Return of the Amazing SAS “Kids Fly Free” to Scandinavia Promo!

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One of the coolest deals in international family travel is back this year, and it allows one adult to bring up to 8 children 11 years old or younger to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland along with them on SAS for free other than the cost of taxes!


To get in on this deal you have to book by October 5, 2017, and the valid travel dates are between November 1 – December 19, 2017, and January 8 – May 31, 2018, from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, San Francisco and Washington D.C. to SAS served cities in Scandinavia and Finland.

Putting some real numbers to this, let’s say that you wanted to fly with five children ages 11 and under from Newark to Copenhagen and back. On these particular dates used below in February 2018, an adult round trip ticket would cost about $600 and each kid would ring in at $54.84 in taxes for the journey. So, if you just wanted to take one kid it would cost a total of $655.84, including your ticket. Two kids would cost you a total of $710.52. Five kids, as shown below, would cost you $875.04. If you somehow had eight kids you wanted to take with you, that would cost $1,039.56 to go all the way from Newark to Copenhagen and back with your pack of nine, counting yourself. You’d clearly be the coolest parent on the block if you pulled that off!

This deal does not work in business class, but it does work for Premium Economy, which they call SAS Plus. Of course, premium economy will cost you a bit more for your paid adult ticket, but the taxes per kid should remain the same, making it a pretty low increased total outlay if you are traveling with one adult and multiple kids. In their Trans-Atlantic premium economy you get not only a larger seat, but also included meals, snacks, beverages, WiFi, lounge access, and additional included baggage totals.

SAS Plus

I would assume that in most traveling families there are likely two adults and often no more than two or three kids in the 11 and under age range, so the notion that 9 people can fly to Scandinavia and back for $1,039.56, while true, probably won’t play out super frequently. Still, this deal can be a great way to fly your family to some amazing cities like Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, or Stockholm for just the cost of the adult ticket(s) + taxes for the kids. Think of it like a “Companion Pass” for kids, and you can take up to 8 with each adult!

There are no promo codes or special links to use to get this deal, just head to the SAS website and make your booking as normal and the kid’s totals should just price out as just the taxes assuming you are pricing an eligible trip.

I’d love to hear if anyone is jumping on this “kids fly free” SAS offer!

Thanks to Dan’s Deals for spotting the return of this deal

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  1. Hi MP,

    We’re seriously considering this for May.

    If we go, I’m taking our 3 kids, ages 11, 8 and 10 months old (at that time). I was thinking we’d try to fly my husband on points. Do you know which points program transfers to SAS? We have some points from Chase’s UR and Amex (I forget the name of their points currency).

    Thanks for letting us know about their SAS Plus option. That makes it an even better value.

    Have a good day,

  2. Booked it for 2 adults 2 kids in SAS Plus. “A” class fares allow stop overs so you can in essence build a nice trip

    I booked LAX-ARN-CPH(x)-TNN(x)-ARN(x)-LAX

  3. I remember this from last year. We are thinking of doing it, although it isn’t as good as flying for free on points.
    We have 5 kids 11 and under so it would be a good deal.

    You get meals and everything with economy right?

  4. Thanks to your amazing post I was just able to book 2 adults and our 3 kids ages 3, 11 and 11 at spring break for our family. Total cost with tax and fees was $2400 for a family of 5 non stop from DC We could have saved another $200 total or so but we wanted our exact dates. We also splurged and did the Plus seating which is amazing. If we did not do that we probably could have saved another $400-$600 total but with that cost we all have free checked luggage, pref boarding and amazing seats with leg room/rests and premier food and drinks. $2400 out the door everything! Now we need hotel recs. Anyone have ideas? Marriott and spg points pref.

  5. Thanks for a great tip! I immediately thought of a soccer team, or more up my alley, a children’s chorus!! 4 adults and 36 kids? Whoopee!!

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