Free Marriott Reward Points Really Do Add Up Quickly

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Marriott Rewards has really been ramping up their social media game when it comes to opportunities to earn Marriott points for engaging with them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. To be honest, I didn’t get overly excited when this program started as it seemed like more than I wanted to mess with for a minimal return, and the level of permissions you give their app kinda freaked me out. Now, the application permissions issue aside, I think that my initial reaction regarding the minimal points return was wrong. You can get 1,000 points quickly and easily by following Marriott Rewards and linking your social media accounts to their program. That is a decent return to get things started, but it actually gets better than that.


You seem to be able to get 50 points per day essentially for tweeting with the hashtags #MembersGetIt and #RewardsPoints, which may not be super worth it, but this past Sunday they offered 1,000 points for those who answered how long an NFL football field is in feet with the hashtag #RewardsPoints. Marriott points don’t add up that quickly at 50 points a pop, but at 1,000 points a pop you can have enough points for a free 7,500 point Category 1 award night before too long (or just 6,000 points if it is a PointSavers award). Remember you can also transfer your Marriott Reward points to SPG at a 3:1 ratio.

Even though I haven’t been paying a ton of attention to their online social media offerings thus far, I have noticed some other bonus points offers such as retweet something and get 150 bonus points. In other words, even if you don’t mess with interacting with them daily just for 50 points, keep your eye on @MarriottRewards and throw them a retweet or an answer when they are offering hundreds or even a thousand points for doing so.

The points seem to post very quickly (ie within minutes), but the opportunities don’t last forever. For example, the football question awarded 1,000 bonus points on Sunday, but if you answer it now you just get the 50 points for interacting with Marriott Rewards that day. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that there will be more NFL Sunday bonus points questions to come, so it may be worth taking a peek at Twitter on Sundays just in case. If they do it again, I know I’ll be sure to answer this Sunday to hopefully get 1,000 bonus points instead of just 50!

These Marriott points won’t reset your account activity timeframe, but they are still free points that really do seem worth grabbing if they continue at the 1,000 a pop rate! Have you engaged with Marriott Rewards online, and if so how many free points have you racked up?

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  1. One thing about this, if you are set up to earn Ritz Carlton Rewards, then you will not earn points for this promotion. Found this out this past weekend.

  2. I have been playing the Marriott Rewards twitter game for a while. The small amounts of point are really beneficial when you are needing a few points to hit the next multiple of 5K or 10K points in your account —– i.e. it’s much nicer to tweet your way up to the next 5K or 10K milestone for free increment rather than using your credit card spend.

    The Flyer Talk link below is very helpful, since they will post a ‘heads up’ whenever they see a new points offering from Marriott.

  3. Thanks for posting about the easy 50 points, which was exactly how many I needed to round my account up to the next 1000 level. I’ll be sure to also get in on the 1000 points on Sunday.

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