more bearable – even with those slimline seats everyone (but me) hates. Ideally they’d guarantee 32″ or greater seat pitch on those routes since they don’t have a business/first class, but that’s pretty wishful thinking on my part…

    • The -800 and MAX 8 both have 32″ pitch. Since the -700s are not ETOPS certified, you would effectively be guaranteed that extra legroom.

  3. They will release Q3 Earnings on Oct 26 and their Summer 2018 schedule opens Nov 1. Originally they were releasing their Summer 2018 schedule earlier but pushed it back to Nov 1. I am expecting it to be announced in their Q3 10Q.

    I will happily fly a 737 to Hawaii. Unfortunately I’m on the East Coast so it will be 2 stops before I’m in Hawaii but not a huge deal. We’ll see how they schedule stuff from the East Coast.

  4. UGH!!! I was so so so expecting the Hawaii announcement. Just seemed like the Apple rumors that begin before the event happens – all the clues were there, just check online later for confirmation and *pop*, rumor was false. We’ve got 2018 left on the CP and really would love to cash it in for our 2nd Anniversary to Hawaii! 🙂

  5. Just flew to Denver over the weekend to see a football game. I had 2 extra tixs and offered them to one of the cabin crew who gave me a Go Buffs as I boarded the plane. Chatting with her at the game se confirmed that they will be flying to a place that starts with the letter “H” starting in late 2018.

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