Score 1,000 Free Marriott Points Before 8PM Eastern Today

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Good news for Marriott Rewards fans as it looks like last week’s opportunity to get 1,000 free bonus Marriott Rewards points for tweeting with Marriott on NFL Sundays wasn’t a fluke! There is a new opportunity today to get 1,000 free Marriott Rewards points by 8PM Eastern if you link your Twitter account with Marriott Rewards and then correctly answer the day’s question with the hashtag #RewardsPoints.


 The correct answer is 1920, so a tweet like the one below should work.

If history is an indicator, you should get an auto-response from Marriott on Twitter pretty quickly that says you are that much closer to your next reward and then the bonus points should be in your account within a very short period of time. It looks like that is the way it is working for a number of people, but others (like me) are having some trouble getting things to work smoothly today. I have tried a few times and haven’t gotten the auto-response from Marriott on Twitter or the 1,000 bonus points in my account.

Hopefully, it will work well for you on the first try, but if it doesn’t we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that Marriott will fix the IT glitch in the near term.

Update: My 1,000 bonus points have now posted, it just took a few hours.

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  1. I got my 1000 points after attempting various tweets. Unfortunately, I do not know which tweet worked. My points appeared in my Marriott account, but I did not get a confirmation tweet or a confirmation e-mail.

    I am re-posting this Flyer Talk link, since they are claiming that the tweet requires including @MarriottRewards in your answer …… i.e. when in doubt, Flyer Talk often has an answer :-).

    • They aren’t? I’m assuming you mean because you have to link an account and Tweet? If so, I know people who set up accounts just for that purpose.

  2. I participated and got the response but was only awarded 50 points! I’m reaching out to the Twitter account via direct message to see what’s up.

  3. I replied to the tweet at least 10 times when I saw that some had received confirmations and others had not. My twitter account was connected to Marriott Rewards all the time, and my replies were all before the 8:00 p.m. deadline. A few minutes ago, I got a response telling me that my reply was not timely.

    This is only one of a number of things Marriott is doing these days to tick off their point members. They offered a MegaBonus that “sort of” promised a second award to be unlocked for members who completed the requirements of two qualifying stays during the registration period, and then told those who completed the requirements that they would receive nothing. I have no intention of playing Charlie Brown to their Lucy ever again.

    • Yes! Please don’t rely on the emails as they come once a day so some stuff is almost 24 hours old by then. I didn’t have email for a long time but was getting complaints about that so turned it on. Please just check the site once or twice a day or follow on social media where things are posted in real time.

      But in terms of this promo, it seems to be happening every Sunday during football season, so just be ready for next Sunday!

  4. Why would the non commercial person want this kind of intrusion into their lives where Marriott can post tweets and change their profiles for a measly 50 to 250 points and then do it with Facebook and other accounts? Damn I get way to much spam already.

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